Dream Sleep Mattress: A Comprehensive Buyers Guide

dream sleep mattress

Is the Dream Sleep mattress the right mattress for you? If you have back issues, the right mattress can be the difference between sleepless nights followed by days of pain or restful nights followed by days of energy. I chose to review the Dream Sleep Queen mattress because of its 4.9 out of star rating on Amazon.com. Not many mattresses receive such a high rating so it raised my curiosity to investigate this mattress some more. Let’s see what my Dream Sleep review revealed.

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  • Adults.
  • You prefer your mattress very firm; or
  • You may have back pain issues like scoliosis and need a mattress to provide extra support to your spine.

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How Supportive Is the Dream Sleep Mattress?

The classic innerspring mattress has been around for decades. It is the commonly found type of mattress found in homes all around the US today. 

The comfort layer

This is the layer of the mattress that will be closest to your body when you are sleeping. It’s called the comfort layer because it rests between you and the springs. You wouldn’t want to sleep directly on the springs! Ouch!

The comfort layer is made from flexible polyurethane foam, also known as poly or PU foam. It is flexible and durable so that it combines the need for a soft cushion to sleep on, but one that will not give out easily. 

The foam inside the Dream Sleep is 2 ½” thick on each side which provides for a firm yet giving padding that is soft and will form to your body. 

dream sleep mattress

Cut through of a polyurethane foam part of a mattress

The innerspring mattress layer

The innersprings, or steel coils, are the real support underneath the Dream Sleep mattress. It supports you because it supports the polyurethane foam that you are lying on each night. The coils are a series of springs which are designed to take the weight of your body as you lay on the bed.

As a rule of thumb, the more coils in an innerspring mattress, the more points of support. This means that the mattress has a better ability to contour and support your body when asleep. The Dream Sleep has 490 innerspring coils inside.

The innerspring system of this mattress comes with 13 gauge springs in the center and 6 gauge springs around the outside. The gauge refers to the thickness of the coils. The Dream Sleep was created with 13 and 6 gauge springs to provide an even distribution of your weight across the entire mattress.

The coils provide a solid foundation for the foam which pushes back against your body and helps with back alignment and support.

What level of firmness is the Dream Sleep?

The Dream Sleep mattress is considered to be a firm mattress.

This mattress received a 4.9 out of 5 star rating from 14 verified and genuine purchasers of this mattress on Amazon.com. Half of these customer reviews described the mattress as firm and even both “firm and comfortable”. Two people mentioned that the Dream Sleep specifically helped someone with back difficulties and scoliosis.  

What does a box spring do?

This set comes with an average-sized, 8-inch box spring.

Without the box spring, a mattress would sit directly on the bed frame (which is not included) which has uneven and often too few slots to provide the mattress even support and weight distribution.

The box spring is basically a platform that sites between the mattress and the bed frame to provide the mattress with the support it needs to give you a great night’s sleep.

At 8 inches, the included box spring with the Dream Sleep will work well with most bed frames.

You should consider though that if your bed frame is already higher, 8 inches might put the top of your mattress too high to get in and out of comfortably.

Dream Solutions USA, which supplies the Dream Sleep mattress on Amazon.com, can provide a slimmer box spring or “low profile” box spring upon request.

Your typical box spring

Your typical box spring

Is The Dream Sleep Comfortable?

Strong Edges

Do you want to literally roll out and off your bed when getting up in the morning? This is where edge support comes in. How annoying is it when you are sitting on the edge of the bed putting your shoes and socks on and you almost slide off the side of the bed because your mattress has lost all its edge support? If you wake before your partner in the morning, strong edge support means the difference between not disturbing your partner and disturbing them with your movement.

The Dream Sleep mattress is manufactured with 8 double edge guards. An edge guard is an extra foam padding that goes all around the mattress and innerspring to provide greater support around the border of the mattress.

These edge guards have an important function in the life and use of your mattress. They prevent the mattress from sagging on the sides which is caused by sitting on or sleeping on the edges. As the edges sag, you might find it increasingly difficult to sleep towards the sides without rolling off the bed because it sags so much!

With 8 double edge guards, the Dream Sleep mattress will keep you comfortably sleeping all the way to the edge of the mattress.

Why is a comfortable night’s sleep so important?

Did you know that 40% of Americans get less than 7 hours sleep per night, which is the recommended minimum numbers of hours?

The U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention believes that not enough sleep is a public health problem. According to the CDC, not having enough sleep has been linked to car crashes as well as medical, industrial and other errors made at work. In addition, when you don’t get enough sleep, the CDC says chronic diseases, death or a lower quality of life are more likely to befall you.

If your mattress is contributing to poor sleep, take careful and swift action. We use our beds more than any other piece of furniture in the house or at work so it’s really important to make the right choice when selecting a mattress. And given you sleep for one whole third of your life, you want to be really sure that that time is comfortable as possible. So don’t deprive yourself of good quality sleep and choose your mattress well.

Is This Mattress Good Value For Money?

