More Romance and Sex? My Softest Duvet Cover Reviews

softest duvet cover reviews

Does the softest duvet cover material make a significant to romance in bedroom? You betcha! Whether it’s cuddling or sex, a coarse and scratchy duvet cover against your skin is a definite romance killer. In the heat of the moment, you find yourself regretting that you bought a cheap and nasty duvet cover, made with synthetic materials. Read my top 3 softest duvet cover reviews to ramp up the romance without distraction!


Better Bed Solutions finds every possible way of helping you to get the best rest. Thanks for stopping by to read my softest duvet cover reviews. These duvet covers are made with the softest organic cotton. They are comfortable, healthy and of high quality. You don’t want cheap and scratchy. The softest duvet cover material is a little luxury in life. Live a little. It can make a significant difference to a comfortable night’s sleep.

What Difference Does Soft Duvet Covers Make?

It’s Better For Romance

When you want romance in the bedroom, 73% of Americans said that sheets and bedding make a difference. So imagine the difference that soft sheets in summer and soft duvet covers in the colder months would make. Throw out the scratchy ones, they won’t a good impression!

It’s Comfortable

In another poll, 86% of respondents said that comfortable sheets made a difference to their sleep.

A duvet cover comes directly in contact with your skin all night long. That’s one reason why finding the softest duvet cover material is important to comfort in bed.

Less Toxins

Duvet covers made with synthetic materials can bring toxins into your bedroom. These toxins are chemicals (dyes, bleach etc.) touch your skin. These chemicals are released in the air that you breathe whilst you sleep.
So in my research for the top softest duvet cover reviews, I found those made with organic cotton. Organic cotton contains less toxins that conventional cotton because it isn’t processed as much during manufacturing. This also means that organic cotton has a lower carbon footprint.
That means these duvet covers are not only ultra comfortable but they are ultra healthy too!

My Top 3 Softest Duvet Covers

There are endless choices available for duvet covers online. But those choices come down to three when you’re looking for soft and organic.

Yep, just three.

That makes your decision on which is best for you much easier.

Here are my top 3 organic and softest duvet cover material choices:

Duvet Cover

My Rating

BEST WHITE OPTION***Organics and More***


BEST COLORED***Organic Textiles***


Magnolia Organics


The Quality Of The Cotton

After a long day, nothing beats the feeling of slipping into a dreamily soft, smooth and fresh bed.
The comfort of a bed is principally defined by the quality of the mattress. But the softness and comfort of the bedding is also important. This is especially true when that bedding comes in direct contact with your skin.
Have you ever slept in a hotel where the sheets felt luxuriously soft and silky? Chances are, the reason they felt so good is down to the high quality of the cotton.
Why does the quality of the cotton—and how it is produced—so critical to the softest duvet cover material?
In the next section, I will talk about the benefits of organic cotton over conventional cotton

Why Regular Cotton Duvet Covers Are Bad?

What you need to know

Let’s take a look at the humble cotton plant. In the last 50 years, it has been sprayed with a whole range of toxic pesticides. It is estimated that less than 10% of spraying actually keep the plants bug-free. The rest remains in the air and water systems. The outcome? Local wildlife and human populations poisoned over generations.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to seek out organic cotton, then think of your own health.

Do you want to breath in toxins like formaldehyde and heavy metals while you sleep? Well these toxins are inside these industrially manufactured textiles.
Chlorine bleach is used to whiten cotton textiles. These remain in the fibers of the products that you buy. Think sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers.
Your bedroom should be an oasis of health and well being for your family. The last thing you want to do is introduce poisons.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is your friend is better for your health.
Cotton grown organically is processed much like it was 100 years ago. Natural fertilizers. No toxic chemicals. It’s dependent on well managed crop rotation for soil fertility, instead of synthetic nasties.
The land where organic cotton is grown is different to regular cotton. It must be guaranteed to be pesticide free for at least three years before it can be planted there. This avoids pesticides. It is healthy for the plant, the farmers and their families and you, who buys the finished product.
In the developing world, serious health problems, including birth defects and premature deaths, have been caused by contact with these powerful chemicals.
When you read my individual softest duvet cover reviews later on in this post, you will see they are all made with organic cotton.
Softest duvet cover material

Third party certifications

I hope I’ve convinced you that organic cotton is less damaging to you and the planet than regular cotton.
We live busy lives, I get it. I now we have the best intentions. We want to think about buying products that are better for our health. Better for the planet. But we don’t have the time to make sure that every item that we buy is responsibly produced. That is why third party organizations are around to independently check and review products for you. Are products really organic? Are they really healthy for you? All you need to do is look out for their official logos and know whether they are legit or not.
Here is one organization that is legit. Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). They are an international leader in textile processing standards for organic fibers. They look at the entire process. Their assessment starts with the harvesting of the raw materials. It finishes with the final product that ends up in your home. They ensure manufacturers behave in a socially and environmentally responsible way.
My softest duvet cover material picks are all GOTS certified. Each manufacturer keeps their detailed GOTS documentation certificate. 

