The Complete Collection of Leesa Bed Reviews – the Best Bed In A Box?

Leesa bed review

In their quest for the perfect sleep at night, most people turn to the biggest, most established brand names first. It’s only natural, I suppose. But there are other options you may want to consider. I’ve looked at alot of Leesa Bed reviews to provide you with an in-depth look at one of the most well-known and popular bed in a box.

There are thousands of Leesa Bed reviews online. Would you prefer to read those review or leave that to me….mmmm…I thought so. Let me do the heavy lifting for you so that you can work out if the Lessa mattress is for you.


Foam-based beds, like the Leesa bed, is a significant shift from the “old-school” standard of box spring and mattress set. You won’t have to lug home a Leesa mattress strapped to the top of your car, hoping and praying that it stays there. And getting it inside and set in place on your bed frame is a whole lot easier too.

But is the Leesa the best bed in a box you can buy?

If you choose a Leesa mattress and it proves (for whatever reason) to not be a good fit for you – you have a full 100 days to arrange pick-up and return and get a 100% refund of your purchase price. It’s pretty much a hassle-free experience to give a Leesa mattress a try. Now let’s dig into what I’ve found from all the Lessa Bed reviews I’ve seen online and find out if a Lessa mattress will meet your needs and give you that vitally important restful sleep that we all crave for.

What is a Leesa Mattress?

The Leesa mattress is a triple-layered foam mattress wrapped in a single piece of stylishly striped fire-resistant fabric which acts as a cover. When described it in its most basic terms – it doesn’t sound like much, does it? However, to create the sleeping experience that buyers are raving about took lots of engineering and testing to get right. Are buyers truly raving about this mattress? 

Meet Dave Pinke from Brooklyn, NY. He bought a Leeesa mattress. Here is David’s genuine review just after his Leesa mattress was delivered (after dragging 2 stories up to his apartment!).

Three months later after sleeping on his Leesa mattress with his dog and girlfriend (that is his order of words, not mine!), here is Dave’s second real review.

Take a look at the latest Amazon reviews of the Leesa mattress here

Let’s briefly look at each layer of the Leesa bed.

Layer Upon Layer

Layer Number 1: Two inches of Avena Foam

Some say the Avena layer represents the real breakthrough in comfort that separates the Leesa mattress from most other mattresses. Later in this post, I will be comparing other well-known mattresses with the Lessa mattress – Purple vs. Leesa, Leesa mattress vs Casper and Leesa vs. Helix – based on all the Lessa Bed reviews I’ve read.

Avena foam provides added support while at the same time, just the right amount of flexibility and balance without absorbing heat the way memory foam does when in direct contact with the body.

Layer Number 2: The middle layer is made from memory foam

Some say the Avena layer represents the real breakthrough in comfort that separates the Leesa mattress from most other mattresses. Later in this post, I will be comparing other well-known mattresses with the Lessa mattress – Purple vs. Leesa, Leesa mattress vs Casper and Leesa vs. Helix – based on all the Lessa Bed reviews I’ve read.

Layer Number 2: The middle layer is made from memory foam

If you’ve ever experienced the sensation of plush memory foam, you know how unforgettable that feeling is. It’s soft, cushiony comfort that envelops your body as you sink into its warm embrace. The problem with most memory foam applications is that it sits directly on top of the bed and therefore makes the bed excessively soft for some sleepers, though just right for others.

But this is another design element that separates the Leesa from typical mattresses with memory foam toppers.

On the Leesa mattress, you get to experience that same pillow-like softness memory foam is known for. But in this case, it is sandwiched between the other layers of foam. Built this way, you get much more support. But at the same time, you also get to experience the cushioning benefits of memory foam.

What kind of support? Set two inches below the top surface, the memory foam component of the Leesa provides that distinct cloud-like comfort that contours to the body and delivers pressure relief. But since it is underneath the layer of Avena foam, you get the comfort advantage without the typical heat absorption that can make sleeping uncomfortable at times.

Does the memory foam give off that off-gassing odor? I will answer this question later in my Leesa mattress review.

