Forget The Cat, Now The Bed Is Out Of The Bag

bed in a bag

To some of us, few of the fondest memories of our childhood are the sleepovers and pajama parties. Away from our parents, we spent the night squealing and giggling, that surely spelled F-U-N for me. Everything about sleepovers is thrilling: the planning, the chitchatting-gossiping-secret-sharing, the pillow fights, and especially the bonding that came after it. Add unique looking onesies, superheroine pajamas, and selfies to the mix and you’ll have super sleepover joy! But where do you put all the extra children to bed? One company has found a unique solution: a bed in a bag. Convenient. Comfortable. Just use it when you need it.

No matter how long into the night you try to stay awake during a fun sleepover or pajama party, the major part of it is always the sleeping part. Children are often so excited and playful during the party that they collapse into a heap at the end of the night. For the sleep part of the party, we can’t discount the humble mattress from the equation for a successful sleepover, whether with friends or family.

While some families have extra beds for the extra kids in the house during a sleepover, some others have just enough for their family. And even if the family does have extra beds, they might not be sufficient for the whole gang.

And what about the family sleepover? You’re all huddled together watching movies and playing board games into the night. Some families don’t have the huge L-shaped lounges, with bedding dragged from bedrooms to be cozy and comfortable in front of the television.


The Bed is Out of the Bag

Bed in a bag is a practical solution for the times when you (or your kids) need to fix a quick yet comfortable mattress to sleep on. It’s small enough to fit a zipped storage bag, and light enough to be carried around easily. You can just toss it around anywhere to store it, and the bagged bed is ready to be picked up anytime you need it.

There are various models of bed in a bag, but the one that is perfect for five-plus-year-old kids (and their parents in some emergency situations) comes from GLTC, which stands for Great Little Trading Co. This company, which won Best Children’s Retailer in 2016, was created by two parents to source useful storage products for children that help make the family home happier and more organized.

The Bed in a Bag small cushioned mattress is a series of five, squidgy pillows. It doesn’t require any inflation, and you can use it straight out of its zipped storage bag. The mattress’ cover features 100% Cotton top with 100% polyester, water resistant base. One unit of mattress contains five 100%-polyester-filled pillows, with 100% cotton flame-retardant liner.

The mattress itself measures 190 x 70 centimeter (L x W). When rolled up, it’s 70 cm high and 45 cm in diameter. The cover is machine washable at 30 degrees so you won’t have any problem cleaning it. Using this washing recommendation, you can easily clean it from the stuff that little children usually left behind. One customer said that her granddaughter wet on the bed, and she could clean it easily.

bed in a bag

But it takes a little more effort in packing the mattress. You need to roll it tightly with the pattern on the inside. Then hold it in place with your knee, take the zipped up outer bag and wriggle the bag over the rolled up mattress starting with the end of the mattress.

While the product is praised by customers (the little and the older ones) as being very comfy and has enough length, please note that it’s very narrow opened up as the producer wanted it not to be too big when it’s rolled up. Children with the problem of sleeping still in one position will almost certainly roll out from the bed in their sleeping and ended up on the floor when they wake up. But one customer mentioned that this problem can be reduced to the minimum, or maybe even solved, using a tucked-in blanket.

Being made from the water-resistant base, the mattress can also be used for a light outdoor camping trip adventure. Nothing too heavy or too far away, maybe just a quick fun one around the little camp in the front or the backyard of your house.

The Alternatives

DIY Bed in a Bag

If you are the crafty type and have some basic sewing skill, you can make your own bed in a bag by assembling five pillows into one long mattress and creating the bag for it. The advantages of going the DIY way is that you can create your mattress the way you like it regarding size, color, pattern, etc. The item is also unique since there’s no other bed in a bag like it in the whole world.

But there are also the disadvantages. First, you have to hunt for the material yourself, and you might not be able to find the one with the same quality and features as the one that you want to copy. The process also takes time and require some sets of skills. If your skills are not up to par, you might end up with a disappointing product.

Sleeping Bag

Another alternative route that you can take is to buy similar genre of product. The sleeping bags are very popular product among campers. Since they are designed for outdoor purposes, they’re warm, waterproof, and can be rolled into a tiny and light packaging that can be carried around easily. They come in different sizes, but even the smallest can contain two people. So, there’s enough room for a person to explore. You and your kids can use them indoor for a sleepover. They are, however, relatively thin and might not as comfy as the bed in a bag if you put it on the hard floor. And, let’s face it, sleeping bags are pretty boring in a pillow fight: you want something soft, bouncy and squidgy!

Japanese Futon

You can also consider Japanese futon as an alternative. While this type of mattress is not designed to be carried around in a bag, you can fold and roll a futon into a size that can fit in a small carry-on bag. The Japanese have used the futon for centuries, so it should be safe to assume that this kind of mattresses is comfortable to use. You just have to pick one with the size and thickness that fit your needs.

And if you want to bring the futon around for a sleepover, you also have to find or create the bag that can fit the futon since it’s originally designed to be put away in a closet during the day, not to be carried around. And one more thing, the futon are not waterproof, so it’s not advisable for outdoor usage. Oh, and remember, futons are very dense and that makes them heavy to carry.


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What Do You Think?

With a bed in a bag handy, your kids are ready to have their sleepover. All that is left is for you to let them go and make their own fondest memories.