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My Top 3 Softest Duvet Cover Reviews

softest duvet cover reviews

Does the softest duvet cover material make a significant impact to sleep? It’s a cold night. You are snuggly warm in bed, wrapped up in your duvet. But the duvet cover is coarse against your skin. It’s scratchy. It’s driving you wild! You regret buying something cheap, made with synthetic materials. Read my top 3 softest duvet cover reviews to make sure you get the most comfortable night’s sleep.

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Are Electric Blankets Bad For You?

are electric blankets bad for you

Are electric blankets bad for you? I’ve heard conflicting reports about the safety of electric blankets. I’ve heard first-hand accounts of house fires caused by electric blankets. I’ve heard of people being electrocuted in their sleep! So what is the truth?

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The Best Comforter to Stay Cool in Winter

best comforter to stay cool 2

Winter is creeping in. Its icy breath is chilling our bedrooms. Despite the cold, some people find it too hot to be bundled up under heavy winter comforter. This is me. I am hot sleeper. For all you hotties out there like me, I have reviewed five comforters that will suit us. Which of those five comforters will be crowned the best comforter to stay cool in winter? Read on to find out!Continue reading

What Are Bamboo Sheets?

What are bamboo sheets?Just as the clothes make the person, the sheets make the bed. Having the softest sheets is a no brainer. But have you considered sheets that are healthier for you? When you sleep, your sheets are close to your skin. Sheets that react to your skin have either been washed in something that you are allergic to or the material the sheets are made of are causing some reaction. When you sleep, your sheets are also close to your nose and mouth. You want to breathe in good quality air as you sleep each night. You don’t want to get up close and personal with cheap sheets that are off-gassing formaldehyde and other chemicals into the air that you are breathing in. What are bamboo sheets? Are bamboo sheets good for you? What are the pros and cons of bamboo sheets? Let’s find out.

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Should I Wash New Sheets?

should I wash new sheets

You just bought some comfy new sheets. On the bed, they smell so fresh and feel so crisp – such a change from the tired-looking yellowed sheets you used to sleep on! You just can’t wait to sleep on them tonight. Suddenly, you ask yourself “Should I wash new sheets?” You will find out the answer to that question in the post.

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How Often Should I Wash My Sheets?

how often should I wash my sheetsHow often should I wash my sheets? Now we are getting personal. So let’s talk about your sheets. When was the last time you changed them? I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t remember. Are you in the group of washing your sheets ‘every week’ or ‘when I feel like it’? Whichever group you fall into, let’s see what the research tells us about how often should you wash your sheets and what does it mean for bed hygiene.Continue reading