Layer Number 3: The bottom layer is the core

With a solid, 6-inch core as it’s base, the Leesa has a dense core foam as its foundation. This base layer provides structure, durability and strength for all kinds of sleepers up to about 300 pounds in weight. For heavier folks, you’ll probably need to look at the more traditional type of bed – specifically a heavier-duty box spring and mattress set.

This foundational base layer of foam delivers a level of firmness that most would consider somewhere between a six and an eight on a scale of one to ten, where ten represents maximum firmness.

Why Is Mattress Construction So Important?

How a mattress is built is important for a couple of reasons:

  1. Materials used in various thicknesses and how they are layered in the construction of a mattress can profoundly impact the results. You want a full night of restful sleep every night so you can face each day and be the best you can be. That kind of peaceful sleep can only come when you have adequate support and comfort from your mattress. What you’re sleeping on either aids or impairs your sleep experience.
  2. When you sleep, you could be exposed to any materials used in the construction – particularly towards the top of the mattress. If you’re a stomach sleeper, you could be breathing in dangerously toxic chemicals. It’s important to know what products have gone into something that you’ll be spending a third of your life on.

Feature Overview Summarized From Thousands of Leesa Bed Reviews

  • Made for back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers – and for those who move from position to position throughout the night
  • Good for average-sized adults, teenagers, children and even toddlers
  • All standard sizes are available to order
  • Each mattress is built as it’s ordered and shipped direct to the consumer from the factory
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • It’s hypoallergenic, so it’s unlikely to cause an allergic reaction
  • The cover and top layer allow air flow, providing a cooler, more comfortable sleep
  • Overall thickness of the Leesa is 10 inches – with a 6 inch dense base, 2 inches of memory foam and a 2 inch layer of Aveena foam on top
  • Zippered cover is removable, though spot cleaning with a mild detergent and warm water is recommended
  • 100% designed and manufactured in the U.S.A – you can’t get any more “American-made” than Leesa
  • 10 year warranty — 100-day free trial period — and FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental U.S.

Who Is The Leesa Mattress For?

Surprisingly, from all the Leesa Bed review I’ve read, the Leesa is designed for virtually all types of sleepers.

It also appeals to folks of any age.  This includes adults of all sizes and shapes, children – even toddlers too. That’s just not some marketing ploy to reach out to a wider customer base. It’s a claim that’s based on the simple design of the Leesa mattress – the result of hundreds of hours of testing and adaptation based on 30 years of experience in the mattress industry.

With the extensive testing and endless feedback received, the Leesa has evolved into a mattress engineered for widespread appeal. Leesa describes its product as having Universal Adaptive Feel™ – designed with one simple goal in mind and that is to help people sleep better.

The result is a beautiful looking mattress that’s simple, yet sophisticated. It’s well-crafted with quality materials and the outer cover puts a finishing touch of design to the piece that is stylish yet practical. But once you add a mattress cover, sheets and blankets, you won’t get to enjoy this feature very often – at least not from a visual perspective.

It’s well-crafted with quality materials and the outer cover puts a finishing touch of design to the piece that is stylish yet practical. But once you add a mattress cover, sheets and blankets, you won’t get to enjoy this cover feature very often – at least not from a visual perspective.

Like any foam mattress, it may not be suitable for you if you weigh more than 300 pounds. I did find Leesa mattress reviews online where the user was heavier than this stated limit. However, Leesa themselves do not recommend it and who knows how long the product would last when you exceed those suggested limits.

What Triggered The Creation of the Leesa Mattress?

The need for sleep

The concept of the Leesa came about because the people behind the company had trouble sleeping. After trying a wide variety of solutions available in the marketplace without much satisfaction, the idea seed was planted.

Leesa mattress reviews

David Wolfe, CEO of Leesa, Source

A better experience

The founders of the company also wanted to change the mattress buying experience from one where you check out various beds while a salesman hovers over you to one where you can simply buy online from the comfort of home. Ordering online is far more convenient than shopping in a big box or mattress store.

