The Best Comforter to Stay Cool in Winter

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Winter is creeping in. Its icy breath is chilling our bedrooms. Despite the cold, some people find it too hot to be bundled up under heavy winter comforter. This is me. I am hot sleeper. For all you hotties out there like me, I have reviewed five comforters that will suit us. Which of those five comforters will be crowned the best comforter to stay cool in winter? Read on to find out!

Best Comforter For Hot Sleepers

Looking for the best comforter to stay cool in winter? Want to know the best duvet for hot sleepers? My top five picks are the perfect balance between cozy and cool are:

  • The Pinzon Medium Warmth Goose Down Comforter
  • The Puredown Lightweight Down Comforter
  • The Pacific Coast Lightweight Down Comforter
  • The Lilysilk Silk Comforter
  • The Holy Lamb Organics Cool Comfort Wool Comforter.

Finding the Perfect Balance

You want to feel the coziness of a comforter during winter. Nothing beats snuggling into a big, soft, comfortable cocoon away from the cold. At the same time, when you do get a bout of the night sweats, you don’t want to suffocate under a thick, hot lump.

So when choosing a comforter for the winter, there’s a fine balance. You want something that’s breathable and light, while still delivering ultimate comfort.

best comforter for hot sleeper

Your bed should be an oasis of comfort

Photo Credit Ty Carlson. Source: Unsplash

There are so many variations in comforters available these days that it can be impossible to know which to choose.

Here are the 5 key elements to keep in mind when looking for the best comforter to stay cool in winter.

1. Keep It Natural To Stay Cool

The fill inside your comforter

The fill of your comforter will make a big difference to regulating your temperature in bed.

Goose or feather down is a common fill for comforters which is naturally breathable. That said, when choosing goose down, getting the right ‘fill count’ is very important. More ‘fill count’ later.

Other natural alternatives include silk and wool. Like goose down, these natural fills benefit the hot sleeper, as they draw heat and moisture away from the body as you sleep.

Synthetic fills, like polyester, are more and more common now. I prefer a comforter that is as natural as possible. Synthetic fibers use non-renewable resources and often contain harmful chemicals. 

The cover for your comforter

The material used in the cover is also very important, as this is in direct contact with your skin. Here, natural materials are your friend.

You may think cotton is a good natural alternative. It’s not. Cotton uses more chemical pesticides than any other crop in the world. That’s why I prefer 100% organic cotton covers for your comforter made with natural and vegetable dyes.

Comforter weight

What about the weight of the comforter? Choose light or medium weight. Anything heavier will be much too warm.

Do you have allergies?

Lastly, if you have allergies, you’ll need to make sure to use a down alternative, or make sure that if you do use natural down, that it’s hypoallergenic.

2. The Alternatives To Down

Better Bed Solutions prefers mattresses and bedding made with natural materials. There are silk and wool alternatives to down as the best comforter to stay cool.

Down alternatives are safer for those who suffer from allergies. For example, our editor Michelle has a terrible allergy to goose down. If she sleeps on a down pillow or with a down comforter, her eyes swell up like oranges by the time she wakes up!!

You can find natural down comforters which use processes to guarantee that are hypoallergenic. We explore these in our review so you can choose your best down comforter for hot sleepers.

3. ‘Fill Power’ – Don’t Overheat

Fill power is what ultimately determines how warm a down comforter will be. It measures the amount of space that one ounce of down will fill. Therefore one ounce of 700 fill power down will fill 700 cubic inches of space. One ounce of 550 fill power down will fill 550 cubic inches of space.

The higher the fill power, the warmer the comforter will be.

You will also often see a comforter offering ‘80% down’. This simply means that the other 20% is larger feathers that don’t classify as down. This isn’t a major issue, as some feathers will always make their way into the down. If you like the feel of down and are not allergic, go for a higher percentage of real down.

4. Construction Of Your Comforter Makes A Difference

The premium forms of stitching a comforter together are:

  1. Box stitching
  2. Baffle boxing.

Both these styles mean the down is locked into distinct pockets. This way your comforter retains its shape, preventing the fill from moving around and clumping. It also affects the distribution of warmth.

The baffle boxing is the most premium finish. This stitch style ensure the insulation from the comforter is more evenly distributed. Remember, the down itself does not generate heat. It traps and insulates the heat coming off your body when you sleep.

This premium finish requires a premium price. Baffle box comforters are more expensive than a box stitched comforters because of the extra construction involved.

The disadvantage of the box stitch is that along the stitching that boxes the down inside, there is no down. This means the stitch valleys may be cold patches. For the hot sleeper, this may be an advantage.

