Avocado Mattress Reviews – A Green Mattress That Isn’t Mushy Inside

Avocado mattress reviewsAre you wanting the benefits of a foam style mattress but are having problems giving up the feel of your innerspring mattress? Are you wanting this mattress to be free of synthetic materials and toxic chemicals? Does such a mattress exist? Read on and find out if the Avocado Green mattress may be your next mattress.

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In this post I will give you a full run down of everything I found out by reading through the Avocado Mattress Reviews left by satisfied and dissatisfied customers.

Quick Overview of Features

  • 5 stars rating from 419 verified purchasers online.
  • Mattress firmness scale: medium firm with 7 out of 10 where 10 is firmest.
  • Construction: certified organic cotton, pocket coils made with recycled steel and 100% natural dunlop latex.
  • Thickness: 13 inches with no pillowtop.
  • 100 night trial period. If you are not satisfied, they will organise return of the mattress back to them at no charge to you.
  • 25 year warranty.
  • Antimicrobial.
  • Dust mite resistant.

Pros and Cons


  • Handles on the cover to make it easier to move around. This helps a lot when you’re unpacking it, or rotating it.
  • Does not contain blended or synthetic latex just 100% natural latex using the Dunlop process.
  • The layers inside this mattress are not bound together using toxic chemical adhesives.
  • 25 year warranty, which is extraordinary.
  • Free shipping.
  • They will remove and recycle your old mattress for you.
  • Financing available 0% APR.


  • Cannot remove the cover for washing.
  • If you’re really lightweight, you may find this mattress to be too firm. Unless you like it really firm, in which case, you’ll love it.
  • You need to buy and use a separate mattress cover over your Avocado Green mattress and under your sheets. Otherwise, you may feel uncomfortable with the tufted buttons poking in your back.
  • Offers a white glove service at a cost of $99 on top of the cost of the mattress. The Avocado Green Mattress company delivers and sets up the mattress for you in your home anywhere in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii). But remember they remove your old mattress for you which saves you time and money.


Who Is The Avocado Green Mattress For?

  • Ideal for back and stomach sleepers. The pillow-top version would suit a side sleeper.
  • You prefer a firm mattress to sleep on.
  • You are a large person looking for a supportive, comfortable and healthy mattress.
  • You have an allergy or sensitivity to chemicals that are used in mattresses, These are commonly found in fire retardants, glues etc.
  • You are wary of salespeople and brands telling you that their mattress is made with natural and organic materials but they are unable to verify these claims with independent third-party testing
  • You’re sick of sliding off the edge of your mattress when putting on your shoes and socks because there is no edge support on the mattress.

What Makes This Mattress Different?

According to the Avocado Mattress reviews that I read online, buyers found a few advantages that really made this mattress stand out from the crowd:

  • The Avocado Mattress company have gone to great expense to put their mattress through a lot of tests carried out by independent third parties. These certifications confirm that the materials used are organic or natural. This means there are fewer toxins for your skin to react to and less chemical compounds that you breathe in, reducing the quality of the air in your bedroom at night.
  • The Avocado Green Mattress company was founded in 2015 by people who were committed to creating the most earth-friendly mattress possible. So the Avocado Green Mattress is a good choice if you want something to sleep on that’s good for you and the environment.This is the only company I know that has taken this green and eco-friendly commitment to the extent that:
    • The coil springs are made with recycled steel in their mattress.
    • The rubber used inside the mattress is sourced sustainably.
    • Using non-chemical adhesives.

What Materials Are Inside This Mattress For Better Health?

No chemical adhesives used

Have you ever wondered how all the layers of a mattress stay on top of one another like layers in a sandwich? Your typical mattress manufacturer will use a chemical-based glue to bind all the layers together. But the Avocado mattress company keep the latex and coil layers of their mattress together by button tufting the layers together. That means no chemical adhesives are used in this mattress.

Greenguard Gold Certified

The Avocado Mattress company states that their mattress is Greenguard Gold Certified by UL Environment.

avocado green mattress reviews

Image source: Greenguard Gold Certification from UL Environment

This means the mattress meets rigorous emissions standards for chemical exposure and pollutants. It’s pretty hard to get certified for this level.

Everything you need to know about the latex used inside this mattress

Sustainably sourced

The Avocado Mattress Company sustainably sources the rubber from responsible manufacturers in Asia.

The pure rubber sap is harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. Providing latex for up to 30 years, these trees are not harmed during the tapping process.

Latex comes from a rubber tree

Rubber being tapped from the tree

Dunlop latex is used

Why does the Avocado Green mattress company use Dunlop process vs. Talalay process when producing their latex?

  • They feel it’s more eco-friendly. Talalay latex has additional chemicals added into the process.
  • Dunlop latex can be manufactured in larger King size sheets. That means they don’t have to use adhesives to glue them together to form a larger mattress.

