What You Need to Know About Mattress Depth

There was a time when mattress depth was not a concern for the average buyer because all mattresses had nearly the same thickness. That changed with the advent of extra-depth and pillow-top mattresses. Let's run through what you need to know about mattress depth.


Why Is Mattress Depth Important?

Mattress depth is important for 2 reasons.

The first reason? It can affect the mattress you buy, based on your preference. Here are some typical questions to think about your preferences.

  • Do you want a thick mattress to have a more plush experience?
  • Do you want a thin mattress because you like a firmer sleep?
  • Do you want to sit higher off the ground with a thick mattress?

The second reason as to why mattress depth is important is that it affects bedding size selection. If you're struggling with a poorly fitting sheet or mattress pad, the problem may lie in a mismatch between the bedding size and the mattress depth. Have a listen to Steve from Vero linens to align your bedding selection sizing with the mattress depth.

​Typical Mattress Depths

Well you heard Steve in the video above - there is no standard mattress ​depth. But here are the most common:

Standard Depth

The most common mattress depth is 7 to 9 inches.

Deep or Pillow Top Depth

10 to 15 inches thick.

Extra Depth

15 to 22 inches thick.

Example of a pillow top mattress. Source.

How To Find The Depth of Your Mattress

To find the depth of your mattress, lay the mattress flat on top of the box springs and measure the height of the mattress to the nearest inch.

If your mattress has a rounded or pillow top, lay a yardstick horizontally across the thickest part of the mattress so it extends over the edge. Use another ruler to measure the distance from the bottom of the mattress to the intersection with the yardstick at the mattress edge.

Use this information when purchasing sheets and other bedding; the product label should indicate the appropriate mattress depth. If no depth is specified, the bedding is probably tailored for standard-depth mattresses.

Wrapping Up

When purchasing a mattress, choosing the depth is largely a matter of personal preference. Some people like the cushioning offered by pillow-top mattresses, for example, or they find it easier to get in and out of a slightly higher bed. However, others are uncomfortable when sleeping in an taller bed, for fear of rolling over and falling to the floor.

In cases wherein mobility is limited or reaching a high bed surface is difficult, as with young children or the elderly, choosing a standard-depth mattress is the best option.

May the zzz's be with you,