Why Do You Need To Control Your Bed Temperature? [Bedjet v2 Reviews]

Bedjet V2 reviews

It’s 3 AM. You’re wide-awake, it feels like you’re cooking, drenched in sweat and you’re dead tired. You haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in, well, you don’t know how long? The lack of a good, restful sleep not only inhibits your day-to-day functioning, but it’s also unhealthy. We’ve got some good news for you. The BedJet v2 will give you the power to control the climate of your bed and get a good night’s sleep. Because you might read several BedJet v2 reviews, we’ve made this one the most comprehensive you’ll find.

We’re going to tell you about this great new technology that will help keep you cool in bed, keep you dry, and get you waking up every morning refreshed and ready to take on your day. You can go ahead and read all the BedJet v2 reviews yourself on Amazon or sit back, relax and let us summarize what people who bought this product are saying about it. The good and the bed!

What Are the Pros and Cons of the BedJet?

But let’s see if the BedJet is something that would find a useful addition to your bedroom.

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Why Would I Want To Control The Climate Of My Bed?

What is bed cooling or biorythm sleep technology? It’s about keeping a person comfortable and cool while they’re sleeping. There are a number of appliances you can buy to keep cool. But BedJet offers more than just simple cooling.

In particular, its main claim is to help people who are suffering hot flashes, night sweats, and problems with either being too hot or cold while sleeping. The BedJet offers individualized cooling and heating of the bed to accommodate couples who have different sleeping temperature preferences. 50% of couples sleeping in a bed have differing temperature needs. I tend to sleep hot. My husband tends to sleep cold.

If you want some more tips and tricks on to stop overheating in bed, check out this article.

BedJet v2 reviews

Who Should Buy A BedJet System?

  • Anyone who suffers night sweats or hot flashes
  • People who get either too hot or too cold when they sleep at night
  • A couple where one sleeper’s desired sleeping temperature is different from the other
  • Someone who has difficulty sleeping because of the temperature in their bedroom.

The BedJet system requires that your bedroom be 79° or cooler. If you’re looking for a cooling system but can’t get your bedroom below that temperature, then a BedJet wouldn’t be appropriate for you. It might be more fitting to look at one of the other cooling solutions such as a:

  • Portable fan
  • Cooling pillow
  • Gel cooling pad
  • Mattress topper cooling pad
  • Portable air conditioner.

We’ll help you decide because we cover those in a bit of detail under the Alternatives section below.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

If you’re interested in the BedJet v2, there are a few things you should consider.

The BedJet is a moderately expensive unit.

It comes in 2 configurations – Single Zone and Dual Zone. If you choose the dual zone configuration, it is more than double the cost of the single zone model. In our summary of all the BedJet v2 reviews we’ve read, we’ll explain the differences between these configurations.

The BedJet main unit itself doesn’t place any weight on the bed. It goes on the floor. The hose and spreader nozzle fit between your regular sheets and only add a few ounces. If you get the recommended AirComforter, it’s lightweight but it does add some bulk due to its construction.

bedjet review

Image used with the kind permission of BedJet LLC

What Is the BedJet v2?

It is what the manufacturer calls a “luxurious temperature controlled sleeping environment.”  By controlling this climate, you get a healthy, restful and beneficial sleep.

Here’s how it works…

Your body’s biorhythms, or circadian rhythm, naturally raise and lower the temperature of your body as you sleep throughout the night. A room that makes you too hot or too cold can play havoc with this delicate system. Result? You get a terrible night’s sleep.

The BedJet supports this natural system by circulating warm or cool air around you, keeping you at your ideal sleeping temperature.

What Comes in the Box?

The Single Zone BedJet v2 package includes the following:

  • One Single Zone BedJet v2 unit
  • Hose, nozzle and attachment gear
  • Wireless remote control.

We recommend that you add the AirComforter to your purchase. As we explain further down, this will make the BedJet system more efficient and comfortable.

The Dual Zone BedJet v2 setup includes the following:

  • Two Single Zone BedJet v2 units
  • Hose, nozzle and attachment gear for each unit
  • Two wireless remote controls – one for each unit
  • One AirComforter (select King or Queen).

