Naturepedic Chorus Mattress Reviews

naturepedic chorus mattress reviewsForget scouring the ‘net for all the Naturepedic Chorus Mattress reviews you can find. I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you and compiled all those reviews into one mega-review for you. I am passionate about seeking out healthier mattresses and bedding – low in toxins and chemicals plus made with materials that are natural, organic, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. Do I consider the Naturepedic Chorus mattress healthy? Does it provide the right amount of the support and comfort because that’s important too, right? Let’s find out.


If you’re like me, you’re concerned about toxic chemicals, off-gassing, and allergens in your bed. A lot of mattresses have a dirty secret – they contain chemicals that are suspected carcinogens, are known to be toxic to our health (e.g. formaldehyde, common fire retardants). These chemicals can lower the quality of the air we breathe in each night and impact our skin. This is what Mother Jones said in the article “Should I Ditch My Chemical Mattress?”

toxins in mattresses

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You even need to be skeptical about mattresses made with so-called “natural’ and “organic” materials.

natural and organic mattresses

Source: – an independent not-for-profit organization that does evidence-based product testing on consumer products

The solution is to find a mattress company that sources certified organic materials and constructs them responsibly.

Naturepedic is a company committed to a high level of standards with their organic materials and American made craftsmanship. Let’s see how the Chorus stacks up based on all the Naturepedic Chorus reviews I read.

What I Found Out From The Naturepedic Chorus Mattress Reviews

A good product review tells the good and the bad aspects of a product. So let me start with the pros and cons.  


The smell

In some Naturepedic Chorus reviews, people felt there was an odd smell for a few weeks after they received it. One reviewer felt it smelled oily. Since the cotton is organic and natural, and they don’t use chemicals to strip the oil, it may well smell that way at first. Naturepedic encouraged this reviewer to contact them to see what they could do.

One other reviewer felt it smelled like uncooked rice with herbs. She needed to leave the mattress out to be aired out for a week. She was never able to get the smell to go away completely after 5 months. Her workaround was to use many layers of mattress covers and sheets.


And just to show you that mattress firmness is completely personal, some felt it was too hard, and others felt it was too soft.


One of the most consistent features written about in the Naturepedic Chorus mattress reviews is that it is completely natural, fully organic, non-toxic and handcrafted in the USA by Amish in Ohio.

What are the Key Features You Need to Know About

The Chorus is a unique mattress. It uses layers like foam mattresses to provide support with body temperature maintenance. But it uses only organic material.

What’s really cool is that the Chorus has a layer of micro coils over premium encased coils for a firm structure that allows for your pressure points to be cradled in comfortable cotton.

Its organic design eliminates the need for flame retardant chemicals and chemical flame barriers while still meeting all federal and state flammability standards. That’s right. No chemicals at all.

Finally, the PLA comfort layer adds resiliency and improved moisture wicking. Their PLA is a plant-based material made from non-GMO potatoes and does not contain or off-gas harmful chemicals. 

Naturepedic Chorus reviews

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Why Is This Mattress Different?

When you read Naturepedic Chorus mattress reviews, they all mention one thing: how they use all natural and organic cotton. Naturepedic buys their cotton directly from USDA-certified sources. This is important because it is healthier for you and for the environment.  There are no non-toxic emissions. Additionally, cotton is a renewable resource.

Some people feel that regular cotton is just as good as organic, if not better because you can obtain more fiber for less water.  However, organic farming doesn’t use the pesticides and herbicides which can contaminate water, soil and the air. Some people are very sensitive to environmental chemicals.

Additionally, organic cotton uses less energy, produces fewer greenhouse gases and even improves the soil quality.  This allows biodiversity with critters like earthworms and pollinating insects like bees and butterflies.

How Can The Materials Inside This Mattress Benefit Your Health?

This mattress was created to provide the least toxic mattress on the market. It’s constructed with certified organic cotton that is only U.S. grown. There is also certified organic wool to provide natural fire protection and temperature regulation.

There are no questionable chemicals used in the making of this mattress.  So you can sleep easier knowing you’re on a completely natural mattress.

How versatile is this mattress?

Mattress sizes

The Naturepedic Chorus comes in standard mattress sizes: Twin, Twin XL, double, queen, king, California king. The mattress is single sided. You will need to ensure the quilted surface is facing up.

How can you support your Chorus mattress?

There is an adjustable bed base that you can purchase from them. Naturepedic also sells what they call “Foundations.” The foundation is made with organic cotton fabric and batting and wood that is responsibly sourced. It provides balanced support for your mattress and can be placed on a frame or on the floor.  It’s rigid, so it won’t work on their adjustable bed base.

You can also support the Chorus on a platform bed frame. If there are slats, they should be no more than 2-3” apart.

How Supportive Is The Naturepedic Chorus Mattress?

Why is mattress construction so important?

