6 Reasons Your Dog Will Love My Casper Dog Review

If your like me, your dog/s are part of the family. There’s no skimping on anything for my dogs. Including dog beds. Well-known (human) bed manufacturer Casper released a dog mattress. You will find out in my Casper Dog Bed review, just how much special thought has Casper given to canines.

Where do your dogs spend most of their time?

My pooches spend most of their time lying asleep in their beds. When I found out that Casper created a dog bed, I could not wait to write a Casper Dog Bed review. This bed is made from the same materials as the human sized mattresses. See our review of the Casper mattress here.

Isn’t it time your dog gets their own bed rather than lying on your bed or couch?

Pros and Cons

We Liked We Didn’t Like
  • Made in the USA
  • Not waterproof.
  • Your wooden floors won’t get scratched if your dog moves their Casper dog mattress
  • No replacement covers available.
  • The foam keeps its shape well.
  • Free shipping available.
  • First ever 100 night sleep trial available for a dog bed.

How did Casper make dog beds cool? Have a listen.

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6 Reasons Your Dog Will Love My Casper Dog Review

  1. It’s based on extensive dog-centric research. Casper approached the design and manufacture of their dog mattress just like their human mattress. It was engineered not just made. I’ve never seen any other dog mattress manufacturer invest 460 hours of lab testing with 11 months of dog sleep studies to create 110 prototypes to reach the design you can buy today. 
  2. It makes your pooch feel comfortable and safe. Dogs like to scratch or dig before laying down. It keeps them happy and content. So the Casper dog bed has excess material at the top of the dog mattress to mimic the sensation of pawing at the ground and stirring up loose dirt. And they designed it to last even after a lot of digging.
  3. The bed was designed with supportive foam bolsters to allow dogs to feel safe when they’re cuddled up in their beds. It also doubles as a pillow if they would prefer sleeping that way.
  4. Foam bolsters create an enclosed area so the dog feels safe just like they would in wild, hiding from predators.
  5. Just in case your dog is as fussy about their bed as they are about their food, you can return the bed. Like Casper’s  human mattress, you get a 100 night trial and free returns on the Casper dog mattress.
  6. You can keep it clean. The Casper Dog Bed cover is removable and machine washable. It’s made with durable bonded microfibers which is easy to clean and almost completely impenetrable to fur.

Key Features

Sizes available

The Casper dog bed comes in three sizes:

  • Casper dog bed large is for dogs up to 90 lbs;
  • Casper dog bed medium up to 60 lbs; and
  • The small, 30 pounds. 

Colors available

There are 3 colors available – gray, blue and sand. These are great colors to suit most home decors. Casper may consider additional colors in the future.

Casper dog mattress review

Image: Used with the kind permission of Casper

Mattress construction

The mattress construction of the Casper Dog Bed is just as simple as it’s human version. There are two layers of different foam:

  • Visco Elastic Memory Foam is designed to relieve pressure
  • Polyurethane Support Foam creates a strong foundation for support.

The cover is tough

Made with one of the strongest bonded microfibers, the cover is meant to be tough. It will last. It will endure the scratching, rubbing and digging that dogs enjoy. Most dogs can’t rip through our durable cover material — it’s made with one of the strongest bonded microfibers available. 

The zippers on the cover are hidden inside sewn-in pockets. This ensures your wooden floors won’t get scratched if your pup decides to move his bed over.

One negative is that no replacement covers are available on the website. Casper does have excellent customer service, and may have them available if needed, but I couldn’t verify that when writing my Casper Dog Mattress review.

Not waterproof

If your pup loves swimming or running through the sprinklers, you’ll want to dry her off before she gets into the bed. If she’s wiley and gets there before you can, you’ll want to dry the cover, and let the foam pieces air dry.

Free Free

Just like with their other products, a 100-night sleep trial is available when you buy a Casper Dog mattress. If you doggie does not like their new bed, Casper will pay for the return of the used mattress and you get your money back if the mattress is returned within the sleep trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mattress made of?

