Eco Terra Mattress Reviews

The Eco Terra Luxury Lartex mattress is made from 100% latex from the rubber treeThe last time I went mattress shopping for me and my husband, it took me just 10 minutes.  I went to a mattress store, felt overwhelmed, and chose something quickly to avoid the daunting process of deciding. After all, finding a good mattress couldn’t be that difficult if you just “stay in the middle” – middle price, medium firm –  right? Wrong! It’s two years later, my husband is going to the chiropractor and I am tired of waking up with wet hair in the night. We are busy parents and, at that time, I simply didn’t want the burden of mattress shopping.  And now I am searching for a new mattress, again. Based on the Eco Terra Mattress reviews I read online, this mattress is on my list. Let’s see if this Eco Terra bed is worthy of being on your mattress buying list!

Who knew my mattress shopping experience 2 years ago could have been so ill-informed and ill-chosen? This time will be different. Why? I objectively started my online search without mattress type being a factor, and since our mattress wasn’t that old, I certainly didn’t want to spend more money than necessary. So I’ve been reading a lot of mattress reviews online – and I mean a lot – and the Eco Terra Mattress reviews interested me.

The Pros & Cons

I don’t want to waste your time reading a blog post that you may think is irrelevant. So I am going to get straight into the pros and cons I picked from reading many Eco Terra Mattress reviews. You can then decide to read the post further. research, there truly weren’t many cons worth bringing up. I couldn’t find real patterns of complaints, and some of the lower ratings seemed to simply be the preference of the buyer. The following chart points out the most prominent pros and cons.

I couldn’t find any real patterns of complaints about the Eco Terra bed or the company. Some of the lower ratings seemed to simply be the preference of the buyer – things like they found it too soft or too hard but there was nothing consistent. The following chart points out the most prominent pros and cons.

The most prominent pros and cons appear below.

From the Eco Terra mattress reviews - the pros and cons

Source: Eco Terra mattress reviews


Don’t Rush It!

As I was searching for a new mattress, I didn’t realize how unhealthy a mattress could be.


Mold and mildew?  

The flame-retardant and mildew resistant chemicals used to treat mattresses release toxins that you can breathe in while you sleep. If you have 5 mattresses in the house like we have, all those toxins are contributing to poorer air quality in our home that 4 children and 2 adults are inhaling continuously. 

You probably feel just as overwhelmed as I was! So let me help you. I will keep what I found out about the Eco Terra bed unbiased and useful so you can save time, make an informed decision and know your money is being spent well – all the while maintaining a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for your sleep and overall well-being. It can be done.

It can be done.

Here’s my biggest tip – don’t rush through what can be a life-changing decision! That’s what I did.

Initially, we liked the sound of the Eco Terra Luxury Latex mattress because it was a healthier mattress than our current sweat memory foam.We could also choose the King size from amongst the Twin, Twin X-Large, Queen and California King. We liked that Eco Terra offered a free 90-Night Trial, so we could return it if the mattress didn’t suit us.

Eco Terra mattress sizes and weights

Helpful sizing chart, courtesy of Eco Terra Beds

Features of the Eco Terra Luxury Latex Mattress

The Eco Terra latex mattress is considered a hybrid mattress. This means it’s not 100% latex but rather, a combination of natural materials and fabric encased pocket coils. Here are a few more overall features for you:

  • 100% Hypoallergenic, plant-derived
  • No fillers, no harsh irritants or chemicals
  • No odors or chemical off-gassing
  • Naturally antimicrobial and dust mite resistant
  • Eco-friendly fire barrier
  • 25% cooler than memory foam
  • Hand-made in the USA
  • Firmness rated medium
  • Quantum coils go right to the edge of the bed
  • Soft, certified organic cotton fabric cover (quilted)
  • Minimized motion disturbance – yet buoyant
  • Eliminates pressure points
  • Good for back pain sufferers
  • Fits most sleepers – front, back and side sleepers
  • Ships rolled in a box – no assembly needed
  • 90-Night free trial. Free return and pick-up within the trial period
  • 15-year warranty

Benefits Sourced from Real Eco Terra Mattress Reviews

With the recommended average of 8 hours of sleep per night for most adults, plus however many hours added for watching movies and reading in bed, having a healthy and long lasting mattress is a priority.   

A Healthier You

100% natural latex foam means that there are no fillers and no blends. The latex top layer is plant-derived and 100% hypoallergenic. Every layer is optimized for maximum pressure relief and responds to the contour of your body. But unlike the sinking feeling you get when you get into a memory foam mattress, latex has a buoyant feeling. That bounce has the support you need for a restful night’s sleep.

