TV In Bedroom – Bad For Marriage And Sex?

What's your opinion on TV in the bedroom, bad for marriage or sex or is it good for relationships? Some people believe having a television in the bedroom is something that is quite undesirable since this not only interferes with your sleeping patterns, but also with your romantic life, especially sex.


More and more married couples these days prefer not to include a television set in their master bedrooms as it invades their privacy and interrupts their sex life to a considerable degree. But it comes down to a personal decision - TV or no TV. For my husband and I, he wants a TV in our bedroom and I don't. So for me, TV in our bedroom is bad for our marriage and sex.

With regard to sex life, in particular, there are a number of pros and cons with having a TV in the bedroom that are worth keeping in mind, especially if you are wondering whether to remove the TV that you already have in your bedroom to another part of your home or not.



  • May stimulate a mood for intimacy and sex
  • Distracts you from having sex after a hard day at work
  • Inspires you with new ideas for sex to explore
  • Prevents sexual intimacy
  • Improve your sex life
  • Could interrupt sex
  • Column 1
  • Could make you lazy enough to avoid sex

Distracts you from having sex after a long day at work

A TV in the bedroom can distract you from engaging in your favorite sexual activity, especially when you are tired. At the end of a long day, you may just want to tune into your favorite shows on television rather than engage in a sexual romp with your partner.


Prevents sexual intimacy

For me, this is one of the biggest reasons why I believe TV in the bedroom is bad for marriage and sex. I find it distracting!! But then I am the type of person who is easily distracted. How about you?

The very presence of the TV in your room will present you with the option of avoiding any sexual intimacy with your partner, even if you are really in the mood for it and don’t want to have sex; you would prefer to watch TV instead of spending your energy having sex with your partner.

Interrupts regular sexual activity for couples

Having frequent sexual experiences in the course of one evening or night is going to be less possible when you have a TV on in your bedroom. Why? Distraction. "Let's have a break?", "I just want to see this" or "I just <fill in the blank>"...Somebody will grab the remote and switch on the news channel, or any other channel to watch something. The mood will be lost. End of sex. Is it just me, or do you feel things could end this way in your bedroom with the TV blaring.


I get distracted very easily by the TV. My husband calls me "suction cap eyes". I fix my gaze and am completely distracted, to the point that I forgot why I walked into the TV room in the first place!

Put a TV in my bedroom and my husband and I would never talk, let alone have sex. Well, there are the commercial breaks - ha ha!

Would you "go through the motions" but top of your mind are thoughts of seeing the next episode of Game of Thrones or Westworld??? Be honest, you won't be showing up your best for sex if you are preoccupied with seeing your favorite characters or show! watch on television! You could, of course, use those thoughts of Jon Snow during intercourse - no harm in a little fantasizing! Did I just think and write that??? My poor husband!!

Could make you lazy enough to avoid sex

There can be nothing quite as nice as snuggling up against your partner and watching a romantic movie or television show together in the late evening or night.

While it is usually believed that this can lead to some great sex, it is actually not true.

Watching a movie together in bed is definitely romantic (especially if it's cold). But it will also make you feel lazy and not want to go through all the rigorous physical activity that sex demands. Unless what you're watching was intended to stimulate a sexual mood! But I will explore that strategy soon!

Most people get comfy. They would prefer to go to sleep after the movie is over, in the arms of their partner, rather than stimulate their senses and enjoy a great night of sex.

You've heard of the couch potato, right? I believe a TV in the bedroom could create the bed potato!​

Makes you feel stimulated enough to have sex

However, having a television in the bedroom can also be a good thing for your sex life depending on how you perceive things. For instance, watching a sex scene on TV could make you feel all tingly from within, making you want to get right into your own sex scene with your spouse or partner.

Let's play this scenario if the TV was in the lounge room and not in the bedroom. Feeling sleepy? Switch off TV and head for bed. Ahhhhh, a peaceful and quiet night at home. 

Inspires you with ideas for sex

Some of the things that you see on television may provide you with ideas on how to better your sex life, and which you can start implementing right after you switch off the television.

An erotic moment in a movie which you watch with your partner while in bed can definitely get you thinking, and sooner rather than later, you and your partner are going to find your hands all over each other making out like never before—something that you had definitely not anticipated when you had opened the television a few hours ago.


Improves your sex life in certain ways

There are some couples who like to turn on their favorite musical channels on television and then have sex, coordinating their sexual moves along with the beat of the music. This in turn makes for a wonderful sex life.

Having sex while listening to music can even bring about an improvement in your sex life if it has been dull of late, and this is how having a television set in your bedroom can really boost your sex life.

You can get to be as creative and as innovative as you would like to be when having sex while music plays on the TV, impressing your partner like never before, and leading him or her to get even more interested in you.


Getting comfortable watching TV in bed

The whole point about watching TV in your bed is that is meant to be far more comfortable than watching TV from your sofa or chair in your living area. You have pillows and in colder months, you can snuggle under the duvet, right?

What could ruin your TV watching experience is watching TV at an angle that is bad for your neck and back. So here are some options to watching TV without waking up sore and stiff:

1. Sit up and prop yourself up with pillows against the wall or bedhead.

2. Ensure the TV is at the height of your eyes whilst in bed or slightly higher. If you are bending your neck down with your eyes set low or bending your neck up with your eyes set high to watch TV, you will have a stiff neck.

3. To get your TV as close to your eye height as possible, place the TV on a shelf, chest of drawers, inside a built-in cabinet (like the photo below)​.

TV mounted inside a built-in cabinet Source

4. You can also have your TV wall-mounted. You can mount it flat and fixed against a wall or with an adjustable mount. 

TV mounted flat against a wall Source

For some interesting adjustable wall mounts for your TV, check out the video below.

insert video 1 here

​You can pull the mount towards you and push it back against the wall when you finish. You can adjust the angle and tilt the TV to suit your eyes and neck. You can even find adjustable wall mounts that conceal your TV if you find an exposed TV a little ugly or want to minimize dust collection in your bedroom. 

Check out Amazon's best selling wall mount here. You can tilt, swivel and rotate your TV for maximum viewing flexibility. It's suitable for a 22-50 inch or 37-70 inch LED LCD plasma flat screen monitor. Available for under $50. It has received over 17,000 customer reviews and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

For something more advanced, this wall mount gives you full motion, again for under $50 from You can tilt the TV up and down to reduce glare, you can swivel right or left and you can pull the TV out from the wall and retract it back. This mount is suited to a  ​22-50 inch plasma flat screen, OLED, LED or LCD TV. Over 1,000 buyers rated this product with a score of 4.8 out of 5.

Or for something simpler, allowing just a forward and backward tilt, check out this extension arm tilt swivel wall mount​. This unit would suit most 15 to 27 inch LED TV fplat panel screen. It's rated a 4.5 out of 5 from nearly 5,000 customer reviews.

Are you watching an ipad instead and just can't get comfortable? Take a look at the video below for the solution.

insert video 2 here


Thus, having a television set in the bedroom has its pros and cons as far as your sex life is concerned. While it can be quite annoying and distracting for sexual activity, it can also boost your sex life and improve it beyond imagination.

What's your experience with having a TV in your bedroom? Drop a comment below.​