Design Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

design your bedroom for better sleep

If you are finding it difficult to get a healthy quantity of sleep every night, then maybe you need to redesign your bedroom so it is a relaxing place where you can fall, and stay, asleep.

Sleep is a very important activity in our lives. You may be thinking, “Activity? Sleeping isn’t an activity!” Even though you are sleeping, your body is busy repairing any damage from the previous day. This is why, even though we could get so much more done if we slept five hours a day, this is not a sufficient amount if you want to be healthy. Although bedroom design for better sleep is the focus of this article, consider these other factors that  affect our ability to sleep well at night:

  • Emotional – Are you feeling stressed or anxious? Is your psychological state of mind keeping you awake?
  • Physiological – Physical conditions like chronic back pain or acid reflux makes sleeping very uncomfortable.
  • Behavioral – What type of things do you do before you go to bed that may impact your ability to fall asleep and stay sleep. Consider intense exercise workouts, a large meal and even checking Facebook in bed!

Add A Fan

You could get a fan for the floor or the ceiling. It all depends on your budget and your preference.

A fan will help keep your room cool in the summer months and the vibrations can serve as a white noise machine which is great for blocking outside noises from entering your ears.

I also find the air movement created by the fan in the heat of summer, reduces the number of mosquitoes in the bedroom.

Install a Wireless Heating and Cooling System

The temperature of the bedroom and your bed is very important when you are trying to get to sleep. No one has an easy time sleeping when they are sweating from the sweltering heat or when a room is too cold no amount of blankets can get us warm.

Luckily, technology has brought us innovations like the Bedjet. This is an all in one wireless system that can regulate the climate in your bed. By using forced air, this product will regulate the temperature right under your covers. With a Bedjet keeping your ideal temperature in your bed, getting better sleep is much easier. If you want to know more, you can check out a Bedjet review here which was conducted by The Sleep Judge.


There is a reason minimalists are everywhere these days. Having more than you need and accumulating a lot of possessions is passé, as they might say. The new way of thinking is to purge items you do not deem an absolute necessity in your life.

When you diminish the amount of belongings in your bedroom you’ll find that it is more relaxing, which a great sensation when you are trying to fall asleep. The rule of thumb is, if you haven’t worn or used it in a year get rid of it.

Of course, there are items that have too much of a sentimental value. We aren’t saying to throw all your memories away. Just take a good look at each item. If you are seriously trying to purge and own less, your heart will tell you what to keep and what to set free.

Get Proper Window Dressings

Are your bedroom windows covered with a see-through white lace curtain that doesn’t do much in blocking too much sunlight?

This could be a problem in your bedroom, especially when you are trying to sleep.

As much as we enjoy the sunlight coming through the windows and brightening up our room, when we are sleeping a dark room will always work better.

You could have the best of both worlds. You can draw your drapes when you are awake but secure them tightly when you go to bed. We all love a great sunrise but not when we haven’t fallen asleep unlit four hours before. Block out that sun and create a nice dark space to sleep.

Say No To T.V.

I may sound like a party pooper, but I prefer to have no television in our bedroom. I believe it’s bad for our marriage and sex.

A bedroom is for sleeping and sex.

You can watch T.V. in the lounge room!

But that’s my view.

Move It Around

We mean your furniture. If your bed is under the window, you may have a hard time sleeping because the sunlight is peaking in the first thing in the morning or a cool breeze is blowing in on you. You can remedy this by moving the bed away from the window.

You can try to apply the ideologies of Feng Shui. For bedrooms, they believe that if you can see the door from your bed then it is more relaxing. Also, try not to keep a workstation or desk in your bedroom or you might always feel stressed in that room. Try to do your work in another area of your home so not to put that pressure in your bedroom.

Free Your Room From Allergens

If you are constantly sneezing and sniffling in your bedroom it is possible that the dust mites that call your mattress home are causing it, or the mold and mildew left over from a wet towel on your bed. There are a great many ways spores and other tiny invaders that cause us to feel sick can make their way into your room.

Try to get rid of them.

You can do this by purchasing the type of mattress and bedding that is allergen resistant.

Vacuum your bedroom regularly and, if you want, get an air purifier for that room to pull anything floating around out of the air.

If you are free from sneezing and other allergic reactions in your bedroom you will be on your way to better sleep.


The most important thing is to get the sleep you need so your body can recharge. Try all of these suggestions or let us know if you have any of your own. Sleep is important to us at Better Bed Solutions, and we want you to get the best sleep available to you.