A mattress like the Naturepedic Chorus is made from many layers to provide comfort and long lasting support. The company has also looked into the design to have better temperature regulation (warm in winter and cool in summer). The coils provide proper spine alignment and give the mattress a slightly bouncy feel.

Layer Thickness Layer name Description Benefit
1 Top n/a Cover Organic Cotton Fabric & Filling Keep clean and very soft to the touch
2 Middle n/a Batting Organic Wool Batting Natural fire protection and better temperature regulation
3 Bottom n/a PLA Comfort Layer Plant-based material used to add resiliency and improved moisture wicking More comfortable night’s sleep
4 Microcoils n/a High-Density Microcoils Full-body-contouring comfort yet lightweight. Resists dents and bumps while providing comfortable pressure point relief, improved breathability and heat dissipation.
5 Encased Coils 8 inches Breathable Encased Coil Support Larger coils are individually wrapped providing bounce and support Additional yet different support from micro coils provides a more natural mattress feel
Total Thickness in Inches 10 inches
Table 1 The mattress construction

How much support is provided?

Most people in the Naturepedic Chorus Mattress reviews I read found this mattress to be medium firm or a 6 out of 10 in firmness.

How Does This Mattress Provide Better Comfort?

I hear you. Humans slept on hay covered by an organic cotton tick for millennia. So is all natural and organic comfortable? Yes. The smell is of natural cotton, and the multiple layers provide the right amount of firmness to keep your body comfortable. In other Naturepedic Chorus mattress reviews, the majority of people love the natural materials and feel they sleep better.

Why Does This Mattress Represent Value For Money?

You are purchasing a quality mattress for less than the industry leader without sacrificing anything. This mattress will seem more expensive than a foam mattress or a mattress made with natural materials. However, you’re purchasing a quality wool and cotton mattress with inner springs and no added chemicals that is fully certified by an independent third party.

Can You Trust Naturepedic?

Naturepedic is an American company based in Ohio. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What Is the Unboxing/Delivery Experience Like?

The Naturepedic Chorus arrives compressed and rolled up in a cardboard box. You want to use their included tool to cut through the plastic but not cut the mattress. There are two separate plastic wraps to be cut. The first keeps it in a tight jelly roll. The second keeps it flat and compressed. This allows you to unroll and line it up correctly as well as ensure the top is up. Then you cut off the plastic and the mattress expands quickly so it’s ready for you to sleep on at bedtime.

Can You Accessorize Your Mattress?

Naturepedic sells all natural and organic mattress pads, toppers, sheets, and pillows. They also offer an adjustable bed base.

Like your Chorus so much, you would like something similar for your baby? Check the Naturepedic Mattresses for babies.

What Alternative Mattresses Are Available?

Other Naturepedic mattresses

Naturepedic has three other mattresses to choose from for adults. They have separate lines for babies and kids. Their EOS line is the closest to the Chorus and is 12” instead of 9”. The difference is a thicker top comfort layer.

If you like the feel of a latex mattress, they have the EOS Trilux with three layers of 3” latex. There are a number of options to make this firmer or softer.

Other similar mattresses

Other Naturepedic Chorus mattress reviews mention two similar manufacturers: Soaring Heart and White Lotus. They are both closer to Japanese futons rather than a mattress. But both brands are made with natural cotton, and I wanted to be sure you knew about them.

Take a look at the My Green Mattress Pure Echo. It’s a coil spring with certified organic cotton. It’s 8 inches in height and has a firmness rating of 7 out of 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I replace my old mattress?

Before you go investing money on a new mattress, go through my 7 step process to first determine if it’s really time to replace your old mattress.

Can you try before you buy?

There is a 30-day money back guarantee if your order was placed directly with Naturepedic. If you choose not to keep it, you are responsible for the return shipping costs which may cost up to $400.

They have twelves stores in American and Canadian metro areas where you can see the mattresses and try them out in the showroom.  They will then ship you the mattress and accessories when you order.

How long is the warranty?

Naturepedic provides a ten-year limited warranty. They have prorated warranty coverage, so repairs could become expensive the older your mattress is.

Does Naturepedic remove your old mattress?

Naturepedic only removes old mattresses for a fee if you purchased an in-home assembly option. It’s not available for standard home delivery.

How you make a new mattress last a long time?

If you are investing money in a new mattress, you should know the 7 factors that will wear out your mattress.

One of those factors is keeping you mattress clean (watch video).

Is this mattress really naturally flame retardant?

Yes. It has passed all Federal standards for being safe. And they make baby and child mattresses which have stricter standards. The natural fibers are flame resistant, and the design with the cover and first layer snuffs out any flame that may happen to occur. But it’s

Final Words

Did you find this summary of Naturepedic Chorus Mattress reviews informative?

The Naturepedic Chorus mattress may at first seem more expensive, but in the end, you’re sleeping comfortably on a well made in America mattress full of organic materials that are helping make the Earth a happier and safer place. We highly recommend this mattress.