Leesa mattress

Image source

Thanks to technology, the Leesa is compressed and boxed into a carton that’s of manageable size, considering how large mattresses are. This means it can be shipped direct to your door at a price that’s more affordable for the manufacturer. That’s how Leesa is able to offer free delivery right across the country.


The founders of the Leesa mattress company set out with the goal of reinventing the sleeping experience to make it more satisfying overall.  With a focus on simplicity – both from a design and shopping standpoint – Leesa has clearly made an impact on the market and developed a legion of fans in the process. Not only have they helped redesign the typical mattress and positively impact the sleep experience of thousands of people, but they’ve also changed how we shop for a sleep solution. And people have been positively impacted across the world with The United States, Canada, and the UK singing its praises.

If you would like to read more about Leesa mattress company, have a read of this article which reviews all the online mattress retailers online now.

Can I Return It If I Don’t Like It?

Leesa offers a 100-day trial. Choose the size of mattress you want and they’ll build it within days, then ship it out to you directly to your door at no additional cost. This way you can actually try it out in the real world of your home to get an accurate assessment of how it performs for you.

From the online Leesa Bed reviews I read, most people love their Leesa’s and do not return them. To a lesser extent – as revealed by some of the Leesa mattress reviews we found – this mattress just is not a perfect fit for everybody. In that case, you simply notify the manufacturer and arrange for them to pick up the mattress and give you a full, 100% refund.

It’s a hassle-free way to put the Leesa mattress to the test.

Either it works for you – or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t help you get a more restful and rejuvenating sleep, just return it.

Giving this mattress a try would involve sleeping on it for a few weeks at the minimum – not one or two nights. It takes your body time to adjust to a foam mattress if all you’ve used before is the old standard type of bed.

What Sizes Are Available?

You can buy a Leesa mattress from a range of sizes.

  • Twin Size –  39 inches x 75 inches x 10 inches – Weight = 45 pounds
  • Twin XL Size – 39 inches  x 80 inches x 10 inches – Weight = 48 pounds
  • Full Size – 54 inches x 75 inches x 10 inches – Weight = 56 pounds
  • Queen Size – 60 inches x 80 inches x 10 inches – Weight = 71 pounds
  • King Size – 76 inches x 80 inches x 10 inches – Weight = 90 pounds
  • California King Size (longest standard mattress) – 72 inches x 84 inches x 10 inches – Weight = 92 pounds

For the purposes of this Leesa mattress review, I have been focussing mostly on the queen-size model.

Is This Mattress Safe?

The minds behind the Leesa mattress weren’t merely satisfied with enhancing our sleep experience. It looks to me that somewhere along the line, these guys recognized that what a lot of people ultimately want is to enjoy greater peace of mind.

A good night’s sleep is vital to optimum health and well-being. But are all mattresses actually healthy for people to sleep on?

Leesa has made a great effort to carefully select materials used to maximize safety concerns.

Leesa boasts a CertiPUR-US® – certification. What this means is that the Leesa is made without harmful formaldehyde, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. There are no PBDE flame retardant materials added in either. There are no ozone layer damaging chemicals are used either. Overall, this mattress has low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions at 0.5 parts per million. This is important in maintaining a relatively healthy indoor air quality.

Why should you be concerned about the safety in your mattress? Read my article called “The 7 Hazards Inside Your Mattress You Should Have Known About“.

Have you got allergies? Good news! The Lessa mattress is also hypoallergenic.

Does This Mattress Have Odor Issues Like Most Normal Memory Foam Mattresses??

This mattress looks like any other mattress on the market. But the truth is, plenty of thorough testing and adaptation has gone into it. The result is a combination of foam layers that provide core strength relief from pressure points as well as having adequate bounce and a cool sleeping experience.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver My Leesa Mattress?

When you place your order to buy online at, it’s received at the Leesa factory.

Unlike the mass produced models of yesteryear, Leesa produces your mattress as the order is received.

The factory requires 3 to 5 business days to build, compress and package the mattress before they can ship it out to you.

What’s the Delivery Experience Like?

Your Leesa mattress is shipped directly to your home in a relatively compact carton box.

