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If you were running a marathon, you would be careful to choose the right gear to support you during the race:

  1. Shoes that will be comfortable for the entire race – no blisters, no rubbing, the right support for your feet.
  2. Clothes that wicks your sweat away from your body so the sweat does not rub between your thighs or under your arms.

Life is a marathon.

You sleep one third of that marathon so you better have the right gear too. And your mattress is super important! 92% of Americans agree, according to the National Sleep Foundation poll.

importance of a good mattress

Does a Good Mattress Really Matter?

People make 2 mistakes with their mattress:

  1. They buy the wrong one for their needs;
  2. They let their existing mattress get too old before they replace it.

Either way, a bad mattress means your are uncomfortable when you sleep. There are 7 signs you are sleeping on a bad mattress.

Want to know how long a mattress can last? Check out my article here.

Impact of Less Sleep

Think again America! One third of the U.S. are sleep deprived.

The situation is even worse if you are a black American…

If you are sleep-deprived because of a bad mattress or other reasons, you are more likely to:

  1. Have issues with your mental sharpness. Less sleep means less REM phases of sleep which is responsible for learning and memory. Dr. Mathias Basner says more daytime sleepiness less to more accidents to. According to the Sleep Health Foundation in Australia, the reduction in productivity as a result of lack of sleep/poor sleep costs that nation an estimated $5 billion annually (Sleep Health Foundation) to the Australian economy. In Australia, close to 1 in 3 people suffer from poor quality sleep.
  2. Carry more weight. The thinking is, if you sleep less hours, you are more likely to snack late into the night. And those snacks tend to less nutritious high calorie foods. In a 2012 study reported in the Wall Street Journal, less sleep activates more of the hunger hormone ghrelin.
  3. Develop physical conditions like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure (Source: Web MD).

Want to live longer? Then get more sleep! This was reported in the journal “Sleep”: sleeping less than 6 hours each night increases your chance of dying over the next 25 years by 12%. Read more about it here.

effects of sleeping on a bad mattress

Why a Good Mattress Is So Important

  1. It keeps your spine aligned with the rest of your body. Thiswhich means you wake up with no aches or pains. Your REM sleep  – that sleep phase for deep restorative sleep – decreases by up to 49% if your spine isn’t aligned correctly (Source).
  2. There is no pressure against those sensitive areas of your shoulder, hip, shoulder and neck. These areas are supported well by a good mattress.
  3. There is even amount of your body weight distributed across the mattress and the frame of your body.
  4. It regulates your body temperature so you don’t get too hot. An ideal sleep environment means a cool temperature.
  5. It doesn’t aggravate any allergies or sensitivities that would cause sneezing, headaches or itching (and disrupting your sleep). Let’s take dust mites as an example. According to Web MD nearly 20 million people living in the U.S. are allergic to dust mites. This impacts asthmatics in a big way. I can vouch for that: dust and dust mites sets off my asthma and in no time, I am reaching for my spray for relief.
  6. It can reduce the chances of you snoring. If you sink too much into your mattress, a misalignment between your head, neck and the rest of your body may constrict your airways. Not only could this make it difficult for your breathe, but it could cause you to snore. This will be uncomfortable for you as the sleeper but also your bed partner, in having to put up with the noise!

It was proposed in the above study that the new beds reduced the stress of those men and women because of the gains in sleep quality and less aches and pains upon waking. Changing the mattress to be more comfortable made a significant difference.

And here is the last reason a good mattress is so important. This is something 99% of the population don’t know – mattresses can be toxic for your health.

Mattresses Are Toxic

In my research, I’ve discovered 7 health hazards lurking inside your mattress. Some of these we’ve already discussed. But now I want to focus on some hazards that could be slowly killing you in your sleep.

Chemical-based hazards.

Memory foam is the most popular mattress materials. But did you know it is made from petroleum? Further, did you know memory foam off-gasses toxic chemicals into the air your breathe when you are asleep? This happens over the entire lifetime of that mattress.

