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My name is Michelle.

Here’s a quick back-story of how this site evolved. I was in a very stressful corporate job working long hours, trying to meet challenging deadlines for a company headquartered in Texas. The CEO had just made my boss and a member of my team redundant. So I was doing the job of 3 people and I now reported to the CEO who was horrible. I didn’t feel I could resign, we needed the money.

I started to have trouble sleeping.

My stress and anxiety meant I didn’t get much sleep and the quality of that sleep was pretty poor. I was already on a very mild dose of anti-depressants. The doctor tripled my dose so that by bedtime I was comatosed.

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I thought there must be another way.

I started exploring more about sleep and how to improve the quality of my sleep.

I read many online articles and books. And then I came across health and fitness professional Shaun Stevenson’s book, Sleep Smarter. I worked to convert the simple functional bedrooms in our home into sleep sanctuaries so that John, Tobias and myself would get a good night’s sleep by being more comfortable and healthy.

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The biggest change I made to my sleep was buying a new mattress and getting rid of our scratchy old sheets and covers.

Having a very analytical nature, I researched and researched our best bedding options. I wanted something safe and as close to nature as possible. As a young professional couple with a toddler, I wanted something we could afford. As I researched, I realised that other people with the same needs, could also benefit from my investigations.

And so, Better Bed Solutions was born.

Fast forward to today, I’m off the anti-depressants. I’ve changed jobs to something less stressful but I’m still in corporate (boo hoo!). The bottom line is I’m much happier and, of course, sleeping better. Yay!

What’s this site about?

You spend about 25 years or roughly one-third of your life sleeping.  So when it comes to spending money on bedding in your life, it’s really an investment. And you want to invest in something that’s comfortable, safe and good for your health.

A mattress should last you about 10 years and your bedding – sheets, comforters, pillows and so on – should last you a couple of years. So when you invest in your bedding, it’s not an investment of dollars but an investment of your precious time as well. And, as you probably know, buying bedding, especially a mattress, can take a long time.

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Most people groan when they have to buy a new mattress and bedframe. I know we did! There’s so much choice: comfort, color, texture, finish, size and the list goes on. You could spend weeks shopping around! It can feel so overwhelming.

Well here is some good news! We here at Better Bed Solutions are here to help you select a better bed for you and your family.

What is a better bed?

Three words: comfort, health and value for money. This is what Better Bed Solutions is all about.

We hope you are looking for the same things we did in our quest for the better bed.


Just like you, we wanted a luxuriously comfortable sleeping experience. There is nothing better than collapsing into mattress after a hard days work that gives you a feeling of floating on a cloud. We wanted bedding accessories made with very high-quality materials. We were prepared to trade our hard-earned dollars for that comfort. It was an investment after all that would reap all the benefits associated with good sleep.

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Just like you, we focus on bedding accessories that are low in toxins so they are better for your health. For example, at a minimum, the foam mattresses we review on this site are made with certified foams free of flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates and backed by CertiPUR-US badge.

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We focus on bedding accessories made with very high-quality materials, preferable as close to nature as possible.

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We focus more on products that are made in the U.S.A. because we feel that reduces our health risks.

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Value for money

When you trade your hard-earned dollars for comfortable and healthy bedding, you really want to know what you are buying and how long it will last. After all, sleep is a long-term investment in your health.

We understand that not every person can afford those high-quality bedding products that come with expensive price tags. So on our site, we hunt around and let you know what you are getting for the price you pay so that you can assess whether that product is right for you and the trade-offs you may have to make.

How can we help you?

  • We’ve done all the research on the most popular brands for you. You will find all the information to help you choose the right bedding for your needs in terms of comfort, health and value for money. We’ve included some handy how-to articles and some bedding trends too to ensure your bedroom is the sleep sanctuary you deserve.
  • We keep things simple. We share the important things you need to know and ignore the fluff and marketing hype that really doesn’t matter. Remember, I’m a business analyst and I like to stick with the facts.
  • We are very clear on what you are getting for the price you pay. This site isn’t about cheap low-quality bedding. But it’s important to know what you are trading off for price vs quality.

We know you will get alot of value from this site with the information we provide.

We know we will save you time with the information we provide.

We know you will purchase a range of bedding that is better for you and your family.

We wish you many nights of good quality sleep.

May the zzzzz be with you!

All the best,


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