Mattresses made from synthetic materials like memory foam do not break down in the environment. Latex is biodegradable.

eco-Institut certified

The rubber inside the Avocado Green mattress is eco-Institut certified.

Avocado Green Mattress

Source for quote

This independent third party testing company certifies that the latex inside the mattress does not contain:

Since the latex portion is at the top end of the mattress, it is closer to your mouth and nose. The eco-Insistut certification means that you won’t be breathing in any of the toxic chemicals in the list above. For me, that’s good peace of mind.

eco insitut certified label

Image source

skin cells and perspiration

Source for quote

The skin cells you shed at night and the swat that gets trapped in the mattress whilst you are sleeping  creates an environment where bacteria can grow. Thankfully, natural latex is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. That means it is naturallt resistant to mildew, mold and bacteria growing insode your mattress.

Pure Joma Wool from New Zealand

The wool is pure Joma wool sourced from New Zealand. What’s Joma Wool? It’s a standard used in New Zealand to ensure the whitest, strongest and cleanest wool while ensuring the animals are raised in the best possible manner.

Here are the beneficial properties of Joma wool:

properties of wool

Image courtesy of the Avocado Green Mattress company

Made With Certified Organic Cotton

The mattress cover is a blend of organic cotton and a recycled polyester blend. This provides a somewhat healthier mattress cover than 100% polyester and natural cotton and gives it a stretchy knit.

The cotton is Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified.

GOTS certified

Good for you and the environment

  • Latex is a sustainable natural resource.
  • Unlike memory foam or any other synthetic material inside a mattress, a late mattress is biodegradable.
  • The coils are made of recycled steel.

How Supportive Is The Avocado Green Mattress?

Chemical adhesives do not keep the latex and coil spring layers together. Button tufted goes all the way to the bottom. That’s great because it holds all the layers together without glue and reduces shifting and improves durability.

The mattress uses coiled springs near the bottom of the mattress. They’re concentrated in three areas to provide the most support where it’s needed the most. They are the pelvic area, the lumbar area and the shoulder area. Your hips, shoulders and back will thank you.

The Dunlop latex provides firm support that lasts. And the innerspring coils provide increased cooling comfort in every season.

Since the springs are in multiple zones, the mattress can provide better support where your body needs it the most.

So what else does that mean for you? If you’re a large person, you will get the support you need on a very healthy and good for you mattress.

Why is mattress construction so important?

When looking for a good mattress, you want to see how the layers work together. Is there a solid base? If not, you may end up sinking into the mattress after a few months. You also want to know about the cooling ability of the layers.


Layer Thickness Layer name Description Benefit
Cover n/a Cover 100% organic cotton Keep clean and assists with air flow for a cooler sleeping surface
Top ½ inch Cooling & Comfort layer Hand tufted wool rosettes on top of an organic cotton cover. Due to the process, don’t need to use any glue.
Transition 4 inches Transition Foam Two 2-inch latex layers on top of one another.
Springs 8 inches Support layer Individual 16 gauge pocket coils split into three zones Provides support where you need it
Base 1 inch Base Layer Dense foam Provides additional support
Total Thickness 13 inches

Table 1 The mattress construction – Avocado


What kind of sleeper does this mattress suit?

Avocado is a firmer mattress because of the Dunlop latex and micro coils. Most would describe it as a medium firm, or rating about a 7 out of 10 where ten is like laying on the sidewalk.  And because it had the tufted wool, it felt more like a pillow top mattress. You don’t sink in like a typical foam or latex mattress because of that and the coils.

So, now that I’ve mentioned that, firm mattresses tend to be better for back and stomach sleepers.

If you get the mattress with a pillow-top option, it will feel more like a 6 and be better if you’re a side sleeper.


Feature Description
Sleeper type Good for side, and very good for  back, and stomach sleepers
Sleeper age Ages 5 to adult
Sleeper needs This mattress is good for people with hip, neck, back and knee problems as well as anyone who likes to sleep on this type of mattress.
Sizes Twin, Twin XL, double (full), queen, king, California king

If you’ve been checking out my reviews, you’ll notice I never say anything is excellent. That’s because it’s so personal. What I may think is excellent, you may hate. So I’d rather say that something is very good and then have you scoff at me that it was really excellent. And do leave me a comment. I love reading what you chose and why.

How Comfortable Is This Mattress?

The mattress is very bouncy and resilient. Good for sex.

Naturally regulates your temperature in bed

If you’ve slept on a mattress made with memory foam or a synthetic latex foam mattress, you may have noticed how your body heat gets trapped, keeping you hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.

In contrast, the holes inside natural latex, allows the mattress to be more breathable, regulating your body temperature and keeping you cool through the night.

avocado green mattress reviews

Image courtesy of the Avocado Green Mattress company

The Joma wool inside the Avocado Green mattress also helps regulates your body temperature in a natural way when you are asleep.

