My Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress Review (There’s A Few Surprises)

ultimate dreams eurotop latex mattress

The problem with shopping for mattresses is that each brand boasts that theirs is the best, the most comfortable, and the most supportive. How can you really know that these claims are true? Today, we are going to give you a completely unbiased review of the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress.

Quick intro…This 12-inch Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress has a a zipper cover for easy cleaning. It’s made from a high-density base foam for greater support. It can be completely tailored to your firmness needs, so you will have a mattress that gives you just the right amount of support, and is comfortable enough to let you sleep soundly throughout the night.


– Made from quality materials: hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

– Value for your money. A healthier alternative to conventional latex mattresses priced at below $1,000.

– Plenty of support to help you sleep better and wake up with fewer aches and pains.

– Reduced motion transfer for a better sleep with a partner.

– Sleeps cool so you don’t end up sweating at night. Great for humid climate like Florida.

– Great customer support ensures that you get exactly what you need.


– Not as supportive around the edges as it is in other areas of the mattress.

– Some noticeable off-gassing, which is usually gone in about 12 hours.

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The 3 Surprises You Didn’t Know

  1. Customizable for your preferred level of firmness
  2. Quilted bamboo cover is made from 100 percent biodegradable bamboo fibers and reflex foam
  3. Weight capacity of 300 pounds per individual.

Who Can Use This Mattress?

Some mattresses are best for side sleepers.

Others are best for back sleepers.

Others are too firm, while others are too soft.

The really cool thing about this Ultimate Dreams Eurotop mattress is that it is great for anyone weighing up to 300 pounds, no matter how you sleep. Because you can customize it to your perfect level of support, you can make sure that it is just right for the way you like to sleep.

This is also a great mattress for those who tend to move around a lot in their sleep. It only takes a few minutes for the foam to readjust to the way you are laying, ensuring that all of the pressure points receive just the right amount of support.

What Makes This A Healthy Mattress vs Conventional Latex Mattresses?

There was a time when people shopped for mattresses with only three criteria in mind: comfort, support, and price.

Today, we know a lot more about the need for a good night’s sleep, and we understand that there is a lot more to a good quality mattress than just these three criteria. To find our just how toxic a conventional mattress can be, check out my post on the 7 health hazards lurking inside your mattress.

In order for a mattress to be considered “healthy”, there are many things that we need to look at. When looking at the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress, you will find that there are many things that make it “healthy”, including:

  • Dust mite resistant
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Antibacterial properties
  • CertiPUR Certified
  • Breathability so you don’t sleep too hot
  • Orthopedic support.


Getting To Know The Layers Inside This Mattress

This mattress has three main layers:

– Bamboo Knit Cover/Eurotop – 1.5 inches

– Talalay Latex Comfort Layer – 3 inches

– High-Density Polyfoam Base – 8 inches.


We should probably take a moment to clarify something here. There is a slight difference between Eurotop and Pillowtop covers. Yes, they are very similar since they give you an added layer of comfort. The only real difference is that a Eurotop cover lines up perfectly with the mattress edges, making it look neater and more uniform.

The Ultimate Dreams Eurotop has a 1.5-inch, extra-soft Eurotop cover that is made with reflex foam.

The Cover

Now we want to talk about the cover. It is made from 100 percent biodegradable bamboo fibers. Because it is made from natural fibers, it has more breathability, and it is extremely soft, even softer than cotton. Bamboo is also extremely durable, which is going to help add to the lifespan of this mattress.

One little issue that we did find is that if you remove the cover to clean it, it can be a bit difficult to put it back on. The zipper can snag on the latex and damage it. You just need to be really careful when zipping the cover back up.

Comfort Layer

Under the cover you will find three inches of Talalay latex. This material is perforated with tons of little holes that let the cool air escape, giving this mattress plenty of breathability. This is the ideal mattress for those who find that other mattresses sleep too hot. Because this is a latex product, it is also going to be extremely durable, so you won’t have to run out and buy another new mattress for at least 8-10 years.

High Density Base Layer

The eight-inch foam base is designed to give you even more airflow, and make the mattress even more comfortable than other foam mattresses. It has a 2 pcf density, which makes it more durable when compared to other mattresses with a density of 1.8 pcf. It can also be customized.

You don’t want a mattress that is so soft that it offers no support, but you also don’t want one that is so firm that you feel like you are sleeping on a rock. When you order the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress, you can customize it to your perfect level of firmness. After you place your order, you will see a notification that you will be contacted about customization.

If you are worried about choosing the wrong support level, don’t worry that you will have wasted a thousand dollars. You can have a second chance to get the best comfort and support for you and exchange the mattress for one that is customized differently. Customers say that the service is great, and that employees are sincere in their desire to help.