Both packages come complete and ready to easily assemble and connect. The other options that you may want to look into are:

  • A mounting bracket if you don’t have 7 inches of clearance space under the bed.
  • A mattress attachment for the hose and nozzle if the one in the package doesn’t fit.
  • An air hose extension if you don’t have an outlet near to the bed. The power cord is about 8 feet long.

BedJet V1 vs V2 — What’s the Difference?

The only two differences between them is that version 2 supports biorhythm sleep technology. This gives you advanced programming of the heating and cooling settings for every hour of the night if you choose. The version 2 also comes standard with an aromatherapy kit.  

As a bed climate control system, BedJet could be considered the market leader.

Bedjet offer another two units using air circulation: the Bedfan and Night Bliss fans. These fans also pull air either from the foot of the bed or from underneath the bed.

The air is directed and blown through the covers. However, there is no control over temperature or support of the body’s circadian or biorhythm system in either unit.

On Amazon, I noted is more popular with buyers than the ChiliPad Cube in the Home and Kitchen category. Bed Jet sales are higher.

bedjet V1 vs V32

Image used with the kind permission of BedJet LLC

Who Are the Top 2 Competitors and How Do They Compare?

Chili Technology – ChiliPad Cube

The ChiliPad Cube is a mattress pad system that also supplies heating and cooling capabilities. It circulates water through a series of tubes in the mattress. Because of the water, regular maintenance and cleaning is important.

The ChiliPad is more expensive than an equivalent BedJet v2. But they do offer more size selections to cover Twin, Twin XL and California King.

Health o Meter Nuyu Sleep System

The Health o Meter Nuyu Sleep System is a mattress system similar to the ChiliPad. The main difference from the ChiliPad is that it only fits the torso region.

It measures 2’ x 3’.

Like the BedJet, the Nuyu is said to work with your natural biorhythms.

The Nuyu is similarly priced to the BedJet v2. But because the Nuyu is small, it only covers the torso. If you need full body cooling, this appliance may not work for you.

Who is the BedJet best suited to?

  • It does very well for those who suffer from night sweats and hot flashes. The unit’s air circulation helps eliminate moisture in the bed.
  • It can help cancer patients who suffer night sweating due to chemotherapy.
  • It can help with the thermal regulation issues that plague multiple sclerosis sufferers.
  • Couples who have different sleeping temperature preferences will appreciate the BedJet, especially when used in its dual-mode configuration in conjunction with the AirComforter.

And, if you’re not thrilled with the prospect of electricity, wires and water in bed with you, the BedJet is worth a look for the peace of mind.

Who Wouldn’t Benefit from the BedJet?

The BedJet wouldn’t be useful for those who don’t have air conditioning or have bedroom temperatures that can’t be cooled below 79 degrees.

The BedJet is not an A/C unit.

It relies on an overall moderately cool room (79° or less) with cooler temperatures near the bottom of the bed.


When using the Single Zone BedJet v2:

  • Full bed heating and cooling
  • Area heating and cooling when using the optional AirComforter

When using a Dual Zone BedJet v2:

  • Separate zone/area independent heating and cooling when using the supplied AirComforter

Both units:

  • Relieve night sweats and moisture
  • Are programmable
  • Have wireless remote control and smart phone app (iOS and Android)
  • Come with Aromatherapy and biorhythm controls
  • Are backed by a 2 year warranty.

To tackle different problems, there are two configurations of the BedJet v2 – Single Mode and Dual-Mode.

The Single Mode comes with one BedJet v2 unit and is meant to heat and/or cool either a twin bed or one side of a larger bed.

The Dual Mode configuration comes with two units and is meant to offer independent heating and cooling choices to both halves of a bed. In addition, the Dual Mode comes with the AirComforter as part of the package.

Image used with the kind permission of BedJet LLC

The AirComforter serves to make the BedJet more efficient by evening out the distribution of air. This is done by joining two sheets together and sealing them to create a cavity in between.

