Humans And Their Pets: Making The Most Of A Healthy Bond

girl alseep with dog

Are you a pet lover? Recent studies by the Mayo Clinic reveals that sleeping with your pets can do good for your health. Researchers surveyed 150 patients about their sleeping habits and their pets. It turns out that those who sleep with their cat or dog feel more safe and secure and can sleep better.

The researchers discovered that fifty-six percent of pet owners shared the bed with their pets, as the companion animals are viewed as part of the family and should be included in as many aspects of life as possible.

Should You Share Your Bed With Your Pets?

The short answer might be a simple “No”.

Not every pet lover is comfortable sharing the bed with their pets. The extra work of cleaning the fur or the droll might be one of the primary reasons while the noises and whinings your pets make at night could be another strong contender.

And the most important reason not to share your bed with your pets is the disease factor. We keep our pets healthy by cleaning them, bringing them to the vet, and giving them vaccines; but they can easily get the illnesses somewhere else such as other infected animals or contaminated food full of germs. What about intestinal worms?

Another recent study revealed that pets can give their owners diseases such as tuberculosis, food poisoning, and feline conjunctivitis.

Luxurious Bunk Bed for Pets

But not wanting to share your bed doesn’t mean that your pets should sleep on the cold hard floor. You still can sleep alongside your pets without exactly having to share your bed. They could bunk with you!

One unique bunk bed for the pet comes from a Brazillian company who made a pet-friendly mattress. This bed is similar to other typical mattresses but taller. The extra space below is used for a small compartment on the side for the pet, complete with cushions and curtains. This solution allows pet owners to share their slumbers with their little dogs or cats without being disturbed or catching the germs.


A customized sleep bay for your pampered pooch. Image Source Colchão Inteligente Postural/Facebook and

Even though the size of this “luxurious” compartment can be customized according to the size of the pets, the built-in compartment might not be enough for larger German Shepherds or the Great Danes! It’s more suited for cats or smaller breeds of dogs like Maltese Terrier, chihuahua, poodles. Owners can also have their pets’ name embroidered beneath the cubby hole.


The pet bed cubby hole is neatly integrated into the side of the mattress. Image Source: Colchão Inteligente Postural/Facebook and

Where Did the Inspiration Come From?

Imagine you had a friend who lived alone and felt comforted by sleeping with their dog in the bedroom. However, their own health problem prevented that dog from being in bed with them. That’s the idea that sparked Colchão Inteligente Postural’s CEO, Machado Guterson, to create the bed with the built-in pet bed compartment.

Do You Have to Travel Far To Buy One?

If you’re in Brazil and Argentina, then you have access to this great built-in pet bed. Guterson plans to distribute to Orlando and Florida in the U.S. by the end of 2016.

Other Examples of Bunk Beds for Pets

If you have a couple of pooches or kitties that you would like in your bedroom but not in bed with you, consider bunk beds for pets. We had 2 dogs when I was growing up that slept in my room. Rather than them sleeping on their separate beds, a bunk bed for them to share would have been a real space-saver!

These bunk beds are miniature versions of the ones used for the kids, complete with the stairs, railings, and high-quality cushions that functioned as mattresses.

Let’s take one from LazyBonezz for an example. The Metropolitan Pet Bunk Bed is made from solid ebony wood with a high-gloss finish, stainless steel accents, and non-toxic finish. It’s accompanied by two very comfortable cushions along with two microfiber machine-washable fabrics. The bunk bed can hold multiple cats and dogs – depending on their size, and function as a resting place for your pets as well as a playing space. Are there special deals you can get on the LazyBonezz Metropolitan Pet Bunk Bed, right now? 


Check out this video below for a guided tour of the LadyBonezz.

Another example from Merry is called The Wood Room with a View Pet House. It is an indoor/outdoor structure specially designed for smaller furry animals in your home. The bunk bed is constructed of kiln-dried wood treated with natural color stains for durability.

The Wood Room with a View Pet House  has two sections: the lower lounge where your pet can keep itself dry and the rooftop balcony where your pet can sunbathe and play. Both areas are connected by steps alongside the house. Those terms are coming from the manufacturer. If I hadn’t known better, I might think that we are talking about a luxurious apartment in the city.

Both bunks are lightweight and easy to assemble.

The DIY Path

Pet bunk beds are one of the few things where building one yourself is more rewarding than buying the ready-made products. But to do so, you are required to have a basic skill in carpentry. There are many building instructions that you can find all around the web.

Examples of phrases that you can use as the search string to find the instructions are:

  • DIY pet bunk bed
  • DIY dog/cat bunk bed
  • DIY bunk bed for pets
  • Other similar phrases along those lines.

Add the word “video” or “YouTube” to your search if you prefer to watch the instructions instead of reading them.

One advantage of going the DIY way is that you can customize the size according to your pet. But before you start building, make sure that you got all the information correctly. You don’t want the finished product to be too small or too big for your pets to use.

You also have to buy the cushions separately, as it’s too difficult to make one yourself. But as an alternative, you can also stuff your old and unused clothing into a fabric bag and use it for your pet’s cushion instead.

Some of you might think that pet owners are going overboard by providing your pets with their own bunk beds. But if you are an avid animal lover, you’ll understand that nothing’s too much for the family.