Sleep Revolution Book Review – Part 2

In Part 2 of Arianna Huffington's book The Sleep Revolution, you get to hear from the lady herself, interviewed by Marie Forleo. There are some real nuggets in this interview as you further learn why sleep is so important to living life to your full potential.


If you missed Part 1 of The Sleep Revolution Book Review you can read it here

Do you feel too busy to sleep?

Do you feel that to achieve what you want to achieve you have to sacrifice sleep?

That's how Arianna Huffington used to think until the day she collapsed from sleep deprivation.

You may think sleep is optional but according to Arianna, author of The Sleep Revolution, sleep is a performance enhancer and not the distraction you think it is.

Marie Forleo and Arianna Huffington Source

Sleep can help your health. In this video interview, Arianna links sleep benefits to improvements in conditions like diabetes, cancer and dementia.

She says sleep can improve your productivity. So if you think you are doing more by sleeping less, the benefit is only short term and you could end up like Arianna, collapsed on the floor from sleep deprivation.

Sleep can improve your mental state.

So watch the video interview for some more interesting nuggets about how to make sleep your friend and optimize the process of recharge and recovery it brings to our body and brain:

  • How the sleep industry makes millions selling sleep aids that can have shocking side effects (at 5:46 into the video)​
  • What micro-steps can you take to create an effective bedtime ritual that clearly signals a transition from hectic daily life to soothing sleep. The transition is the first thing you need to master to help you prioritize sleep. (8.43)

Arianna Huffington Source

  • How your brain removes toxins as you sleep (11:19)
  • Did you know last year there were 8,000 deaths on the road and 1.2 million car accidents across America because of drowsy driving? Don't power through a micro-sleep. (13:45)
  • How much sleep do you need each night and the importance of saying "no" to things so you can get that much sleep each and every night to power through your day (15:22)
  • What are the 3 things Arianna recommmends to help you prioritize sleep  (18.17)

​This video interview generated 253 comments on Marie's video interview page. You can find some pure gold in those comments. Look for ideas and inspiration that could help you make sleep a priority.

Read stories of people who have made sleep a priority. Read about where they came from - corporate high-flyers; exhausted moms with babies or toddlers; people with chronic illnesses - and where they are now, feeling so much better after making sleep a priority in their lives. Perhaps you can identify?

Read about the step-by-step transition ritual they use. How do they let go of their days and busy minds and settle down for sleep?

Read about the sleep kits that people have made for themselves.

Read about people's experimentation with what worked and didn't work for them. They share some very useful tips to get you quicker off to slumberland.

Do you have some tips and tricks to share? Leave them in the comments below.