Lack Of Sleep And Type A Personality Relationships

type a personality relationshipsType A personalities are well known for being high achievers. They are impatient and have an unrealistic sense of urgency. This could mean they view value sleep as a waste of their valuable time. Science is showing us that if you sleep less, you are less mentally sharp. Being less sharp can negatively impact Type A relationships at work and at home. I am a Type A personality and this topic fascinated me. This article delves more into that science to show how lack of sleep affects Type A personality relationships and their ability to think, understand, learn and remember.

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Best Natural Mattress Savvy Shoppers Buyers Guide

Looking for the best natural mattress? You spend 7 to 9 hours sleeping on your mattress. So buying a new one is a seriously big decision. Sure, COMFORT is important. Always has been: you don’t want a new mattress that leaves you sore and tired when you wake up. But people increasingly look for a mattress that is HEALTHY too. Just as people want to eat more natural foods and wear more natural fibers, they also want a mattress made with natural materials. But this non-regulated market means you need to be a savvy shopper.  Let’s find out what you need to know so you don’t get conned.Continue reading

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