What Creates The Ultimate Softness?

Cotton is a soft, fluffy material. This is why it has been used for bedding and clothing for so long (about 5000 years, in fact).
Softness in cotton is down to a few factors.
The soft, fluffy natural fibers of the cotton flower are spun into threads. The longer the fibers the better. The length of the fiber dictates the quality, and ultimately the softness of the finished product. Shorter fibers tend to make the thread weaker and can stick out, reducing softness. More on this later.

These cotton threads are then woven, using numerous different methods, into sheets of fabric. How they are woven can also help to make the end product softer. This brings us onto the subject of thread count.

What About Thread Counts?

What does thread count mean?

Whenever one delves into the world of sheets and duvet covers, the words ‘thread count’ soon come up. But what does the term really mean?

When cotton is woven, horizontal and vertical threads are interlinked to create fabric. Thread count is simply the amount of threads that are interwoven into each square inch of fabric. Thread count of 500? This means that in each square inch of fabric there are 500 individual threads of cotton, counting lengthwise and crosswise.  

Is a higher thread count better?

You would assume the higher the thread count, the stronger and more durable the sheet will be. And you would be wrong.

Thread count and softness

Thread count also contributes to softness. The finer the threads are woven together, the softer the feel of the material against your skin.  

What is a good quality thread count?

Good quality cotton for bedding ranges between about 200 and 800. Anything above that is unrealistic, and a cause to be skeptical.
From my research, the best organic cotton bedding has a thread count from about 200-500.

Who should use organic cotton bedding?

A simple answer here is everyone, unless you have cotton allergies of course.
Let’s deal with the elephant in the room. Yes, organic cotton bedding is more expensive than regular cotton. But the benefits, as outlined above, are worth it.  Keeping your sleeping environment safe and healthy should be a priority for everyone, and this is a great place to start.
Do you have sensitive skin or eczema like me? Organic cotton is the best possible fabric. Why? It contains no chemicals or additives that might irritate the skin.

Why A Combed Cotton Duvet Cover Is Better?

Normal cotton uses cotton fibers that are twisted together into a yarn. Then the fibers go through a weaving process to make the finished  material.
Combed cotton is the result of a spinning process. Fine brushes are pulled through the cotton fibers. This removes any short or imperfect strands. About 15% of the overall weight is removed during this process. What fibers remain are long and strong, They won’t unravel or fray.
Combed cotton, therefore is ideal for bedding as it is soft and strong at the same time.

Softest Duvet Cover Reviews – Comparison Table

Manufacturer Organics and More Organic Textiles Magnolia Organics
Name of range Naturesoft True Certified Dream Collection
Cover material Organic Cotton Organic Cotton Organic Cotton
Certifications GOTS GOTS GOTS
Cotton process
  • Combed
  • Ringspun
Combed Combed
Color/s Natural/plain White, blue, ivory, sage, natural and lilac. White, natural, chocolate, laurel oak, dark grey and moroccan blue.
Dye Non chemical-based Non chemical-based Low impact natural
Thread Count Unknown 350 300
Finish Flannel Sateen Lustrous (like sateen)
Corner ties No Yes No
Cover close Zipper Buttons Buttons
Comes with matching pillow cases Yes No Yes
Origin USA India India
Organic packaging No Yes No
Price range (queen size) Under $120 Under $110 Under $100
Feature Comparison Table

Best white softest duvet cover material – Organics and More

Pros Cons
Made in the USA No corner ties
Cotton sourced in USA Use in winter only
No plastic packaging  
Combed, ring spun cotton  


This Organics and More duvet cover is made in South Carolina.
The 100% GOTS certified organic cotton is sourced in the USA.
This duvet cover avoids the use of any coloring. The natural cotton color is described as an off-white/ cream color.
This cotton in these duvet covers is ‘combed’ and ‘ringspun’. Ringspun cotton yarn has been through another  spinning process. This straightens out the fibers while softening them. This also serves to strengthen the yarn.
Organics and More describe their duvet cover as ‘cotton flannel’. What does ‘flannel’ mean? The cotton has been brushed on both sides to create a textured, fuzzy ultra-soft finish. The flannel finish makes this duvet cover warm. Reviewers on agree. This cover is perfect for coziness in the winter months, especially if you live in a colder climate.
This duvet cover can be washed on a cool setting. Tumble dry it on low. Remember to take it out of the drier before it’s fully dry to avoid damaging the cotton. We’ll talk more on maintenance later.
This duvet cover doesn’t have corner ties to secure the duvet inside.

