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Importance of Sleep: Fourteen Things You Didn’t Know

Have you heard of teenager Randy Gardner, the famous Californian? No? He holds the world record for staying awake—he didn’t sleep for 11 days and 24 minutes. While it may sound cool, you should never put yourself through consistent sleep deprivation. Sleep is not a luxury, but a necessity. It’s not just a tool to help you relax. Or improve your mood. It helps your body in ways you never knew. In this article, I share 14 things you didn’t know about how what sleep does and therefore, how important it really is.

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How Much Sleep Do I Need? Is 5 hours Enough Sleep?

how much sleep do I need

If you’re asking yourself “How much sleep do I need?” or “Is 5 hours sleep enough?” then the answer is ” It depends!” I know you want something more specific. I also know you won’t like what my research reveals. You want good health. You need the right amount of sleep. That’s it. Read onto find out how much sleep you need.

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Not Enough Sleep? 4 Reasons You Need A Power Nap

I know what you are saying to yourself “When do I have time for a power nap?” The better question to answer is “How could my life be made better by having a power nap?” Working long hours? Does this create an imbalance with your relationships and health? Do you sit up at night addicted to the digital world of social networking? This combination of stress and stimulation means that seven hours sleep every night has become a luxury for you. You are part of a sleep crisis. It’s a global movement. There are hundreds of thousands of people around the world just like you. In this post, we explore two power routines you can adopt as a solution to your sleep crisis.


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9 Science-Backed Reasons You Are Having Trouble Sleeping

A few hours of restful sleep each night gives you a great sense of satisfaction. And what’s behind that sense of satisfaction? Sleep stimulates the mind. Sleep renews the body. You just feel better. For some people, a night of restful sleep is very rare. They toss. They turn. They wake up bleary-eyed the next morning, desperate for caffeine. Is this you? Take a look at these 9 science-backed reasons that lead to a restless night.

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Lack Of Sleep And Type A Personality Relationships

type a personality relationshipsType A personalities are well known for being high achievers. They are impatient and have an unrealistic sense of urgency. This could mean they view value sleep as a waste of their valuable time. Science is showing us that if you sleep less, you are less mentally sharp. Being less sharp can negatively impact Type A relationships at work and at home. I am a Type A personality and this topic fascinated me. This article delves more into that science to show how lack of sleep affects Type A personality relationships and their ability to think, understand, learn and remember.

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