What difference does the box stitch and baffle box construction make to your comfort if you sleep hot? Steven from Vero Linens does an excellent job of showing and explaining this. Forward to 2:15 into the video.

5. Will You Choose To Be Ethical?

The ethical sourcing of the down fill may be something you feel strongly about.

Natural down is often harvested from live geese and ducks. This leads to awful animal cruelty. When purchasing down products, make sure that is sourced from countries where live-plucking is illegal.

The Best Comforter To Stay Cool – My Top 5 Picks

None of the comforters we’ve reviewed below come with a duvet cover. You need to buy this separately.

  1. Best medium-weight down comforter

The winner in this class is the Pinzon Medium Warmth White Goose Down Feather comforter. This comforter is manufactured by

It has 40 ounces of 600 fill power goose/feather down. This provides plenty of comfort without too much weight.

The fill is white goose down, meaning you won’t see any color showing through the cover.

The filling has also been treated to eliminate any dust or dirt in the feathers, and is guaranteed hypoallergenic.

The cover itself is 100% cotton. A natural breathable fabric like cotton helps a hot sleeper feel cooler under a comforter.

Pinzon’s unique ‘PermaBaffle’ baffle box construction is the best stitching design. It stops the down feathers from shifting within the comforter. It’s also the reason why you can wash this down comforter at home without it becoming a clumped and bunched up mess. Please follow the washing instructions they provide. 

The Pinzon white goose down feather comforter has passed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. This means it is free of harmful chemicals. This comforter is safe for you to use especially if you have any sensitivity to chemicals.

The down inside the Pinzon is ethically sourced. This ‘Pyrenean’ down is harvested in the mountain range between France and Spain. Both of these countries have outlawed the barbaric practice of live-plucking. Rest easy knowing that animals were not abused for your comfort.

One downside to this comforter is that over time the goose feathers may come loose, and end up tickling your feet in the night!

The Pinzon Medium Warmth Goose Down Comforter

2. Best lightweight down comforter

The winner here is the Puredown Lightweight Down Comforter. It is really light in weight and gives ample insulation.

A hot sleeper under a comforter will easily lose heat and cool down by simply rolling over in bed. This movement keeps the air circulating between you and the comforter. It’s the trapped air that’s a problem for hot sleepers. The insulating properties of down means that trapped air keeps us feeling hot and uncomfortable in bed. 

The full-double size weighs just 5 pounds, so is definitely light. If you feel it is too light, a cotton duvet cover or coverlet will help.  

It’s filled with 75% white goose down, with a 550 fill power.

It also benefits from a 100% cotton cover, which helps to wick away heat and moisture from the body.

End to end box stitching holds the fill in place. 

A cleverly concealed loop in each corner secures it to your duvet cover. That way, it won’t bunch up at one edge.

The only downsides to this comforter is that it is not machine washable. Puredown recommend dry-cleaning only.

The Puredown is very affordable to buy. However, you should factor in the cost of maintaining it through dry cleaning.

The Puredown Lightweight Down Comforter

3. Best hypoallergenic down comforter         


For those with allergies, the best option I could find was the Pacific Coast Light Weight Down Comforter.

There are hypoallergenic comforters and there are hyper hypoallergenic comforters. Pacific Coast go to extra lengths to ensure those feathers don’t make your allergies flare up

Pacific Coast uses a proprietary system HyperClean® process. This washes and rinses the down multiple times to remove any dirt, dust or allergens that it may contain.

They also offer a 30 day allergy-free warranty. If you experience any allergic reaction within 30 days they will give you a full refund.

Stray feathers are a common problem with natural down comforters. The proprietary cotton Barrier Weave fabric blocks the down fill from leaking out of the comforter. The cotton used tightly woven, and more durable than average cotton. However, it may need more time to soften up.

This comforter is lightweight with a 550 fill power and is ideal for people who sleep warm.

It’s made in the USA, using imported materials.

The Pacific Coast Light Weight Down Comforter

4. Best down alternative comforter

For those who don’t want a goose or duck down comforter, the best alternative that I found was the Lilysilk Silk Comforter

This one is 100% hypoallergenic, and is completely chemical and additive free.

It’s made with a cotton cover filled with 100% pure long-strand mulberry silk. This is the highest quality silk available).

The silk fill makes this comforter fluffy and light, mimicking the qualities of down. This means that it is very breathable. It also allows heat to dissipate and not get trapped around the sleeper.  

It also benefits from box stitching to prevent the innards moving around.

This silk comforter is machine washable. It will hold its shape during laundering.