This air space is then divided in half resulting in two cavities that can be connected to two units.

The AirComforter Can Be Used with Either Single or Dual-Mode Setups

When it’s used with a single BedJet, it does a great job of focusing the cooling and heating of a single unit to one half of the bed. Now, one person can get the advantage of the heating and cooling while not disturbing the other.

In dual-mode each half is connected to a BedJet unit. Then, with a remote control for each unit, the temperature can be controlled independently. One side can be warm while the other side can be cool.

What Problems Will the BedJet V2 Solve?

BedJet v2 Single Zone

Full Bed Heating and Cooling

Inserting the nozzle between the sheets allows the air to blow over the entire bed. The air circulates over the body and helps you keep cool. The circulation also helps keep down bed moisture and fights hot flashes and night sweats.

Area Heating and Cooling When Using the Optional AirComforter

This is accomplished by fitting a single BedJet nozzle into the AirComforter sheet. Because of the AirComforter’s dual cavity construction, this keeps the air over one section of the bed. It can be used over a twin bed or on half of a queen or king-size bed.

BedJet v2 Dual Zone

Separate Heating and Cooling Control for Each Zone

This gives a couple independent control to choose their own preferred sleeping temperature. One can choose to be warmer while the other can choose to be cooler. How cool is that?

Each BedJet nozzle plugs into a slot on both sides of the AirComforter. A separate remote for both units gives heating and cooling control over each unit.

Standard on Both BedJet Configurations


You get complete control over how the BedJet v2 heats and cools and for how long. The BedJet can be set to run from one hour to all night by using the auto shutoff timer. By default, it’s set to run for 10 hours.

Or, if you prefer, with the smartphone app, you can program it to go off and on at certain desired times. Programming is in 30 minute blocks while the temperatures can be set in single degree increments.

Aromatherapy and Biorhythm Controls

The BedJet v2 supports aromatherapy and comes with a diffuser kit.

The BedJet app gives you control over the biorhythm settings.

Wireless Remote Control and Smartphone App (iOS and Android)

Both configurations come with a remote control that gives you basic controls. The smartphone app is free and available for both Android and iOS. Visit the respective app store to download it.

The app is really the best way to go according to the BedJet reviews I read. You get many more features, controls and information than you do from the standard remote control.

Who Is BedJet?

BedJet was created by former NASA engineer Mark Aramli. The general idea came to him when he and his family were helping his mother deal with sleeping problems while recuperating from back surgery.

The idea was 15 years in the making. The company opened for business in 2014.

Aramli first started showing a prototype at trade shows where it received many favorable reviews. It also generated sizable interest from the large mattress and bedding manufacturers.

Aramli then presented the BedJet on a Shark Tank episode in February of 2015.


The product was roundly criticized and panned by the Sharks!

However, in the next 18 months, BedJet proved the Sharks were wrong that night! That’s refreshing! Aramli likes to say they could have quadrupled their investment had any Shark decided to invest.

BedJet reports that it is ETL listed to UL Electric Appliance Safety Standards.

How Do People Rate Their Customer Service?

BedJet’s customer service is very highly rated by the majority of customers. In their BedJet v2 reviews, many customers mentioned how surprised they were at having the owner answer the phone and help them with their problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the BedJet work with memory foam mattresses when they get too hot?

Yes it does. It works equally well with memory foam toppers and full-size mattresses.

What’s the power consumption like?

When cooling, the power range is 10-40 watts. On average, when it’s run over night, most people will have it set at the 20 watt setting.

The unit will draw up to 1500 watts when set to Turbo mode to quickly warm the bed. It will only run at this setting for 10 minutes.

BedJet says that you will be able to adjust your HVAC settings, up or down, by about 4-7 degrees and that will result in some savings.

Can you run the BedJet on cool continuously through the night or can it be set for a particular time?

You can set the BedJet to run from one hour to all night by using the auto shutoff timer. You can set it to run from one hour to eight hours in 30 minute increments. The default setting is to auto shut off in 10 hours.

Is the BedJet AirComforter necessary?