For Twin, Twin XL, Full, and Queen mattress sizes, the shipping box measures 15 inches by 15 inches by 45 inches.

For King and California King sizes – the box is a little bigger at 18 inches by 18 inches by 45 inches.

Deliveries are done by UPS ground transportation. From the Leesa mattress reviews, I saw online, delivery times can vary. Delivery can be anywhere from 1 to 5 business days – depending on your exact location.

Leesa Supports Social Causes Like Homelessness

Leesa is a leading-edge mattress company with a strong social conscience. Not only do they consider carefully the materials used in their mattresses from a safety standpoint, they also do their part to make a significant contribution in other ways. Most notable among these initiatives is that Leesa donates one mattress to homeless shelters for every ten mattresses it sells.

How Does This Mattress Compare To Others?

There are several other brands of foam-based mattresses in addition to the Leesa mattress. While the overall concept is similar, there are some distinct differences you should know about before settling on any one of these mattresses. This next section in my Leesa mattress review will take a look at some of the most frequently compared brands I have summarised what I’ve found out from investigating many of the Leesa Bed reviews online.

Purple vs Leesa Mattress
How does Purple vs Lessa mattress compare?

Both the Leesa and the Purple are composed of three separate layers of foam.

The materials and thicknesses of each layer, however, are distinctly different. 

Purple vs Leesa, the Purple mattress uses two layers of polyurethane foam for its bottom and middle layers compared to the Lessa mattress which uses memory foam for the middle layer and dense core foam at the bottom.

Purple vs Leesa, the thickness of the bottom and middle layers differ as well: 4 inches and 3.5 inches respectively for the Purple mattress and 6 inches and inches for the Lessa mattress.

Purple vs Leesa, both have top layers that are 2 inches thick.

Purple vs Leesa, the materials used in the top layer are very different. The Leesa mattress features the Avena foam while the Purple uses a combination of polymer and foam.

As far as overall thickness goes, Purple vs Leesa, the Leesa bed is slightly thicker and 10 inches, while the Purple mattress measures in at 9.5 inches thick.

When comparing Purple vs Leesa, the covers used are very similar. Both are soft, have considerable stretch to them in addition to their cooling capability. It’s also important to note that both covers are relatively thin.

Both the Leesa and Purple brand of mattress sits somewhere mid-range in terms of firmness. Users typically rate both between 6 and 7 out of the 10 – with 10 being the firmest possible.

Purple vs Leesa, both offer good support with minimal motion transfer. That’s something of interest to couples – particularly when one is a lighter sleeper and easily disturbed by movement.

More commonalities, Purple vs Leesa, warranties are 10 years each.

Both offer a 100-night free trial.

Both products are factory compressed to fit into a box for shipping.

Purple vs Leesa, each brand has its supporters, though it looks like Leesa scores a higher average mark overall in reviews.  

Purple vs Leesa, there’s a difference in price too. The Leesa mattress is a little more economical – with price savings ranging from about $50-$200 over the equivalent Purple mattress – depending on the size selected. So if you’re watching carefully what you spend, Leesa is calling your name.

Leesa Mattress vs Casper

Leesa mattress vs Casper,  Leesa has three layers of foam vs four in a Casper mattress.

The thickness of the memory foam layer, Leesa mattress vs Casper, is different 2 inches vs 1.5 inches.

As for overall thickness, Leesa mattress vs Casper, the Leesa is thicker at 10 inches, while the Casper measures 9.5 inches in total thickness.

Now comparing the cover of the mattress, Leesa mattress vs Casper,  Leesa’s elegantly designed top is just a single piece of fabric made from a blended fabric of polyester and lycra. The Casper is made of 100% polyester on top, while the side panels are made of a combination of polyester and polypropylene.

Leesa mattress vs Casper on firmness, there is no differenceBoth offer about the same level of firmness at about a 6 to 7 on the firmness scale.

Leesa mattress vs Casper on minimal motion transfer, there is no difference

Leesa mattress vs Casper on overall support provided, the Leesa edges out the Casper with its more stable and supportive foundation.