Other harmful chemicals found in mattresses are fire retardants and adhesives which bond the layers of foam together.

All of these chemicals inside a mattress are especially of concern to babies, children and adults with chemical sensitivities ans respiratory challenges like asthma.

In my quest to find the perfect mattress to help me sleep better, I was surprised that mattresses were so full of chemicals! As an asthmatic with allergies to dust mites and dust, knowing about these chemicals helped me choose the right mattress.

My blog, Better Bed Solutions, is all about helping you choose the right mattress too. We’re all about finding and sharing mattresses and bedding which are the least toxic on the market and are comfortable and affordable. Here is my go-to list of these mattresses and a link to their detailed, honest and unbiased reviews on my blog.


Loom And Leaf vs. Casper (Spotlight On The Monumental Mattress Makers)

loom and leaf vs casper

Don’t you hate it when you have a choice to make and you ask for advice and the response is:

“It depends!”

The choice of which mattress to buy is a significant one. As it affects a comfortable slumber, it affects 8 hours of your day. And it impacts your hip pocket in a big way. So what’s the answer to the big question of Loom and Leaf vs. Casper? It depends (sorry!)

These 2 manufacturers  are monumental mattress makers in the online space.

Both mattresses are very popular. Both are made with high quality materials.

So which is a better investment for your comfort and happiness? My Loom and Leaf vs. Casper review will help you make an informed decision.

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Peace At Last! The Best Zero Motion Transfer Mattress (For Couples)

zero motion transfer mattress

Are you sick of being disturbed by your bed partner as they toss and turn during the night? I hear you! The way my husband sleeps, I feel like a small boat tossed in rough seas every night! Like you, I need every precious minute of my sleep so I can wake up recharged and energized to take on the next day being a mother of 2, a wife and working a job. So I’ve done a full investigation into the best zero motion transfer mattress for couples. Let’s see what I found out.

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6 Reasons Your Dog Will Love My Casper Dog Review

If your like me, your dog/s are part of the family. There’s no skimping on anything for my dogs. Including dog beds. Well-known (human) bed manufacturer Casper released a dog mattress. You will find out in my Casper Dog Bed review, just how much special thought has Casper given to canines.

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3 Cute But Annoying Reasons For Why Do Dogs Dig In Their Bed

Why do dogs dig in their beds

Why do dogs dig in their bed? Does your dog lie down, then spin around in circles? Then does your dog scratch and dig at that posh memory-foam dog bed that you so generously bought him? Or, when you surrender to his charms and let him sleep in your bed, that he does the same with your clean crisp bed sheets? He paws and claws at them as if he’s trying to see what’s inside your mattress? What drives this kind of behavior? Let’s find out.

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5 Reasons Safety Comes First – My Lotus Bassinet Review

lotus bassinet review

As you lay your newborn baby to sleep in their bassinet, how confident are that it’s safe? There are 5 reasons safety should come first in your decision to buy a bassinet. Read my Lotus Bassinet review to find out if this bassinet is up to scratch on the safety front and it is suitable for your newborn.. 

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Helix Sleep Mattress Reviews

helix sleep mattress reviews

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Reviews For The Casper Mattress – What Are People Really Saying?

Reviews of casper mattresThe Casper sleep mattress is one of the most popular foam mattresses around. There are plenty of reviews for the Casper Mattress but do you have time to read them all? Will you find the Casper mattress firmness comfortable? Is the Casper mattress toxic? What is the Casper mattress return experience like? Is this the right mattress for you? Let’s find out.

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Naturepedic Chorus Mattress Reviews

naturepedic chorus mattress reviewsForget scouring the ‘net for all the Naturepedic Chorus Mattress reviews you can find. I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you and compiled all those reviews into one mega-review for you. I am passionate about seeking out healthier mattresses and bedding – low in toxins and chemicals plus made with materials that are natural, organic, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. Do I consider the Naturepedic Chorus mattress healthy? Does it provide the right amount of the support and comfort because that’s important too, right? Let’s find out.

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