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Sleep Resources: The Go To Page For More Education and Information

This is where you can find useful resources like book reviews, videos, podcast and websites that I have found educational in my journey towards getting more sleep and better quality sleep.


National Sleep Foundation

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) is the place to go to for the best sleep education in the USA.  It is packed with useful and unbiased information and viewpoints about sleep disorders and other sleep topics like the bedroom environment (my speciality).

This website is also a great place for you to find a sleep professional should you be having trouble sleeping and want to talk to someone about it.

On the NSF website, you can find out about their Sleep Health Index – the official national sleep poll. This is their tool to measure the state of sleep across the U.S. Every year they measure a different aspect of sleep.

Here’s a selection of poll results that I found interesting.

Sleep and your bedroom environment (multiple polls)

Here at Better Bed Solutions, we’re all about a better bedroom environment to support a better sleep. It sees most of America agrees! Here are the things that create a sleep supportive bedroom found in the 2011-13 polls :

  • Most Americans polled said a comfortable mattress (93%) and comfortable pillows (91%) were important to them having a good night’s sleep. Comfortable sheets also got a mention with 86% believing it made a difference to their sleep. They said their sheets and bedding needs to feel right.
  • Two-thirds of the poll said they prefer a cool room to sleep in with clean air that is free of allergens in order to create a bedroom environment that is better for sleep.
  • Keeping the bedroom clean was also rated as important to a good night’s sleep.
  • 74% said a quiet bedroom positively impacted their sleep. You can use a sound machine or ear plugs for a quieter night’s sleep.
  • 73% believed that a dark room helped them sleep better. You can manage this with blackout curtains or curtains with a solid backing.
  • 78% of the Americans and Canadians polled said that they felt more relaxed when their bedroom smelt pleasant. What can you do? Two things to consider: fresh air and a pleasant scent. Try opening a window during the day or night. Burn some essential oils or incense. Don’t collect dirty laundry in the corner of your bedroom.
  • 71% said simple indulgences nice-smelling sheets (add a fresh scent), ensured they got a more comfortable night’s sleep.

The NSF recommends using your bedroom for sleep and sex only. Here’s a list of don’ts:

  • Don’t work in bed
  • Don’t use electronic mobile devices in bed and keep them out of your bedroom altogether
  • Don’t have computers or TVs in the room either.

73% of poll takers said that sheets and bedding make a difference when you want a romantic environment in the bedroom. This was followed by a comfortable mattress, with 71% saying that made a difference.

Notice how important people living in the US rate a comfortable, sheets and bedding to both good sleep and good sex?

According to the NSF, use a dim light in your bedroom before sleep. Avoid bright light when reading before bed and when waking up in the middle of the night (use a dim torch).

What about consumption before bed? NSF suggests you should avoid very large meals, alcohol and caffeine just before bedtime.

And avoid late afternoon and evening naps if you want a better night’s sleep, says the NSF.

2018 poll – Sleep and personal effectiveness

For those adults who say they have great sleep, nearly 90% feel they are very effective during their day getting things done.

Compare that to adults with poor sleep, with only 46% saying they felt effective during their day.

Read more here.

2014 poll – Family and sleep

If you are a parent, listen to this.

Many school-age children don’t get enough sleep during the week when they are at school. If you have children between 6 to 10 years old, the NSF recommends 10-11 hours sleep each night. The poll found these children were getting 8.9 hours sleep. Above 10 years old, the NSF recommends 8.5 to 9.5 hours sleep each night. But the poll found were actually getting only 7.1 to 7.7 hours sleep each night. No wonder teenagers are grumpy!

If you want to improve both the sleep quantity and quality of your children’s sleep, set a good example for them, according to the NSF. Be a role model:

  • Value the importance of sleep
  • Don’t have devices in your bedroom so your child learns not to have devices in their bedroom
  • Have an established sleep routine and bedtime.

Another recommendation from the NSF is to establish rules:

  • Time for bed
  • How late to have caffeine and
  • How late they can watch TV.

Another key finding from the poll showed that children with cell phones, i-pads (any mobile electronic device) left on at night will get less sleep during school nights. According to the NSF, as a parent  you want to limit the use of these electronic devices for your children close to bedtime or during bedtime.

What other ways can you make your child’s bedroom for supportive of a better quality night’s sleep? Here are 2 tips:

  • Make the room as dark as possible. If your child doesn’t like the dark, add a dim light that goes off on a timer.
  • Control the room temperature between 54 to 75 degrees fahreneheit.

American Sleep Association

This is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to  increasing public awareness about sleep and sleep disorders. There is a big section on sleep disorders and sleep treatments too. I find this site has content more relevant to sleep professionals than people wanting to sleep more but some information is quite interesting.

Discover the ASA here.

Sleep Revolution Book Review – Part 2

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Love Cuddling In Bed? The Love Mattress Is For You

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Living A Natural Organic Lifestyle – Food, Clothes and Sleep

best organic mattress

It’s no secret today’s consumer is more discerning. Organic food is more mainstream. Organic clothing is gaining in popularity. If living a natural organic lifestyle is important to you, consider sleeping organic – and I don’t mean sleeping in the nude! People don’t want synthetic mattresses and other bedding near their skin or breathing in toxic chemical emissions from their nose and mouth as they sleep. What do you need to be aware of, as a consumer, to fully embrace sleeping organic? Let’s find out.


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Sleep Revolution – A Book Review – Part 1

Arianna Huffington

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Forget The Cat, Now The Bed Is Out Of The Bag

bed in a bag

To some of us, few of the fondest memories of our childhood are the sleepovers and pajama parties. Away from our parents, we spent the night squealing and giggling, that surely spelled F-U-N for me. Everything about sleepovers is thrilling: the planning, the chitchatting-gossiping-secret-sharing, the pillow fights, and especially the bonding that came after it. Add unique looking onesies, superheroine pajamas, and selfies to the mix and you’ll have super sleepover joy! But where do you put all the extra children to bed? One company has found a unique solution: a bed in a bag. Convenient. Comfortable. Just use it when you need it.

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Humans And Their Pets: Making The Most Of A Healthy Bond

girl alseep with dog

Are you a pet lover? Recent studies by the Mayo Clinic reveals that sleeping with your pets can do good for your health. Researchers surveyed 150 patients about their sleeping habits and their pets. It turns out that those who sleep with their cat or dog feel more safe and secure and can sleep better.

The researchers discovered that fifty-six percent of pet owners shared the bed with their pets, as the companion animals are viewed as part of the family and should be included in as many aspects of life as possible.

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