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Adults spend anywhere from 7-9 hours per day in their beds. Babies sleep even longer: between 10 and 16 hours every day asleep in their cribs (hopefully!). As a parent, this could raise questions in your mind about the safety of the mattress on which your baby is spending so much time. Questions like… What materials in a crib mattress are safe for my baby? What materials post health risks? Is an organic mattress the best option? What kind of crib mattresses can I afford? This article focuses on Naturepedic mattress reviews for babies and will answer those important questions for you.

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Introducing the Naturepedic Baby Mattress

The topic of safe mattresses, whether they are organic crib mattresses, non-toxic crib mattresses, or a natural mattress, is heavily debated. When you are searching for the best crib mattress for your baby, you certainly want a safe crib mattress, but is a natural organic mattress the way to go?

Regardless of where you stand on this debate, like you, every parent is looking for the best baby crib mattress for their baby. If you’ve been looking for the best-rated crib mattress, you’ve likely come across the Naturepedic crib mattress. This mattress line has become very popular over the last few years and is easily a top rated crib mattress amongst the different brands currently on the market. But what makes them so popular and are they really everything they are promised to be?

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look into the Naturepedic crib mattress line. Finding a safe and comfortable crib mattress is an important decision for any parent. With our Naturepedic mattress reviews, you will better be able to determine if this is the right mattress for you and your baby.

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Naturepedic Mattresses Reviews For Your Baby

Naturepedic offers several different models of their crib mattresses. Before we look at these different mattresses in the Naturepedic mattress reviews which follow, let’s take a look at what they all have in common.

What’s the Significance of Being Made From Organic Cotton?

The fabric and filling of these mattresses are made from certified organic cotton fabric. There is no latex, no dangerous plastics, and no chemicals in the filling of the Naturepedic baby mattress. That means these mattresses are healthy and non-toxic for your baby to sleep on. And that’s a great relief for you as a concerned parent.

Why Is Being Certified Organic Cotton Such a Big Deal?

OK so you know that being “organic” is good, right? But why is being certified such a big deal?

So many manufacturers today slap on “natural” and “organic” on their product packaging. These manufacturers don’t have to be accountable for using these terms. They won’t be prosecuted under law if someone discovers their products are really not natural or organic. So “natural” or “organic” on the packaging doesn’t mean a thing.


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But when a manufacturer like Naturepedic say their crib mattresses are made from materials that are“Certified Organic”, it means that some independent third party has put their product through some strict and rigorous testing that would stand up in a court of law.

Certified Organic is the customer’s guarantee that all products manufactured by a company adhere to the strict and rigorous criteria placed upon it by the certifying body. The certification of the Naturepedic organic crib mattresses reviewed in this article vary. I will detail those certifications when we get to the specific mattresses.

What Does Food-Grade Filling Mean?

Naturepedic are so committed to producing a healthy, non-toxic baby mattress that even the mattress filling is considered “food-grade“. What does “food grade” mean? It means that the filling is safe “if” ingested – not that your baby should ingest it! There are a lot of cleaning products listed as “food-grade” which just means it won’t hurt you if you do ingest it. 

Do These Mattresses Pass Fire Safety Standards?

Flammability is a really important consideration for you as a parent when buying a crib mattress.

The Naturepedic baby mattress does not utilize any chlorinated or brominated fire retardants which can sometimes even contain formaldehyde.

But even without all these added, and possibly dangerous chemicals, the Naturepedic baby mattresses still meet all State and Federal safety standards with regard to flammability. So, these mattresses will not accelerate or go up in a major blaze in cases of fires. Of course, like all mattresses, they will burn, but not in such a way that increases the fire rate. As stated, they meet all safety standards

Do These Mattress Contain Allergens?

These crib mattresses also contain no wool or other possible allergens. Therefore, you will not have to worry about mattress materials which might cause your baby to have reactions to the materials.

There is nothing more frustrating for a parent than a baby with allergies, particularly because it can be so difficult to track down the cause of those allergies. With the Naturepedic baby mattress, you remove one possible source of allergens to give you some peace of mind that your baby will be safe and healthy as they sleep.

So How Safe Is This Mattress To Sleep On?

One of the big selling points of the Naturepedic mattress is that the natural and organic materials are the safest for anyone, let alone babies, to sleep on. They are fully chemical free, toxin free, and use no wool, coir, or latex which can cause allergies. These mattresses are recommended by “Healthy Child, Healthy World.”

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How Is This Mattress Constructed?