One of the first things we talk about as a family in the morning is if we all slept well and if we had any dreams to share. I often wondered why we adopted this morning routine. I guess I wanted to gauge how everyone’s mood will be throughout the day so I knew what to expect. When you get a good night’s sleep, it doesn’t just aid in your physical health, it also promotes healthier intellectual and emotional health.  You feel happier, you’re more productive, less hungry and you won’t get sick as often.

The mattress cover is made from soft, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton that is hypoallergenic. It doesn’t have harsh dyes and chemicals that may cause irritation and is breathable for top layer comfort while you sleep.  As I was sifting through all the Eco Terra Mattress reviews, one person indicated the “top was soft – softer than sheets.”

The Durability You Want

The 100% natural latex is harvested from the sap of the Hevea brasilienesis rubber tree and is very resilient.

Underneath the top layer of latex is fabric-encased isolated coils that also help the mattress last longer.

The Safety You Expect

Eco Terra does not use chemical flame retardants in their mattresses.

The mattress is covered in a cotton knit thread. Cotton threads do not catch fire.

Eco Terra also use a fire barrier similar to what’s used to make children’s pajamas safe. It’s made from hydrated silica and plant cellulose fibers that meet federal and state flammability requirements.

What makes Eco Terra Different?

A few facts that make this mattress stand out a little more than the others:

  • It is 25% cooler than memory foam.
  • It is made with pure and natural Dunlop latex – not synthetic petroleum-based latex; not blended latex. Unlike memory foam, latex responds instantaneously to movement making it easier to change positions and get off the bed.
  • Some mattresses skimp on support around the edges to cut down on production costs. Not the Eco Terra. The edges have support all the way to the end from the fabric-encased Quantum coils. This helps when you are sitting on the edge of the bed putting your shoes on.

  • It’s kinda standard for mattress companies to offer a 10 year warranty. But the warranty for the Eco Terra mattress is 15 years. Even though the warranty is honored to original purchasers only (and I can understand why), the company trusts their manufacturing process enough to not fail before this time is up and will repair whatever layer needs repairing, if it has been through proper use.
  • It fits all standard adjustable beds.
  • It has one side only so flipping your mattress isn’t necessary.

How Eco Terra Mattresses Are Made

The experts who design, engineer and manufacture the Eco Terra mattress, created it to provide the optimal sleep experience. It is made-up of three layers that work together to provide 11 inches of total support that responds to the contours of your body.

1. The cover

The Eco Terra mattress has a thin internal quilt backing of super soft foam on the organic cotton cover for added comfort.

2. Latex Layer

The 2.5-inch layer of natural latex reduces the uncomfortable feeling of resistance at your pressure points and provides a lift to keep your spine in alignment without the dense foam. It is proven sleep system that promotes REM for the deep, restorative sleep you need. It is also GreenGuard Gold certified against any harmful chemicals and 26% more durable than foam.

3. The Calibrated Coils

A special calibration to each of the fabric-encased coils minimizes motion transfer and prevents you from being disturbed by your partners’ movement. This is what also helps eliminate the painful pressure points you feel and makes it comfortable to sleep in any position.

Can You Trust Eco Terra?

Whenever I make an important purchase, like buying a mattress, there are certain qualities in a company that can make or break my buying decision.

These qualities are:

  1. Consistency in the product manufacturing;
  2. Customer service; and 
  3. Quality vs. cost.

The Eco Terra company has proven to be a trust-worthy company by these standards and more. They are available to call 9am-9pm PST, 7 days a week, you can chat with a representative online, and ordering is simple and fast.

Accessories For The Eco Terra Mattress

It is recommended you use a strong and supportive foundation for the Eco Terra. The King size, especially, weighs 127 lbs.

The company recommends:

  • A foundation and box spring
  • A flat platform 
  • A slatted base with strong slat no more than 3 inches apart
  • Adjustable base.

What to place your Eco Terra mattress on for best support

Source: Eco Terra Beds website

Alternatives Available

If you still feel that the Eco Terra latex mattress is not right for you, consider the following alternatives:

Final Thoughts

Based on the Eco Terra reviews I read, this 11 inch King-size latex mattress is a safe and sound choice for the environment and your families’ overall health and comfort. They are constructed with high-quality organic materials that don’t contain

This mattress is constructed with high-quality organic materials that don’t contain toxins and provide the comfort and relief that comes from a superior mattress. It is a healthier alternative to memory foam and is more comfortable, if you sleep hot.

Even though Amazon sells this mattress at a lower price, there is a $100 off coupon on the Eco Terra website that makes up for any price difference. And the 90-Night trial is only available if you order directly from the company – it is 30-Nights on Amazon. Test it out and see if it’s right for you!