The 3 Worst Mattress Ads Ever!

You don’t have to be up late at night to find really bad and distasteful ads – although that does help! Bad and distasteful ads can interrupt your television viewing pleasure at any time of day. Some of the worst ads on television are about mattresses – especially if there is a sale on. In this post, I feature 3 of the worst mattress ads ever to appear on television in my opinion. Let’s see if you agree.

Mattress Ad #1 – Miracle Mattress Twin Tower 9/11 Sale

According to an NBC news interview, Cherise Bonano, Owner of the Miracle Mattress in San Antonio Texas, didn’t realise her 20-second ad had caused the controversy it did. Really? How utterly tasteless commemorating the worst terrorist attack on American soil with a sale!!!! As an afterthought, Cherise agreed “It was stupid…and we really hope you forgive us for what we’ve done.”


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What is the relevance of the Twin Towers to one of the worst mattress ads I have ever seen? Who really cares! During the mattress ad, you see Cherise had piled up huge 2 piles of mattresses up that were up for sale. Miracle Mattress were offering


At the end of the mattress ad, the 2 “towers” of mattresses come down as Cherise pushes 2 employees into them. She thought she was being “creative”. Oh dear God!


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As a result of this mattress ad, Miracle Mattress were slammed on their Facebook page with people saying their TV commercial was insensitive. Customers were enraged.


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And no wonder! Twitter was also a-buzz with reaction using #MiracleMattress expressing disgust.

The mattress ad was taken down from TV and a public apology was issued by the store on Facebook.

So how did Miracle Mattress recover from one of the worst TV mattress ads ever? They donated 30% of the proceeds from the 9/11 Twin Towers sale to the 9/11 Foundation.

At the end of the day, if Miracle Mattress wanted publicity, they sure went about it in the wrong way. I wonder how their sale went?

Mattress Ad #2 – Dargan Sleep Centre

nighty-nightImage Source

I don’t know what I found the most creepy or weird thing about this mattress ad.

Was it the (hopefully fake wig) hair that had a green tinge?

Was it the home invasion? Mr Dargen goes home with a family that just bought a new mattress and then, cutting his way through it, he pops up in the middle of the mattress (see below).


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I felt this was a little creepy.

Mr Dargan takes mattresses very seriously, repeating numerous times in his mattress ad that “He invests himself in every mattress he sells because he has nothing else to live for”. I am sure he is a nice man but I sure as hell don’t want to take him home with my mattress.

Did I find the invitation from Mr Dargan to go “to sleep in his bed” – an open invitation to men, children and families – a little bid weird? Yes! He goes on to say “I love families. Night Night. Sssshhhh.”

He cracks a joke about his mother beating him up. In my opinion, that is not humour.


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The mattress ad ends with “You will be raped. There will be blood” and all said with a smile from Mr Dargan wielding a knife.

See what you think about this ad yourself.

Mattress Ad #3 – Gary’s Mattresses


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So far we have covered mattresses ads that are in bad taste, insensitive and disrespectful (Miracle Mattress). Then Mr Dargan’s mattress ad was weird and creepy.

Now I am going to feature Gary’s Mattresses ad that is plain racist and generally offensive.

Gary targets Orientals – where he iskaratey-chopping his prices”.


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He offends Jews.


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Terrorist Gary claims he will be “blowing up prices”.


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He also targets indigenous Native Indians and the Mafia.

And here comes the animal cruelty when Gary says “If you find a mattress at a better price, I will kick a puppy and punch a kitten.” As a dog owner, that is just sick.


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Is this guy for real or trying to be as sensational as possible to bring attention to his mattress prices? I will let you be the judge of that. Take a look at his video here.