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The Different Kind of Natural Materials Available

When buying mattresses, you have the choice of materials made with:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Latex
  • Bamboo-derived material.

Mattresses made with man-made materials like memory foam involve more processing and therefore have a higher carbon footprint.

However, the cotton, latex and bamboo-derived materials can also be heavily processed during manufacturing. This means it also has a negative impact on the environment.

Beware of Hazardous Chemicals

Regardless of whether you buy a mattress made with man-made or natural materials, you should be aware of the many nasty things lurking in your mattress that are bad for your health. This especially true for babies, children or adults with allergies, respiratory conditions like asthma or chemical sensitivities.

Organic Is Best

If you want a mattress that is made with both natural materials and little to no negative impact on the environment, then choose those materials in their organic form. This means less chemicals are added to these materials during the manufacturing process. And less chemicals are better for your skin and the air your breathe when you sleep.

BUT you need to be careful. Some mattress manufacturers claim to include natural or organic materials in their mattresses and they don’t! You need to find mattresses where those organic materials have been certified. That means that manufacturer has invested their cash in paying a third party to independently test and verify that those materials are indeed organic.

The best place to find out as much as possible about organic mattresses is to read my epicly comprehensive Savvy Shoppers Guide To Organic Mattresses.

But Organic Is Expensive Isn’t?

You will be challenged finding a mattress that is made 100% from organic materials that is affordable. But you don’t have to. That’s my job here at Better Bed Solutions: bring you the mattresses and bedding that are better for your health.

I have found more affordable alternatives which are made from a combination of certified organic materials, natural materials and man-made materials.

  • Check out my 3 top picks of the mattresses manufactured by My Green Mattress.

The guy who runs My Green Mattress, Tim Masters, started manufacturing his own line of mattresses because he could find anything suitable on the market for his young daughter who suffered with eczema and allergies – just like me!

The My Green Mattress and Naturepedic mattresses are the closest thing to 100% organic and natural you will find to buy.

If you feel that the price tag for these mattresses are out of your price range, I have other alternatives for you to consider.

These alternatives vary with the level of toxicity inside the mattress.

Non-toxic mattresses include those made with 100% organic and natural materials.

Less toxic mattresses don’t need to contain natural materials, just have chemicals inside the mattress.

Let me explain.

Toxicity Inside Mattresses

Mattresses are considered toxic for 3 reasons:

  • The core material is man-made (non-natural) and is all synthetic like the memory foam you find in mattresses.

This is how you can buy a less toxic version of a memory foam mattress: buy one that has low VOC (volatile organic compound) certifications or has plant oils infused into the foam. This mattress is certified as containing fewer toxins and chemicals than a cheap and nasty memory foam mattress.

  • The core material is natural but has chemicals added to it during manufacturing.

For example, cotton is considered one of the most “dirtiest” crops you can find. This is because cotton crops uses dangerous pesticides whilst the cotton is growing. These are all hazardous to our health.

When you convert cotton into clothing, more harsh chemicals are added during the manufacturing process to clean and soften the cotton, including ammonia and formaldehyde.

Have you ever found new cotton sheets coarse and scratchy on your skin? It’s because of the chemicals.

Contrast this to organic cotton which is chemical free.

  • The mattress has chemicals added to it during manufacturing.

These chemicals can include:

  • Fire retardants
  • Adhesives which glue the different layers inside the mattress together.

Low VOC Certified Memory Foam Mattresses

You can find memory foam mattresses which are low VOC-certified and have other benefits:

Mattresses Made with No Flame Retardants

The dangers of using flame retardants is well known in couches and mattresses, especially for children.

Therefore mattresses that use natural flame barriers are much better for your health:

Mattresses Made with No Chemical Glues

Avocado Green Mattress uses non-chemical adhesives. It has a lower carbon footprint too. Why? The steel inside the mattresses is recycled and the latex rubber is sustainably sourced.

  • Tuft and Needle. This mattress also uses a non-chemical based fire retardant.

Plant Oil-Infused Memory Foam

Memory foam is made from petroleum.

It’s a 100% synthetic man-made material inside your mattress.  Have you unpacked a new memory foam mattress? Did the mattress have a chemical smell similar to when you buy a new car and it has that “new car smell”? So what’s happening is the memory foam/petroleum is “off gassing”.

When you sleep, air-borne toxic chemicals are escaping from your mattress. And you are breathing in these toxic chemicals over the lifetime of your mattress – say 7-10 years. Sound scary? It is.

That’s why Better Bed Solutions is dedicated to finding mattresses that are better for your health.

You can affordably purchase mattresses made with natural plant oils infused into the synthetically produced memory foam.

A memory foam mattress that is not 100% pure memory foam sounds better for your health than a mattress made with a combination of memory foam and natural plant oils, doesn’t? I can’t verify this is true. The manufacturers offering these type of mattresses are vague about what % of plant oils are infused in the memory foam.

Here is a list of plant plant-oil infused mattress reviews for you to read:

Zinus Memory Foam mattresses

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