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Your pet deserves a better bed as well. Help them be as comfortable as cosy as can be so they sleep well and have enough energy to keep up with you!

6 Reasons Your Dog Will Love My Casper Dog Review

If your like me, your dog/s are part of the family. There’s no skimping on anything for my dogs. Including dog beds. Well-known (human) bed manufacturer Casper released a dog mattress. You will find out in my Casper Dog Bed review, just how much special thought has Casper given to canines.

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3 Cute But Annoying Reasons For Why Do Dogs Dig In Their Bed

Why do dogs dig in their beds

Why do dogs dig in their bed? Does your dog lie down, then spin around in circles? Then does your dog scratch and dig at that posh memory-foam dog bed that you so generously bought him? Or, when you surrender to his charms and let him sleep in your bed, that he does the same with your clean crisp bed sheets? He paws and claws at them as if he’s trying to see what’s inside your mattress? What drives this kind of behavior? Let’s find out.

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