Leesa and Casper both offer a 10-year warranty and 100-day trial period.

Leesa mattress vs Casper prices are similar. Leesa comes in at a slight savings of anywhere from $25 to about $120 – depending on the size chosen.

Leesa Mattress vs Tempurpedic

Leesa mattress vs Tempurpedic, the Leesa mattress offers three levels of foam compared to the four layers Tempurpedic provides.

As for overall thickness, Leesa mattress vs Tempurpedic., the Tempur-pedic wins. It is 11.5 inch thick to Leesa’s 10 inches. Of all the mattresses we compared to the Leesa in this Leesa mattress review, the Tempurpedic was by far the thickest. But that doesn’t make it the best. “Best” is a subjective term. We aim to provide you with accurate information and assessments you’ll find useful.

In terms of firmness, Leesa mattress vs Tempurpedic, the Leesa tends to be a little more firm than the Tempurpedic.  A Leesa mattress comes in at a 6 to 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 representing maximum firmness),  whereas the Tempurpedic measures closer to a 5 to 6. When trying a Tempurpedic, I noticed myself sinking into the mattress much more than on a Purple or Leesa. But it’s really a matter of personal preference. Some people like soft – others prefer a firm mattress. Most like a combination of the two. I prefer a firmer mattress.

Some similarities for the Leesa mattress vs Tempurpedic:

  • Both offer very good support and minimal motion transfer;
  • Both offer a ten-year warranty;
  • Both offer a free trial period. Note, the Tempurpedic’s free trial may vary.

The biggest difference Leesa mattress vs Tempurpedic lies in the cost. A Tempurpedic mattress will set you back about three times as much as the Leesa. But compared to the Leesa mattress, is the Tempurpedic three times the bed? I don’t think so. If money’s no object, by all means, you should probably consider the Tempurpedic. But if you’re careful about where your money goes, you’ll want to consider a solid alternative like the Leesa.

Some people swear by their Tempurpedic bed. Others swear at it when they realize they could’ve purchased a Leesa instead for much, much less money!!! For most people, it’s best to start by testing a mattress that’s reasonably priced. If it gives you the kind of sleep you want – your search is over – and you saved some money. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations and desires, simply return it, within the free trial time period. of course.

If you are new to sleeping on a foam mattress, why not start by testing a mattress that’s reasonably priced? If it gives you the kind of sleep you want – your search is over – and you saved some money. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations and desires, simply return it, within the free trial time period. 

Leesa vs Helix

Our final comparison pits the Leesa against the Helix.

Leesa vs Helix, the Helix has more layers – four in total – compared to three layers in the Leesa mattress.

Leesa vs Helix, the materials used in the construction of each mattress are differentHelix makes each mattress as a “custom” order but you still get a combination of four layers of polyfoam and micro-coils totalling 10 inches thick.

Leesa vs Helix, both brands have top layers measuring two inches in thickness. The Leesa mattress has the Avena foam which is great for cool comfort and air flow. Helix uses a responsive poly foam that offers bounce and cooling. Both deliver on comfort.

Based on my research, in terms of the top cover, Leesa vs Helix, Leesa wins. Leesa’s cover is a blend of polyester and lycra with great stretch capability and breathability. Helix’s cover is 100% polyester that’s thin yet soft and offers adequate cooling.

Comparing the firmness of the two mattresses, Leesa vs Helix, the Leesa mattress is more firm. On a scale of 1 to 10 (where a 10 is extremely firm), the Helix measures anywhere from about a three up to a nine. That’s a very wide range!!! Fortunately, the Leesa firmness range is more narrow between a 6 to 7.

Some similarities Leesa vs Helix:

  • Both mattresses measure 10 inches in total thickness;
  • Motion transfer is minimal, That’s one of the huge advantages of switching from a regular mattress to a foam mattress;
  • 10 year warranty;
  • 100 day trial
  • Get compressed and shipped in a box to you;
  • Prices between these two brands are virtually identical. The biggest factor in determining between the two comes down to your preference in firmness;

The buying process at Helix begins with a quiz that asks you about your body size and sleep preferences. If you’re confident that your responses will result in a customized mattress that gives you the best possible sleep experience, then that may be the way to go. But my guess is that this is a hit or miss proposition. For my money, I’d go with something that’s more of a sure thing.

