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Can’t sleep? Nine Things Not To Do Before Bedtime

How many times have you tossed and turned in bed and just can't sleep? Have you ever wondered if you might be doing something wrong, something that is preventing you from getting the sleep you so need? Here is a short list of things that you should watch out for so you can enjoy a good night’s rest. This list will help you realize what you might be doing wrong, and if you get until the end of the list, we are sure you’ll sleep like a baby tonight.

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9 Science-Backed Reasons You Are Having Trouble Sleeping

A few hours of restful sleep each night gives you a great sense of satisfaction. And what’s behind that sense of satisfaction? Sleep stimulates the mind. Sleep renews the body. You just feel better. For some people, a night of restful sleep is very rare. They toss. They turn. They wake up bleary-eyed the next morning, desperate for caffeine. Is this you? Take a look at these 9 science-backed reasons that lead to a restless night.

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Less Sleep, Less Sharp – 5 Lessons from Science for the Type A Personality

A healthy life needs loving relationships, good nutrition, some activity and lots of rest. Rest doesn’t mean being a couch potato! It means getting enough sleep. 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. who have a job routinely get less than 6 hours of sleep per night. I am one of those adults, are you? Science is showing us that if you sleep less, you are less mentally sharp. This article delves more into that science to show how lack of sleep for a Type A personality affects your ability to think, understand, learn and remember.

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