The duvet, or comforter, is sealed into the cover using a zipper.

The cover comes with two matching pillowcases.

The cotton carry-bag for the cover and pillowcases is great for storage. I love the fact that this company don’t use any plastic packaging, thus further protecting our precious planet.

Based on my extensive research on the softest duvet cover reviews, my best pick is the Organics and More duvet cover.

**Check out the Organics and More Softest Duvet Cover by clicking here**

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Organic Textiles Sateen Weave Cotton Duvet Cover


Pros Cons
6 colors No free pillow shams
Dyes won’t fade Not made in the USA
Guaranteed delivery time
Use all year around
Use cover with duvet or quilt
Comes pre-shrunk
Organic Textiles LLC is a California based bedding manufacturer. They specialize in producing bedding made with toxin-free, natural materials. In business for 30 years, they have done extensive research into the effects of non-organic materials on people’s health.
The organic cotton they source for their duvet covers is grown and processed in India.
To match your bedroom decor, Organic Textiles offers six colors – white, blue, ivory, sage, natural and lilac.
The cotton and the dyes used are both GOTS certified. Approved organic dyes are not regular vegetable dyes. They do not fade or wash off

The cover has a 350 thread count.

It’s made with a combed cotton process. This means that all short strands and imperfection have been brushed out, leaving only strong and soft fibers.

Organic Textiles use a sateen weave. The cover will be smooth and soft with a silky finish.

The cover can be washed in warm water, and they have been ‘pre-shrunk’, so they won’t come out of the wash a size smaller. Users say this duvet cover wrinkles moderately. As a tip, fold it immediately as it comes out of the dryer to minimize wrinkles.

This duvet cover comes with inner ties to hold your duvet firmly in place. How does it work? Along the bottom edge, there is an envelope style opening. It is sealed with wooden buttons. The buttons are about the size of a quarter. These buttons are hidden from view when the cover is placed on your bed.  

Organic Textiles take organic to the next level. Their buttons are made from organic wood. The whole product comes wrapped up in an organic packaging.
Will this duvet cover work with a quilt? Yes. It will cover quilt in size 88 x 88 inches (up to 90 x 90). 
The cover is dispatched from California. Organic Textile guarantee you order will arrive to you within 1-3 days if you live in mainland USA and order from
Organic Textiles doesn’t offer free pillow shams. But matching ones can be purchased separately, on their website.
The True Certified is my best pick if you needed a colored option. Sure the colors are not as exciting as the Dream Collection (below). But I like that the dyes won’t fade and that it comes pre-shrunk. It also has the softest duvet cover material.

**Click here for the latest price on the Organic Textiles Softest Duvet Cover**

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Magnolia Organics Dream Collection


Pros Cons
No plastic packaging No corner ties
Combed, ring spun cotton Buttons can break easily
Reusable cotton shoulder bag Not made in the USA
Exciting range of colors Colors you see on screen are not what you actually get
Guaranteed Fair Trade

Reviewers described the finish of the cover as similar to sateen. It has a smooth silky surface with some sheen. This is often described as ‘lustrous’, and gives the ultimate silky soft feel against your skin.
Magnolia Organics only uses low-impact natural dyes.The cotton used is GOTS certified.
All of the cotton, from spinning to packaging, happens in India. 

The thread count here is 300. This is more than enough to provide luxurious softness, as explained earlier. 

The duvet cover comes with two free matching pillow cases.

Magnolia Organics does not provide corner ties to hold your insert in place. Some people find that their duvet moves around inside the duvet cover. Some reviewers mentioned that they had sewn in ties to keep theirs in place.

Along the bottom of the duvet cover is a line of buttons. These are described as ‘shell like’, It’s mother of pearl. Unfortunately, several reviews mention that over time these can crack and fall off. A few people have said that they replaced them with more solid, wooden buttons.

Finally, a feature which is much praised in the reviews that I read. The whole set comes in a reusable organic cotton shoulder bag. This not only saves on on-time plastic packaging for the duvet set, it also means that you can save on plastic bags in the future. As a dedicated opponent of single use plastic myself, I really liked this added touch by Magnolia Organics.