How Supportive Is This Mattress?

We’ve mentioned this a few times in my Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress review – customization of the level of firmness. This can be especially great for anyone who tends to move around a lot in their sleep. It will perfectly align to your body as you move, so you will always have just the right amount of support where it is needed.

One of the biggest problems people have with a foam mattress is that it is difficult to move, and that it doesn’t bounce back to shape and into a new shape quickly enough. We have noticed that customers do not say that about this mattress. Moving around and adjusting your sleeping position doesn’t seem to be an issue. This is likely because the mattress is made with latex, which has a lot of give.

How does that work?

The cover of the Ultimate Dreams Europtop Latex mattress zippers off to reveal the top latex layer of the mattress. This layer can be swapped out for something more or less firm to give you more comfort. It’s called the “exchangable comfort layer”. Once you have purchased the mattress, the customer support team will contact you to discuss how to tailor the comfort/firmness of the mattress to suit you, using a 1-10 comfort scale. 1 is considered very firm and 10 is very soft.

This is a very unique service. It gives you some flexibility. Should you feel the layers that were delivered to you were not comfortable, change them up to suit your preference.

There is no cost to this service but let me explain how it works. You need to provide a $200 deposit for the new customized latex layer. This will arrive in an oversized box so you can send the old latex layer back to Dreamfoam. Shipping the old latex layer is free (DreamFoam will include prepaid delivery labels inside the box the new layer arrived in) but you will have to get the box to your nearest Fedex shipping store. Once Dreamfoam receives the old latex layer, they will refund you the $200 deposit.

How Comfortable Is This Mattress?

Edge Support

For the most part, this mattress has pretty decent edge support. If you tend to sit on the absolute edge though, the support will not be as good. Laying on the side of the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress doesn’t seem to be an issue, and there seems to be plenty of support. There is a bit more sinking when you sit right on the edge, but overall, it is acceptable.

Don’t you just hate it when your partner moves around in bed, and you end up waking up because of the motion? If this is a big problem for you, a foam mattress such as this one is definitely something you should be considering. Motion transfer is minimal with a foam mattress. This means you will sleep better due to the comfort and support AND you won’t be jostled around all night long by someone who tends to move around a lot. This mattress may not be as motionless as memory foam, but we think you will be pleased with the low level of motion transfer.

**Why don’t you check out some of the customer reviews on for this mattress to see what other people think about the motion transfer?**

Will you sleep hot?

One of the things that can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep is being too hot. Many mattresses tend to retain your body heat. While this can be nice on a very chilly winter night, it is not so great in the summer when you are sweating and miserable. The Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress is unlike a lot of other foam mattresses in this way, because it has great temperature regulation features. It will actually cool down to room temperature within five minutes of you getting up (or moving to another position to cool down a bit).

Value For Money

You could spend upwards of $2,000 on a foam mattress, and even more when it has a Eurotop. But the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop is priced at right around $1,000. Definitely put it on your list when you start mattress shopping. You get all of the qualities that you would find in a big-name brand mattress, without having to spend more than you can afford.

It is a quality latex foam mattress that is going to offer plenty of support and be durable. You can expect it to last for a good 8-10 years, so you should get your money’s worth.

What’s the benefit of latex foam over memory foam? Check out the video below.

Is It Time To Replace Your Old Mattress?

Before we get into the review, you know a new mattress is a significant investment in your health and wellbeing. If you’re not too sure whether it’s time to replace your old mattress, have a read of my post on WHEN should you replace your old mattress.

Unboxing The Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress

One of the biggest complaints we have about foam mattresses is the smell when you first get one. When you take a foam mattress out of the box, there tends to be a fair amount of off-gassing. This is a chemical smell from the materials in the product. While there does seem to be a bit of off-gassing with this mattress, it is not nearly as bad as we have seen in other mattresses. Once you take it out of the box, it should take about 12 hours for the smell to dissipate.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

According to many customers,Dreamfoam is a company that goes above and beyond to make sure that they get just the right mattresses. They will work with you to customize your mattress to a level of support and comfort that is perfect for you.

Another way you know that you are getting a quality product is the warranty. Not only do you get to try out the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress in your home for 90 days, you also have a 10-year limited warranty that guarantees the mattress will be free of manufacturer defects.


If you are looking for a great deal on a mattress, you need to consider adding the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress to your list of mattresses. Learn more about it before you invest your hard-earned cash. We hope that we have given you all of the information about this mattress to help you make the best decision for your sleep needs.

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Full Disclosure: We receive a commission if you purchase through this link at no additional cost to you.

I hope you have enjoyed this Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress review.