No, you can use your own sheets and comforter if you like. The AirComforter makes it a lot more efficient and convenient because the air flows between two sealed layers of cotton fabric. This allows the air to cover your entire body rather than get held up somewhere in the covers down near your feet.

Can I use the BedJet to replace my air conditioning at night?

No, it’s not an air-conditioning substitute. The BedJet relies on a temperature of 79 degrees or less to work effectively. If you can’t cool the room down to that temperature, the BedJet isn’t a good option for you.

  • I don’t have the 7” of clearance underneath the bed, is that a problem?

The unit just needs to be on the floor near the bottom of the bed. You can set it on its side or buy the vertical stand that’s available from the manufacturer.

  • How loud is the BedJet?

It’s reasonably quiet, though not silent. Most users feel it’s a pleasant white noise sound that also helps them sleep.

  • Does the BedJet work with an adjustable bed?

Yes. The manufacturer says about 15% of their customers use the BedJet with adjustable frame beds.

If you have a split adjustable bed, it’s recommended that you get the AirComforter sheet. It helps to better separate the temperatures than multiple twin sheets.

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Are There Alternatives to the BedJet v2?

If the BedJet v2 doesn’t fit your needs, there are several other choices. Let’s take a look…

1. ChiliPad Cube by Chili Technologies

The ChiliPad Cube offers cooling/heating capabilities like the BedJet system, but without the limitation of needing a particular room temperature.

Instead of air, the ChiliPad circulates heated or cooled water through tubing in the mattress for temperature control. In addition, it sits on the mattress rather than covering you.

The advantages are no air blowing on you and more flexible cooling. The disadvantage is that there is no mechanism to keep perspiration down.

If you don’t have A/C or you’re not able to get your bedroom below 80°, the ChiliPad Cube is a great alternate choice.

  • Price – $499 – $1099
  • More flexible cooling
  • No air blowing on you
  • Wider temperature range – 55° to 110°
  • 3.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Click here for more information on the ChiliPad Cube at Amazon.

2. The Bedfan by Tompkins Research

The Bedfan is a much less expensive version of bed cooling. It does offer the advantage of circulating air underneath covers which helps night sweating while keeping you cooler.

This might be all that some buyers need. Simple cooling and adjustable airspeed from 0 – 120 CFM.

However, there is no temperature control and it relies on the temperature of the air underneath the bed. A/C is a necessity in overly warm rooms and climates. If the air under the bed is warm, the unit will blow warm air on you.

The Bedfan is a great choice if you can control the temperature of your bedroom and don’t need the cooling technology of the BedJet or the ChiliPad Cube. You just want a cooler bed and you want to wake up dry.

It’s simple to set up, inexpensive to run, and delivers a good volume of air. Check out The Bedfan on Amazon.com here. It can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

  • Price – $84.95
  • Very easy to set up
  • Inexpensive to run
  • Comes with a remote control.

3. Electric Portable Fans

Controlling the movement of the air in the room is another option to keep you cool. The most common way is to use a fan. For mild heating or cooling problems, just gently moving the air around could be the ideal solution.

Fans are generally inexpensive and they do come in a number of sizes. But they usually only have airspeed controls and no option to control temperature.

They can easily be found on Amazon in a stationary or rotating model. Some buyers will find the rotating model to be better suited to their needs because the air isn’t constantly blowing on them.

The Lasko Wind Curve Fan is a rotating 42” tower fan. It is an Amazon bestseller. You can read all customer reviews by going here.

  • Price – $57.93
  • Portable and easy set up
  • Inexpensive to run
  • 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

4. Reverse Cycle Air-Conditioning/Heating Units

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, air conditioners with reverse cycle (heat pump) functionality may be an option to consider.

They cut down on the moisture in the air that encourages dust mites and mold growth. In addition, they act as air purifiers by filtering out dust particles and microorganisms while deodorizing the air.

In-built systems are more expensive to buy and install than traditional A/C because they perform two functions – heating and cooling the air. Over time, they are less expensive to run than traditional HVAC systems.