The combination certified organic cotton and polyester-blend knit cover also helps the air circulate in your mattress.

Good bounce because of the 16-gauge wire used in the support coils layer.

Another plus for the Avocado is that it has good edge support because of the coil system. You will have some sinkage when sitting on the bed of any foam mattress because there’s no built-in edge support. So, having the coils as a layer made a big difference with the Avocado.

How versatile is this mattress?

There is only one level of firmness with the Avocado Green Mattress. You can add in a 2” pillow-top to make it feel softer.


How Make Your Mattress Last Longer?

Yes, Avocado recommends rotating the new mattress once per month during the first six months, and then every 3-6 months after that. You won’t need to flip the mattress because of the layered construction.

You cannot unzip the cover for washing. Avocado recommends cleaning any stains with cold water and mild detergent.

Can You Trust The Avocado Mattress Company?

1% of all revenues are donated to environmental nonprofits.

Focus on sustainability https://www.avocadogreenmattress.com/sustainability/

Avocado Green mattresses are manufactured in California. They’ve been in business since 2015.  Their rating on YotPo is 4.82 out of 5 stars. YotPro appears to be the review software that they use on their website.

Avocado also says that more than 90% of their customers give Avocado a 5 star rating.

Avocado is not listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). And they’re not on TrustPilot.

Plus, 1% of all revenue is donated to environmental nonprofits. They’re a member of 1% For the Planet.

Why Does This Mattress Represent Value For Money?

Avocado produces a very luxurious mattress made out of all natural and sustainable materials at a very affordable price. The added touch of the handsewn tufting makes it feel like a well crafted mattress.

What Is the Unboxing Experience Like?

If you don’t pay for in-home delivery, the mattress will arrive in a cardboard box. You then need to pull the mattress out and remove the plastic wrapping. Be very careful to only cut off the plastic bag that’s keeping the mattress compressed.


The box will be a normal bed-in-a-box size with the mattress compressed and rolled up. If you pay to have someone set it up, the mattress will not be compressed and will be delivered in a large cardboard box like when we’d have the old innerspring mattresses delivered.


You will need to wait about thirty minutes for the Avocado green mattress to fully expand.


What Else Can You Buy Besides the Sleep Mattress?

Avocado also sells pillows.

If you get the additional pillow-top, it will be even taller. You definitely will want to invest in deep-pocket linens so you’re not compressing down the mattress.

What is the best platform for the Avocado mattress? Avocado says that a foundation is not required. But they do recommend the company U.S. Box Spring as they produce natural wood foundations.

Are There Alternatives To The Avocado Green mattress?

There are a number of spring and foam hybrid mattresses on the market:

Frequently Answered Questions

Can you try before you buy?

Yes. Avocado offers a 100 night sleep trial.  You can return it at any time. They do suggest that you give it at least 7-30 days before deciding.

Warranty period

Avocado provides a split 25 year warranty covering any manufacturer defects or irregular impressions or indentations. Why did I call it split? Well the first ten years is not prorated and there is full coverage if they have to repair or replace the mattress.  Then the next fifteen years is prorated with limited coverage. So if something’s wrong, they will charge you part of the cost depending upon how old the mattress is. They recommend calling their support if you have any questions.

Will they set up the mattress in my home?

Yes, you can have someone deliver and set it up in your home for an additional $99 fee.

Do they remove your old mattress?

Yes they will.

Does the Avocado Green mattress smell?

From the Avocado mattress reviews I read, very few people mentioned any off-gassing when unboxing the Avocado sleep mattress. There may be some odor due to packaging, but it dissipates very quickly.

Are this mattress fire retardant chemical free?

Yes, the Avocado Green mattress does not contain any flame retardant chemicals. They have a special fire barrier protectant made of 100% natural hydrated silica to protect you. Plus the layer of pure New Zealand wool chars but won’t burn easily acts a secondary fire barrier.

Is the Avocado Green mattress toxic?

No. All the latex is GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL Environment. They also don’t use any glue. And all of the materials are all natural and sustainably sourced.

What is the Avocado return experience like?

You need to contact Avocado at any point during the 100 night sleep trial. They send a partner to pick up the mattress and first try to donate to a local charity. (http://www.avocadogreenmattress.com/giving/) If it’s not possible, they recycle the mattress.

There is no charge for restocking or return pickups. Once they’ve confirmed that the mattress was picked up, you’ll get a full refund.

Final Words

If you want a mattress that’s excellent for you and for the environment, you should try the Avocado Green mattress sleep trial.  It’s also perfect if you happen to like a firmer and bouncier feel.

And because Avocado is committed to donating 1% of their revenue to ecological organizations, your purchase will help make the Earth a better place in more ways than just the mattress.