In terms of maintenance, this cover can be washed in warm water. Tumble dry a low heat without any negative effects.

Out of my Top 3 picks for the softest duvet cover material, what makes this cover stand out from the crowd?

This duvet cover is the most popular on Amazon. This is based on the number of reviews it received.

It offers the most exciting range of colors. This provides the greatest flexibility with your bedroom decor. It is available in six shades – white, natural, chocolate, laurel oak, dark grey and Moroccan blue.  The majority of reviewers describe the ‘dark grey’ as having a distinctly purple tinge. The ‘laurel oak’ is a shade of olive green, and the ‘Morrocan blue’ is described as more like a dark teal. The ‘natural’ is a light tan or cream shade. That said, the reviews that I read highly praised the aesthetics of the colors themselves.

The production of the duvet cover takes place in a ‘Fair Trade Environment’. This cover is guaranteed ‘Fair Trade’. What does this mean? The factory manufacturers adhere to the rules of the international Fair Trade movement. This aims to ensure that workers in developing countries are paid fair prices for produce, and given the labor rights that they deserve.

**View the color and reviews of the Dream Collection on Amazon here**

Full Disclosure: We receive a commission if you purchase through this link at no additional cost to you.

An important thing to note here is that the color that you see on your computer screen may not exactly match the color of the duvet set that you receive.

General Maintenance Of Your Duvet Cover

To keep your softest duvet cover material in good shape for as long as possible, there are a couple of things to remember.

Firstly, organic cotton does not like chemicals. It has been produced without the use of chemicals, so don’t start adding them in your home. This means using only a mild detergent as  strong detergents contain powerful, abrasive ingredients that will damage your natural cotton. Many people even advise to rinse your washing machine with plain water before washing your organic duvet covers, if you usually use conventional detergents.

Bleach is the second enemy of organic cotton. Avoid the use of it totally. The colors in your organic duvet cover will not fade any faster than normal. Natural dyes have just as much staying power. However, do wash your duvet covers with similar colored items for the first few washes.

Always wash your organic cotton in a cool or warm water, not hot. Heating up your cotton too much will damage the fibers and can cause shrinkage. The same goes for tumble drying. Dry on a light heat only. Avoid over-drying. Take your organic cotton items out of the drier before they are fully dry.

How often should you wash your duvet cover? For sheets, medical professionals recommend weekly. I’d go with that.

How To Put On Your Duvet Cover The Fast Way

Sick of getting yourself entangled in the duvet cover as you put it on your duvet like me? I admit, my kids love laughing at mommy inside the duvet cover!

Here is a trick called the “Californian Roll”. Don’t ask me why it’s Californian. OMG I wish I knew this trick sooner!


Pillow cases

Organics and More plus Magnolia Organics provide matching organic pillow shams with their organic duvet covers. Organic Textiles offers the possibility of buying them separately, to complete the look of your bed.

Organic under sheet

I would pair my organic duvet set with a good quality organic undersheet.

I would recommend this one by Whisper Organics. Here’s what you should know about these sheets:

  • They come in 3 colors – natural, dark grey and white.
  • Made in India.
  • GOTS certified.
  • Available in fitted and flat sheets. The elastic goes all the way around the mattress.
  • They fit a mattress up to 15 inches thick. The pockets 16 inches deep.
  • Sateen finish.

A good warm layer

Complement your soft duvet cover with the fluffiest down comforter.

If you sleep hot but still need a comforter for Winter, check The Best Comforter To Stay Cool.

A good book

Add a good book to a comfy comforter, sheets and pillow cases plus the softest cover. This is a recipe to drift off into a luxuriously natural and toxin-free sleep.

Final Verdict

I hope you’ve got alot out of my softest duvet cover reviews.

If you want a white version of the softest duvet cover material, the winner is the Organics and More duvet cover. And here’s why this one stands out:

  • The extra processes the cotton goes through. This adds to the overall comfort and softness of the finished fabric. That seals the deal for me. The cotton has been combed, ring spun and then brushed on both sides to give it the flannel effect. 
  • The cotton is grown and processed in the USA cuts down on transportation costs, and leaves less of a carbon footprint. What’s good for the environment is good for you and me.  

It is  true that the Organics and More option is marginally the most expensive of the three choices. But great night’s sleep is always a sound investment.

If you want a colored version of the softest duvet cover material, the Organic Textiles True Certified duvet is your best option. 


Thanks and all the best with your sleep,