Casper uses layered foam to provide durability and comfort. The side bolsters have dense polyfoam cores covered by memory foam.

The cover is made from 100% nylon suede with 100% Olefin woven border fabric.

The bottom of the dog bed is 100% polyester.

What if my dog eats part of the bed?

Casper is fairly sure this won’t happen because the cover is so strong. However, if it happens, you don’t need to worry. The foams are CertiPUR certified and completely non-toxic.  It would be like eating air popped popcorn – tasteless but completely harmless.

What’s the unboxing experience like?

The bed arrives in a small box. You remove the six pieces and then assemble the bed in under ten minutes. Reviewers do mention that the bolsters are a pretty snug fit, so you may need to be patient when assembling.

How is this a good value for the price?

The Casper dog bed isn’t that much more expensive than a lot of competitors (i.e. L.L. Bean). Let’s break down the value you are receiving when compared to other dog beds you can buy:

  1. The Casper dog mattress is engineered not made;
  2. A 100-night sleep trial is available;
  3. If your dog doesn’t like the mattress, Casper picks up the tab on the return and you get your money back. How many time have you offered your dog some new expensive dog food and they would not eat it. That’s sunk money. The money you spend on the Casper Dog Bed is an investment where you can get your money back!
  4. The memory foam inside the bed safe and non-toxic. 

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What is the Casper Dog Bed Return Policy like?

Just like for the human mattress, you just need to contact support, and they’ll provide you with a UPS return label. The bed will either be donated or recycled. You’ll want to keep the box during your 100 sleep trial, just in case. If you got rid of it and need a new one, contact support and they’ll help you.

Can I wash the foam inserts?

Casper does not recommend that.

How do I wash the cover?

You can wash the cover in cold water and tumble dry on low when needed. And if you have any stains, look into an enzyme-based spot cleaner. But do not wash the foam.

Can this bed be used for cats as well?

Absolutely. Your feline friends will be just as happy on the foam mattress. In fact, if you have both cats and dogs, you may find them sharing or taking turns.

Are there any weight restrictions?

Yes, there are. The large beds are only good up to 90 lbs. So if your pup is larger than that, this is not the bed for him.

What’s it like in summer – does it sleep hot?

The Casper dog mattress does not have the extra foam layer that the human mattress does. So it may not feel as cool to a human.

However, the specialty memory foam was designed to pull heat away from the body. So your pup should sleep just fine.

On a really warm day, however, everyone is going to feel hotter, and there’s nothing a mattress can do about it.

Is there really a 100 Night Trial like for human mattresses?

Yes. Casper wants to ensure that your pup likes it as well.

If you read the online reviews, you’ll know it’s not perfect for every dog. And Casper wants to be sure that it works out well for you, no questions asked.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a 1 year limited warranty for dog mattresses. It covers defects and not wear and tear or physical abuse.  

If the product is defective, then Casper will replace the mattress. To make a claim, you will need to contact Casper customer service.

How to care ongoing for the dog mattress?

You will probably need to adjust the bolsters since they’re not glued in. The bolsters may fall to the side occasionally.

And you will want to vacuum the cover regularly.

Of course, you will need to wash the cover when needed. Only you know when your dog bed cover needs that doggie smell removed.

Can I buy the Casper Dog Bed on Amazon?


Casper Dog Bed Review – Conclusion

Is your dog a top dog? A Casper dog?

Us humans spend one third of our lives asleep. Our pooches are different. They sleep for half of their life. So a comfortable bed is very important, especially as they older with aches and pains like arthritis. I hope you’ve found some value in my Casper Dog Bed review. It’s a well-engineered dog mattress that deserves a look. You can’t lose with free returns and your money back if your dog doesn’t like the mattress within the 100-night sleep trial.

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 When you click on a link in the post, and it takes you to buy a mattress on Amazon.com, we receive a commission for referring you to that page. This is done at no cost to you. We appreciate you buying your mattress and bedding from us based on our recommendations.