The construction of any mattress determines the level of support when sleeping. This is a very important element to write about when creating Naturepedic mattress reviews.

There are 3 layers to consider.

The First Layer

The Naturepedic baby mattress is constructed by surrounding a WaveSupport™ coil system with certified organic cotton batting. This is what gives the mattress it’s soft yet firm support for your baby’s great night’s sleep.

The Second Layer

The cotton batting is then covered with a protective fire barrier that meets all safety standards.

The Third Layer

Finally, the mattress is covered with a water resistant, soft cotton cover, again which is certified organic.

How Much Support Does The Naturepedic Mattress Have?

The Naturepedic baby mattresses are soft without being too plush. They provide enough support for your baby to give them a good night’s sleep. Of course, Naturepedic does not promise that your baby will sleep more on their mattress than on a competitor, but they are very soft and comfortable.

Another important feature of these mattresses is that your baby will not “sink” into the mattress like a plush adult mattress. This is important so that your baby is able to move and roll over without any added difficulty. We all know how tough it can be maneuver in those really plush mattresses. However, the Naturepedic crib mattress is also softer than those thin mattress pads you often find on the market. So, you know that you baby will be able to sleep comfortably and safely.

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Is This Mattress Hot?

Another important element when writing these Naturepedic mattress reviews was how “hot” is the mattress. Heat impacts the comfort of your baby whilst sleeping.

The cotton material of the Naturepedic mattress makes it fully breathable which will help keep your baby cool throughout the night. A hot baby will not sleep well through the night. So it is important to have a mattress that does not sleep “hot” and Naturepedic is a good mattress for a cool night’s sleep.

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Can This Mattress Be Flipped?

Naturepedic crib mattresses can be flipped because they have a unified designed that does not indicate an “up” or “down” position. If for some reason you need to turn a mattress over, there will be no problem for you baby having a comfortable night’s sleep. While you will see a larger cover over the “top” of the mattress, you will not notice a difference if this if face down.

Will The Mattress Sag Over Time?

The high-quality material of the Naturepedic mattress, combined with the small surface area means that it will stay firm and retain its shape throughout the life of the mattress.

You might think that a thicker mattress has a tendency to sag, but given the general lightweight nature of babies, you should not have any problems with this mattress sagging.

Should You Buy This Mattress Second-Hand?

As a baby mattress ages, mold and bacteria may build up. This is especially true if the owner of that mattress has stored it for a while since their baby stopped using the mattress.

So if you want to buy a Naturepedic baby mattress second-hand, I advise you to buy one in very good condition that is clean with no moldy smells. recommends you buy your baby’s crib mattress new rather than second-hand. You can check out their independent Guide to Buying a Crib Mattress here.

What Are the Different Models of the Naturepedic Crib Mattresses?

Naturepedic makes a few different crib mattresses. We will focus on four different models in our Naturepedic mattress reviews. These models are fairly similar but offer a few distinct differences.

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress  

This model is Naturepedic’s basic crib mattress.

It comes with all the features that we outlined above that you are looking for.

Its surface is fully water and made from a food grade surface that is easy to clean and soft.

The internal components are fully cotton organic, all natural, and renewable.

The materials are also hypoallergenic and the cover also acts as a barrier against dust mites.

The heavy-duty borders of the corners contain rods to add very strong support around all the edges.

It measures 52 inches long, 27.8 inches wide, and is 6 inches thick. So, you will want to make sure that it will fit inside your crib. This should be about the right size to fit in most standard cribs without much difficulty. The structural rods give this a bit more weight than other crib mattresses, so this one weighs around 50 pounds.

If you are looking for a solid, dependable, and safe organic mattress this is a good, basic model.

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Lightweight Crib Mattress   

Much like the standard Naturepedic crib mattress above, this mattress is also fully organic cotton, wipe easy waterproof for those little accidents, and meets all safety standards.

It comes with a lot of green certifications such as organic and renewable standards.

The seams are designed to prevent and penetration by moisture and make it very easy to clean up.

Its internal components make it both comfortable and firm for your baby.

It has the same physical dimensions of the other Naturepedic crib mattresses: 52″ X 27.8″ X 6″. However, the big difference is that this mattress is much lighter at only around 10 pounds. This might be a better option for those needing a mattress that is more portable.