Portable units though, such as the Friedrich PH14B, are a more affordable choice if you just need to control the air in the bedroom. They are a somewhat expensive option, generally running in the mid-price range of the BedJet v2 and the ChiliPad Cube, but they do offer the ability to control the conditions that trigger allergies and asthma attacks.

  • Price – $644
  • Portable heating and cooling
  • Helps asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Relatively easy to install
  • 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

The Best Selling Friedrich PH14B is available here at Amazon.

Other Cooling and Heating Bedding Products

Cooling Topper Mattresses

Cooling topper mattresses can be found in a variety of bed sizes. They’re inexpensive – you can find many models for less than $250 that are very effective. They’re really best for people who have mild overheating issues.

Because they work their cooling magic by creating air circulation between the bed top and the sleeper, for some this may not be enough cooling. They don’t offer any warming capability and they can be heavy and difficult to move.

Most toppers are made of gel, memory foam, bamboo fiber, or fleece. Many models are hypoallergenic too. Another plus is that they add some padding to the bed.

  • Price – available in a range of prices from $35 up to around $300
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy and sometimes difficult to move
  • Inexpensive
  • Many models are hypoallergenic.

Take a look at this combination The ExceptionalSheets Extra Plush Cooling Topper Bamboo Mattress Pad on Amazon. It’s another Best Seller on Amazon.com if you’re interested in a colling topper mattress.

Cooling Pads

Small cooling pads are a relatively efficient solution. They can be easily repositioned to different spots of the bed if you suffer hotspots. They’re also pretty easy to fold up and take with you when you travel.

They work by drawing heat away from the body and passing it to a non-touching part of the pad.

Cooling pads usually last for 3 to 5 hours making them good for a short term overheating fix. But you can pop them in refrigerator before use to extend their time.

Most are made of gel though some models are made with a mineral composite to help with the heat transfer. Good cooling pads can be had for $110 or less.

  • Price – $10 – $110
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use when traveling
  • Repositionable.

Cooling Pillows

If you need to keep the back of your neck and head cool, a cooling pillow should be on your shopping list. They come in several different styles – pillows that are made of a cooling material, pillowcase inserts and pillow covers.

The cooling materials used commonly are bamboo fiber, buckwheat, memory foam and gel. Breathable materials like buckwheat and bamboo are hypoallergenic making them a good choice for people with allergies to synthetic materials.

For the sleeper who has to continually flip their pillow because it gets too hot, a cooling pillow is ideal. OMG, that is me in summer!

Some buyers suggest not buying the gel pillow covers because of how uncomfortable they are on the face. There were also complaints about cooling inserts as they tended to slip away from the head and neck.

  • Price – $25 – $85
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to use when traveling
  • Inexpensive.

We recommend bamboo fiber with shredded latex filling for a fluffier feel and better heat and sweat control. If you prefer a more dense feeling, look for a gel filling.

Here’s an example of a popular cooling pillow: the CustomSleeping Bamboo Pillow from Amazon.com.

BedJet V2 Vs the Electric Blanket

An electric blanket doesn’t offer any cooling and, in comparison to the BedJet, is an inefficient heater. It can take up to an hour to heat up your bed with an electric blanket, a job a BedJet system can do that in less than three minutes.

You also don’t have to worry about dealing with electrical wiring in your bedding. So, from a safety and a washing standpoint:

  • With the BedJet, you’re being safely warmed with air rather than a heating element that is charged by electricity.
  • The BedJet works with your standard sheets, so you know they’re easy to clean. An electric blanket may have special cleaning instructions to keep it safe and reliable.

Electric blankets have also been blamed for house fires. This is usually the result of a defect in the wiring. A question I get asked alot here at Better Bed Solutions is are electric blankets safe


Stop the unhealthy cycle of poor sleep. Put an end to unrestful nights that impair your day and productivity. If night sweats, hot flashes and/or being too hot or too cold in bed are keeping you from a great morning start, the BedJet v2 could come to the rescue.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my BedJet review.

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Full Disclosure: Full Disclosure: We receive a commission if you purchase through this link at no additional cost to you.