A number of customers said in their Dream Sleep mattress reviews that this bed was a “very nice price.”

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How Can You Optimize The Life Of Your Dream Sleep Mattress?

Innerspring mattresses can last between 7-10 years. My old innerspring mattress has a much longer life than that. Naturally, a better quality mattress will last longer.

The Dream Sleep mattress is an investment of your hard-earned cash. It’s important to take steps to extend the life of the mattress as long as you can.

Flip and rotate every 3 months

Since this mattress is double-sided, you will be able to flip the mattress. By flipping the mattress, you are able to extend its life and avoid sagging. Since most of the pillow top mattresses today can only be used on one side, having a two-sided mattress does offer an advantage.

The thicker coils around the outside of the mattress will give extra support to the edge of the mattress and prevent sagging. With proper mattress rotation (flipping), the Dream Sleep Mattress will resist typical center sags.

I would recommend flipping your mattress and rotating it from left to right whenever there is a change in season.

Demian from Custom Comfort Mattress recommends a different system to keep your mattress comfortable and durable. He says after 30 days flip and spin your new mattress and then continue to do this every 30 days for the first year of its life. He explains why this is a better technique to keep your mattress longer lasting in the video below.

Get a mattress protector

You may keep your bedroom clean but that doesn’t mean you won’t get either dust mites or worse, bed bugs. Because this mattress is not dust mite or bed bug proof, I recommend buying a mattress protector. You suffer from allergies and have had the mattress for a long time. If you have not been using protective, allergy-reducing covers, dust mites could pose a problem. Even the cleanest of beds can have dust mites. There are other ways of addressing the dust mite problem, but it helps to start with a clean, mite-free mattress.

Because this mattress is not dust mite or bed bug proof, I recommend buying a mattress protector. This is especially for those of you that suffer allergies.

The advantages of the edge guards

I review many mattresses here at Better Bed Solutions. I have not seen another mattress that comes with 8 edge guards. For me, this is a sign of a quality mattress.

The edge guards will help the mattress wear well during its lifetime.  How?

  • Do you sit on the corner edges of your bed to put your socks on like my husband?
  • Do you knock the corners of the bed occasionally like I do because my queen mattress is in a small bedroom?
  • Do you sometimes drop or scuff the corners of the bed when you flip and rotate it?

Over time, most beds get really worn and threadbare on the corners at the end of their life. The edge guards protect the corners of the bed from wear and tear.

Who Is The Company Behind Dream Sleep?

The company that sells Dream Sleep on Amazon.com is Dream Solutions USA. They sell 11 mattresses on Amazon.com.

American made

Made in the USA

Why Buy a Mattress From Amazon.com?

It may seem like a mattress is something that you just have to try out before you buy. But like most other things today, it can be as easily and much more affordably purchased online as can a pair of shoes.

Because suppliers do not have to pay money for showrooms and salespersons, buying a mattress online means you can pick up a mattress at significantly reduced prices.

Buying your Dream Sleep mattress offers a few benefits:

  • If you live in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, delivery of your mattress from Dream Solutions will be FREE.
  • If you want to finance your Dream Sleep mattress, you can buy the mattress with your Amazon.com Store Card and not pay interest if you pay off the mattress in full within 6 months of purchase.
  • Usually ships within 6-10 days.

And most companies give the same guarantees to their online orders as would a shop in your local area. The Dream Sleep Mattress set comes with a 10-year warranty and if you order it through Amazon, you can be sure that Amazon will also back you up should something happen in shipping that the supplier does not cover.

Although buying a mattress online is easy, please take some basic precautions when paying for your purchase like make sure you are aware of the supplier’s return policy. For other precautions, please go

What Are The Alternatives To The Dream Sleep Mattress?

Innerspring mattresses have been around for decades so there are plenty of similar mattresses around to the Dream Sleep. If you are not too sure if the Dream Sleep mattress is for you, here are some alternatives for you to consider:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Base For This Bed?

A bed frame is not included with this mattress and box spring.

This mattress is heavy, weighing 145 pounds. So if you want a new bed frame to accommodate this queen-sized mattress, what is the best bed frame for it? I contacted the supplier of the Dream Sleep Mattress set, Dream Solutions, LLC. Given the weight, the supplier recommended a heavy-duty bed frame to support the mattress.

One buyer of the Dream Sleep Mattress on Amazon said they had a solid wood bed frame.

How Is This Mattress Shipped?

The mattress arrives wrapped in a thick sheet of plastic. It is delivered “curbside” to your home. So if you live an apartment, you may be expected to lug the 145 pound mattress up to your apartment.


With the quality of your nights at stake, you cannot afford to have the wrong mattress. And with the Dream Sleep Luxury Firm Queen Mattress Set, you can afford a luxurious night’s sleep, every night!

Amongst the Dreamsleep mattress reviews on the internet, we hope you have found my review useful and informative.

Sweet dreams!

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Full Disclosure: We receive a commission if you purchase through this link at no additional cost to you.

May the zzz’s be with you!

All the best,


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