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Lightweight Dual Firmness Crib Mattress

This version of the Naturepedic crib mattress is also made with fully natural and organic filling. The surface of the mattress has waterproof seams which will keep the moisture out and make it very easy to clean. It has special dual firm, 2-stage firmness that will allow you to use the mattress possibly longer than other types of mattresses. On one side of the mattress it is firm, making it great for babies, and on the other side, it is a bit softer which makes it great for the older toddler who does not have as much difficulty rolling over.

The mattress has the same dimensions as all the others on our list and weighs only 10 pounds. This makes it an excellent option for those seeking a portable mattress that can be used for both babies and toddlers, this is a great option.

This crib mattress is certified organic to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). You can read more about this certification here. It’s also certified to the GREENGUARD® GOLD standard.

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150 Seamless Dual Firmness Crib Mattress

This model of the Naturepedic crib mattress comes with all the features mentioned previously:

  • Organic, cotton filled’
  • Fire resistant and certified
  • Very lightweight.

It has the 2-stage firmness so that you can flip the mattress to a softer side as your child grows. This gives it a longer life than other crib mattresses on the market.

This version, though, has a seamless design that helps to reduce or eliminate moisture getting into the mattress. We all know that liquids are going to get on the mattress, so this makes it much easier to keep the mattress clean with its waterproof surface.

It has the same dimensions as all the other mattresses on our list and weighs 20 pounds. If you are more concerned with moisture on the mattress and like the idea of having the two firmness levels, then this mattress is a great selection.

Who Are These Mattresses Best For?

The Naturepedic crib mattresses are really intended for those parents who are really concerned with the health and safety of their baby’s mattress. The natural and organic materials will ensure that no chemicals or toxins will have the possibility of harming your child.

The decision to go organic or non-organic could be hotly debated. If you fall on the side which says that natural and organic is the way to go, or even if you just want to play it safe, the Naturepedic crib mattress range is an excellent choice. In addition, these mattresses are soft and water-resistant so that your baby will enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep that is easy to clean up when accidents occur.

Until What Age Can a Baby Sleep On This Mattress?

During my investigation for these Naturepedic mattress reviews, I found out that these mattresses are designed to be used by babies of any age. There is no reason that you have to wait before placing your baby on these mattresses. While they are very comfortable for your baby, they are also safe. Your baby will only outgrow the mattress when he or she outgrows the crib. Therefore, this should be the only mattress you will need for your baby and it will last many years for other babies in your family as well.

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What Is The Warranty On The Naturepedic Crib Mattress?

When it comes to investing in a quality mattress, it is important to know that you are covered should anything go wrong with the mattress. You do not want to be left high and dry with a ruined mattress after investing your hard-earned dollars into it. To that end, Naturepedic offers an excellent warranty on their entire line of baby crib mattresses. This goes to show how much they back up and believe in the quality of their product.

As part of this Naturepedic crib mattress review, we looked into all the details around the warranty, including the situations where that warranty would be null and void.

Problems due to errors and defects are covered

If you purchase any of the Naturepedic crib mattresses for home use, Naturepedic will warranty the mattress for life. This warranty covers only problems with the mattress which are due to manufacturer errors or parts defects. In other words, the warranty will not cover abuse of the mattress, accidents that damage it, or any minor cosmetic problems.

The warranty is valid for the original purchaser

The warranty is also only good for the original purchaser, so it is non-transferable and you will need to provide proof of purchase. Be sure to keep your receipt in a safe place.

Home and individual use

This warranty only covers home, individual use. If you plan on using the crib mattress in a childcare place or other commercial uses, the warranty has the same terms but lasts only 1 year. This is because of the much greater use that the mattress is likely to receive and the greater chances there are for damages to occur.

Repair or replace the mattress?

If you should need to make a claim on your warranty, Naturepedic will determine, at their own discretion, whether to repair or to replace your mattress. If they determine that the mattress needs to be replaced, they might choose to replace it with a different mattress (of an equal or higher quality) if your particular mattress is no longer manufactured. This may happen over the course of the life of the mattress as they continue to introduce new and innovative products.

Who Makes the Naturepedic Crib Mattress?

Naturepedic is a privately owned company founded by the environmental engineer Barry A. Cik. Cik is an expert in the field of organic and natural components for consumer goods, especially mattresses. Naturepedic is committed to designing mattresses that are organic and toxin free for people of all ages. They manufacture a full line of quality mattress that meets all safety standards and yet are also healthy and reflect excellent craftsmanship.

Where Is This Mattress Made?

Naturepedic designs all their products out of Cleveland, Ohio where their products are also independently tested for quality by G.E.M. Testing and Engineering Labs.

