5 Reasons Safety Comes First – My Lotus Bassinet Review

lotus bassinet review

As you lay your newborn baby to sleep in their bassinet, how confident are that it’s safe? There are 5 reasons safety should come first in your decision to buy a bassinet. Read my Lotus Bassinet review to find out if this bassinet is up to scratch on the safety front and it is suitable for your newborn.. 

Pros and Cons of the Lotus Bassinet

Pros Cons
When you fold it all up, it converts into a backpack. This is only a bassinet and not a crib.  Most infants outgrow it within a few months.
Sturdy and well made. Weight limit of 18 pounds for sleeping
Mesh sides allowing you to see in and provide good airflow Not a co-sleeper
Easy to setup and clean You can’t remove the mattress cover.
Can convert into a travel crib

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5 Reasons Safety Comes First

Here are the 5 key precautions when considering the safety aspects on a bassinet:

  1. Consider if the bassinet provides a healthy non-toxic sleep environment. No PBE or PBDE Flame Retardants. No phthalates. No lead.
  2. Ensure your baby does not overheat. Overheating can make your baby restless (so they can’t sleep), uncomfortable with heat rash and increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS; 
  3. Make sure your bassinet has enough headspace for your baby to scootch around.  If your baby is to tightly squeezed into the space, they could hurt themselves.
  4. Can you see what your baby is up to without having to go and stand over it? Some bassinents have solid fabric covering the sides which means you can’t see your baby.
  5. How sturdy is it? If you are packing up your bassinet and moving it from place to place and often, you need to be confident that it will remain study during setup and pack up and during transportation too.

lotus bassinet

Image source: Used with the kind permission of the Guava Family, manufacturers of the Lotus Bassinet

Lotus Bassinet Key Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Folds down into a backpack Very easy to carry
Rock your infant  Easier to get your baby off to sleep
Fits on as carry-on luggage Great for travelling
The mesh sides provide good airflow a good view at your baby Very safe
Quick and easy setup. Some reviewers swear that it’s under a minute. Guava Family says it can be done in 15 seconds on their website. Convenient to move around
Unzip the bassinet cover and wash it in your washing machine. Easy to clean. Wipe up any spills for a quick cleaning.

The base has a smooth rocking motion that’s easy to get started with one hand while you’re snoozing in your bed. 

  • Total Weight – 11 lbs 
  • Dimensions are 25.5″H x 47.9″L x 32.1″W

The good news is that there is a kit that you can use to convert the Lotus Bassinet into the Lotus Everywhere Crib. That ensures you can keep using it for a few years afterward as there’s no weight limit on the mattress when it’s being used as a crib.

Who Is Best Suited To Use A Lotus Bassinet?

Bassinets are used for the newborn babies. Most families put the bassinet right next to the bed. That way, the infant is only an arm’s reach away. The first few weeks are quite an adjustment and most babies want to be fed every few hours.

Bassinets are smaller than a crib and usually have solid sides instead of rails.

Sleeper Profile

Feature Description
Sleeper type Safe for infants
Sleeper age Ages 0 to 3 months
Sleeper needs Firm mattress so the infant lays on top of it without sinking in
Sizes Infant

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Bassinet Safe To Sleep On?

The Lotus Bassinet is Greenguard GOLD certified. That means it meets a strict Federal standard for low-chemical emissions.

The Lotus Bassinet meets all required safety standards including 16 CFR 1218 / ASTM F2194 – US Federal Standard for Bassinets and 16 CFR 1221 / ASTM F406-13 – US Federal Standard for Play Yards and the Consumer Product Safety Information Act (H.R. 2020 / CPSIA 2008) (whew, that’s a mouthful….but it’s very safe).

Guava Family is able to meet all flammability standards on the Lotus Bassinet without using any chemical flame retardants.

It does not contain phthalates or lead.

Is The Bassinet Construction Up To Scratch?

An infant mattress has very different considerations than an adult mattress.

An infant mattress needs to be very firm (like a 10 out of 10) to keep the baby from accidentally suffocating from any folds that may show up in a softer mattress.

Layer Thickness Layer name Description Benefit
Cover n/a Cover 100% waterproof cover Waterproof and easy to clean. It is not removable for safety reasons.
Base 10 inch Main Layer Firm core Keeps the baby on a firm and safe mattress.
Total Thickness 10 inches

Table 1 The mattress construction – Lotus

Can you try before you buy?

Guava Family offers a 30-day Free Return policy.


There is a 1 year warranty against defects.

If you have any questions, you should call or email the company and ask. They say they are very committed to great customer service.

Does This Mattress Represent Value For Money?

The Lotus bassinet allows you to keep your child close by in a healthy and earth-friendly environment.

Can You Trust Guava Family?

Guava Family has been in business since around 2010. They are based in San Marino, California. The Lotus Bassinet is manufactured in China. They are not listed in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) nor are they on TrustPilot.

What Else Can You Buy Besides the Sleep Mattress?

You can purchase a conversion kit to turn the bassinet into a crib that’s easy to bring along when traveling. It will even fit as a carry-on if you’re flying.

Guava Family also sells sheets, quilted mattress pads, and accessories like a sun shade and a mosquito net. The mattress pads and accessories only work with if you convert the Lotus Bassinet into the Travel Anywhere Crib.

Are they safe for infants?

There are no chemicals used for flame retardants yet Guava Family ensured that the Lotus Bassinet meets all required safety standards including:

  • ASTM F2194: US federal standard for Bassinets
  • Consumer Product Safety Information Act (CPSIA 2008).

Is the Lotus Bassinet mattress toxic?

No. All the latex is GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL Environment. They also don’t use any glue. And all of the materials are all natural and sustainably sourced.

What is the Lotus return experience like?

You would email Guava Family the order ID and reason for returning. Then they will send you a prepaid return label.

Then you put the item back into its box and send it back. Once they receive it, they’ll credit your account.

So, three things to remember are to keep your order ID and keep the original box. Then when you send it back, make sure you keep the tracking number handy so you can verify when it arrives.

Looking For a Crib Mattress Too?

Being a new parent can be very overwhelming. Being the mother of 2 little one, I remember this very well.

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Final Words

If you want a bassinet, the Lotus Bassinet is the one you should choose.  It’s very easy to set up. You can easily take it down and fold it up into a backpack. That allows you to go visiting friends and relatives more easily and ensure that you have a safe place for your baby to sleep.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Lotus Bassinet review and that you found it useful.

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Full Disclosure: When you click on a link in the post, and it takes you to buy a mattress on Amazon.com, we receive a commission for referring you to that page. This is done at no cost to you. We appreciate you buying your mattress and bedding from us based on our recommendations.