Natural mulberry silk is not white. It’s more of an ivory color, and this can be seen through the cover.

The Lilysilk Silk Comforter

5. Best down alternative comforter for your health and environment (and best value)

I was really impressed with the Holy Lamb Organics Cool Comfort Wool Comforter

Extensive variety of models and styles for the whole family

There are 3 specific temperature weights offered by Holy Lamb Organics:

  • Cool Comfort comforter;
  • Perfect Comfort comforter; and
  • Extra Warmth comforter.

The Cool Comfort is perfect if you live in a very hot climate or you tend to sleep very hot.  One Florida-based customer said the Cool Comfort was great for when the air con is on in the hotter humid months and during the cooler months too.

Perfect Comfort is the ‘Goldilocks’ option and is “just right”. This is the most popular with regular sleepers.

Extra Warmth, you guessed it, would suit a very cold climate or if you sleep cold.

The Cool Comfort model I recommend for hot sleepers is available in five sizes:

  • Twin
  • Full/Queen
  • King
  • Crib.

The Perfect Comfort and Extra Warmth also comes in a Twin, Full/Queen and King.

You get more value for your money 

Follow the special instructions provided to get the best results from putting this comforter in a washing machine at home. There is no need to spend extra dollars on dry cleaning this comforter during its lifetime.

Holy Lamb Organics offer the option of having two of these light comforters attach neatly together at the corners. This means that you can adapt your bedding to the weather and your personal needs. Keep one on your bed during the hot months and double up during the cold months.

This comforter is handmade in the USA. The edge of the comforter is hand stitched. It is hand tufted in the middle to stop the wool fill from moving and enable washing

If you buy your Holy Lamb Organic comforter from you will qualify for free shipping in the US. With the other comforters I’ve reviewed in this article, you pay shipping in addition to the purchase price.

It’s the best for your health

Holy Lamb Organics use a 100% pure wool filling called Eco Wool. This type of wool is higher quality than ordinary wool. Why? The presence of herbicides, hormones, chemical pesticides and antibiotics are minimized.

The cover is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton using 300 thread count. Although this cotton is grown and woven in India, it is milled in the USA.

There are no polyester-blended threads used when sewing this mattress. Holy Lamb organics insist on 100% cotton threads.

The Holy Lamb Organics Cool Comfort Wool Comforter


How To Look After Your Down Comforter?

Natural down comforters are notoriously difficult to wash. Down doesn’t react well with soapy water, and often a trip through the wash can transform a fluffy and luxurious comforter into a lumpy, useless mess.

Detergent strips down feathers of their natural oils. If you do have to wash a down comforter, use a light detergent and cold water.

Add a couple of tennis balls when drying your comforter in a dryer to help to break up any clumps of feathers that form.

Whatever your comforter is filled with, fluffing it daily and airing it out on a washing line regularly will greatly reduce the need for cleaning.

best comforter

Air out your comforter regularly for freshness

Photo Credit Alisa Anton. Source: Unsplash

When storing your comforter, do so in a breathable bag, hanging up in a closet if possible. This allows air flow, which will keep it fresher for longer.

The Final Verdict

So, who will be crowned the best comforter to stay cool? This is a tough one. It comes down to your personal comfort, affordability and your view on ethically sourced down feathers.

If you are looking for the best duvet insert for hot sleepers, here are my two recommendations…

The best down comforter for hot sleepers is the Pinzon Medium Warmth Goose Down Comforter. This one has all the bases covered if you want to stay cool in winter.  The 75% natural goose down is light and fluffy and benefits from down’s amazing insulating properties. It is ethically sourced. It is guaranteed hypoallergenic. Its Oeko-Tex certification is great if you have chemical sensitivities. On a practical note, it is machine washable. Most importantly, it’s warm enough to use in winter, but will also allow you to keep your cool overnight. 

Ready to stay cool in winter with the Pinzon Down Comforter? Click for more information.

The best comforter for night sweats is the Holy Lamb Organics Cool Comfort Wool Comforter. It is the healthiest comforter I’ve reviewed in this article. The cotton and wool fill is all natural, reducing your exposure to harmful chemicals, pesticides etc. It is handmade, so great care is taken in its construction. It is machine-washable which removes the maintenance costs associated with dry cleaning. And it also packs a punch in terms of value.

Holy guacamole Batman! Click here for the Holy Lamb Organics Cool Comfort Wool Comforter.

Hot sleepers need to keep warm in winter but not in a way that stifles them and creates discomfort. I hope you found an option for the best comforter for night sweats by reading this article.