The mattresses themselves are manufactured in Chagrin Falls, Ohio in a factory that is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This ensures that not only are the mattress components certifiably organic, but there is no possibility of any contamination either.

So, all Naturepedic products are made in the United States and by craftsman of the highest degree.

about us made in the USA

Where Can I Buy The Naturepedic Mattress And How Much Does It Cost?

If you are convinced that the Naturepedic crib mattress is for your baby, or even if you just want to find out more information, there are a few places where you can find these products.

Some local retailers are certified Naturepedic dealers if you need to see it in person. Just Google “Naturepedic dealer” for your local area. Otherwise, ordering these mattresses through Amazon is a great option. Amazon has a 30 day/no-questions=asked return policy if anything should happen within the first month. This gives you a bit of a “try it and see” option.

Amazon also offers many deals on shipping that make these mattresses highly affordable. Amazon’s prices are changing regularly so that they are consistently offering the best prices on the market. For this reason, it is a good idea to check and see what their most recent prices and deals are for these mattresses.

How Much Does The Mattress Weigh?

Each of the crib mattresses that we looked at in this Naturepedic review article weighs between 10 to 50 pounds total. Amazon will mail through standard shipping avenues like FedEx or UPS. 

What Happens to the Mattress When It Gets Shipped?

When you order through Amazon, the Naturepedic mattresses come shipped with “Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.” What this means is that Amazon has minimized the packaging required to the ship the products. For most products, this means that the mattresses will ship in their original packaging and not put into another box just to ship it. This reduces the amount of cardboard consumed just for shipping your mattress.

Does This Mattress Smell When Unpacked? 

One of the concerns that people have when ordering mattresses online or through any catalog retailers is the possibility of “off gas” or “new” smells. This is due to the fact that when large mattresses are shipped they have to be vacuum sealed in order to be compressed for shipping.

However, the Naturepedic crib mattresses are small enough that they do not have to be vacuum sealed in order to be shipped. They are shipped in their own factory boxes. Therefore, there is no need to worry about there being any “off gas” smell when it comes to packing and shipping your baby mattress. It will come just as it is packed from the factory itself.

Verdict: Is This the Mattress For Your Baby?

I hope you have received alot of value from this Naturepedic crib mattress review. So let’s summarize some key points:

The Naturepedic crib mattresses are soft yet firm mattress for your baby’;

They are certified organic, made with cotton, and have a water-resistant surface that is still soft. Often the water resistant features of mattresses give them a plastic feel, but this is not the case with Naturepedic;

The construction of this mattress is of the highest quality, which is not always the case when it comes to “organic” and “natural” products. But it is clear that these mattresses are made from the best materials and by great craftsman. They meet all safety standards and have been given numerous “green” certifications;

Pediatricians recommend that babies sleep on flat and firm surfaces, and the Naturepedic crib mattress is great on both those standards. And if you are at all concerned about the safety of modern, mass-produced mattress which can contain harshly treated chemicals and other toxins that may be unhealthy for your baby, the Naturepedic is definitely a better option.

While Naturepedic is not the only “green” mattress on the market, it is one of the highest rated. Customers write glowing reviews of their whole line of products. They are passionate about environmentally friendly products and use organic materials.

Once your baby outgrows their  crib mattress, Naturepedic have a complete line of mattresses for people of all sizes. So, they can grow with your child and have selections even for you.

If you are at all concerned about the safety of the mattress you use for your baby, you cannot go wrong with a Naturepedic mattress. Even if this is a topic that moms and dads disagree about, these mattresses are the highest quality for giving your baby a great night’s sleep.  They are fully breathable and easy to clean so that even if you are not completely sold on the “green” angle, you are still getting a high-quality, excellently crafted material. And if you want the best for your baby, the Naturepedic is definitely a mattress worthy of your consideration.

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The IntelliBED Baby Mattress uses hospital tested IntelliGEL for both cushioning and support, thus eliminating all of the foam and any other potentially allergenic materials, making this arguably the most natural, nontoxic, hypoallergenic mattress for baby’s healthy sleep. And by avoiding the poly-chemical foam, latex or wool found in other baby mattresses, IntelliBED is able to avoid the too-firm surfaces that can affect your baby when sleeping. The excellent pressure relieving qualities of IntelliGEL helps protect baby from cradle cap and plagiocephaly, the flat head condition from a too-firm mattress. has more information on IntelliBED and the IntelliGEL technology and includes a link to a University of Texas study of baby mattresses that you might be able to use.

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