Pros of the Leesa Mattress

When you look at the online Leesa Bed reviews, it’s easy to see that overall, the Leesa mattress delivers a quality experience for the most part. What buyers frequently mention about their Leesa bed is that it enables a cooler and therefore more comfortable sleeping experience. Yet, despite the comfort it provides, the Leesa is surprisingly firm and supportive.

The Leesa consistently delivers a comfortable sleep. Many users report great results over six months up to a couple of years of constant use. Beyond that, there’s not much of a track record, since this is a relatively new company. But overwhelmingly, buyers are confident that their purchases will last for many years to come.

The fact that these mattresses are hypoallergenic is another advantage that should put it on the radar of those who suffer from the discomfort of allergies. It’s also good to know that the materials used by this manufacturer are safer than other companies selling foam mattresses. Instead of treating the mattress with a fire-retardant spray (undoubtedly loaded with toxins), Leesa chose materials that are inherently fire-retardant, eliminating the need for any chemical treatment of any kind.

Here’s one hidden advantage of the Leesa you may not have heard before. This mattress seems to help alleviate those aches and pains so many of us feel as we get older, or as a result of injury.  Numerous users from the online Leesa Bed reviews I read, have reported finding comfortable relief from a variety of pains like herniated discs, arthritis, and hip and knee pain.  Imagine waking up pain-free. There’s no guarantee, of course. But the potential the Leesa offers in this regard should make it well worth consideration for many adults.

Cons of the Leesa Mattress

The one complaint echoed frequently was the new mattress smell that arrived with the Leesa mattress.

For some buyers, it was undetectable.

For most, there was an odor, as there often is with a plastics-based factory product. It usually goes away within hours with the help of an open window or quality air purifier.

Other buyers in their Leesa Bed reviews, said it took days, or weeks to get rid of the “chemical smell”.

For those people who are especially sensitive – this mattress could be problematic. 

Since the company has only been around for a few years, this product is largely untested over the long haul. While it’s guaranteed for 10 years, the Leesa mattress hasn’t been in existence for that long. While all indications are that it will hold up well for years, there’s no concrete proof just yet. 

Michael Phelps Is The Leesa Sleep Ambassador

Regardless of whether you are a busy mom, a stressed corporate executive or an Olympian Gold medallist like Michael Phelps, we ALL need good sleep to function well during the day and to live a long life. Michael is the Leesa Mattress Sleep Ambassador. Here’s what he had to say about sleep recently in an interview with CNBC:

“Sleep is very important. I get at least 7-8 hours sleep each night. Imagine your body is a car. You want the best food. You want the best rest. The best recovery. All of this so your mind and body works the right way, People just don’t pay as much attention to sleep”


Leesa mattress reviews

Michael Phelps – Most Awarded Olympic medalist. Source

Michael Phelps isn’t the only famous athlete that needs alot of sleep. LeBron James has said sleep is one of the secrets to his success. Tom Brady goes to bed at 9pm each night.

Final Verdict

It looks to me that the Leesa is a winner – one that’s here to stay.

It’s a solid product with a growing list of delighted customers.

It’s also an affordable solution that provides comfort, stability and just the right amount of “hug”. There are no pressure points or annoying surface areas like buttons or beading. Across the entire span, you get a comfortable cushion with just the right support to rest your weary bones – night after night.

You can order your Leesa mattress anytime 24/7 by clicking here.

Within approximately two weeks, you’ll have your new mattress delivered to your door.

You can be set up just about anywhere. All that’s required is a flat base. That means a box foundation, slats, Bunkie board – heck, even the floor will do. It’s the mattress that makes the difference. So if you want to enjoy a more restful sleep – I heartily recommend getting a Leesa.

It’s the mattress that makes the difference. So if you want to enjoy a more restful sleep – I heartily recommend getting a Leesa.


Click here to find out if there is are discounts running on the Leesa mattress now