Peace At Last! The Best Zero Motion Transfer Mattress (For Couples)

zero motion transfer mattress

Are you sick of being disturbed by your bed partner as they toss and turn during the night? I hear you! The way my husband sleeps, I feel like a small boat tossed in rough seas every night! Like you, I need every precious minute of my sleep so I can wake up recharged and energized to take on the next day being a mother of 2, a wife and working a job. So I’ve done a full investigation into the best zero motion transfer mattress for couples. Let’s see what I found out.

Why Do We Need A Zero Motion Transfer Mattress?

Our modern lifestyle only allows most of us around 8 hours a day in which to rest, if we’re lucky. So it’s vital that we take full advantage of that limited time by getting good quality, restorative sleep. I’ve written about the side effects of sleep deprivation in the past, and they aren’t pretty.

In my research about the causes of insomnia, I discovered that a surprisingly common cause of sleep deprivation in adults is sharing a bed with a partner. So if you want the best mattress for a restless partner, it seems you are not alone! There are a few reasons why bed sharing can disrupt your sleep:

  • Temperature regulation: two bodies in bed are warmer than one!
  • Snoring. Don’t get me started on snoring.
  • ‘Motion transfer’.

You may not even realize it but each time your partner moves around and turns over in their sleep, your sleep is disturbed.  And it turns out that men are more disruptive sleepers than women, on average. 

The terrible truth is that we sleep much better alone! Humans have only recently started to sleep two-to-a-bed. We’re just not used to it. So, if we insist on sleeping together, the least we can do is take steps to avoid ruining each other’s rest. We need to find a way to isolate the motion and movement of our bed partners for a better night’s sleep.

A Welcome Relief

For those whose partners’ nighttime activity is a problem (like the couple below), there is a solution. 

best motion isolation mattress

Modern mattresses are highly developed pieces of equipment. Among the clever features that are available today is ‘low or zero motion transfer’ mattress. It’s the best mattress for minimal partner disturbance. 

And luckily for us, some recent mattresses to come to the market excel in this department.

So, in the interest of sleep science, I’ve scoured the market to find the best motion isolation mattresses. These are the ones that won’t move around when one of you decide to roll over or get into or out of bed. I’ve picked my top four, and I’ll explain why below.

The Best Motion Isolation Mattresses

Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf offer two options, the ‘firm’, and the ‘medium firm’. For our purposes today, I’m going to look at the firm option, which rates at an 8 on the firmness scale.  

When trying to avoid motion transfer, dense memory foam is the ideal material for your mattress. It absorbs movement much better than any other type of bed.

Traditional spring mattresses just doesn’t support motion transfer as well as dense memory foam. A partner getting into an innerspring bed can cause a mini-earthquake for the dozing occupant! Not so with foam, as it absorbs energy much better.

The Loom and Leaf firm mattress has 4 layers of premium 5lb memory foam, of varying thicknesses. The 5.5” support base level is topped by three thinner layers of memory foam. Working together, they create a solid but comfortable sleeping surface, that will absorb the movement of the sleepers.

Several Amazon reviews that I read about this mattress praised it’s low motion transfer and suitability for couples. Keep in mind that the Loom and Leaf ‘firm’ option may take a bit of getting used to. If you feel that it’s too firm for you, you can swap it for the ‘relaxed firm’ easily and without fuss. Take a look at this blog post where i compare the firm vs. relaxed firm.


Helix produce a fully personalized mattress to suit your exact needs. When buying a Helix mattress, you fill in a questionnaire about your sleeping habits and mattress preferences. If motion transfer is an issue for you, just say so and Helix will tailor your mattress to your individual requirements.

Helix makes‘hybrid’ mattresses. They use a combination of memory foam and springs. What’s clever here is that the springs that they use are individually pocketed microcoils. This means that they’re not connected. The coils can react independently of each other. When your partner moves and compresses their side, it will not affect the springs on your side.

What really impressed me with this offering is that they include the option of having a split mattress. If you and your partner prefer different firmness levels, Helix can make one side of the bed firmer than the other. This is achieved by using different types and densities of foam around the microcoil layer.

For those of us suffering with a restless partner, this is ideal, as the split between the two sides also adds to the energy-absorbing qualities of the mattress. Your partner can roll around on their firm half while you happily sink into your nice soft patch. Sounds good?

If you and your bed partner have different weights, listen up! Heavier sleepers often find a firmer mattress more comfortable than a lighter person, and with this option you can have the best of both worlds.

The Helix mattress will support up to 500lbs of combined weight.


On to the second of our hybrid options—the Wink Bed.

Here, again, we have a combination of an innerspring mattress surrounded by layers of memory foam. With the Wink Bed, two separate layers of coils are covered by a layer of foam and gel. These individually wrapped coils do a great job of isolating the motion of an active sleep partner.

The Wink Bed comes in three firmness options. Choose the best one for you. How can you reduce motion transfer in bed? For the best zero motion transfer mattress option, I wouldn’t choose the soft option. The firm option has an extra ‘zoned’ coil unit to help support your hip and lumbar area. This feature will reduce the transfer of motion between you and your bed partner as you move through the night. 

As an added benefit, this mattress also comes with the capability to adjust the temperature, using Wink’s CoolControl system. Not only will you sleep soundly without noticing your partner’s movements, you’ll do so without without breaking a sweat!


As a pure memory foam mattress, the Leesa Mattress offering offers great stability. This means that a restless partner’s nightly flailing shouldn’t affect your good rest.

Leesa use three layers of foam.

(1) The base is a solid, 6 inch core of very dense foam, providing structure and support.

(2) The base is topped by a 2 inch layer of contouring memory foam to provide comfort.

(3) The middle layer is then covered by another 2 inch layer. This top layer is Avena® Foam, a proprietary product designed to keep the sleeper cool.

Avena® Foam is a dense polyurethane foam. It’s the ideal surface for avoiding motion transfer. Several Leesa mattress reviews that I read backed this up. Customers agreed that this was a great option for those with active sleeping companions. 

A Roundup Of Features

Feature Loom and Leaf Helix Wink Leesa
Most Firm option Rating 8 (out of 10) Customizable Rating 7.5 6
Middle of the road firm option Rating 6.5
Least Firm option Rating 6 Rating 4.5
Materials Used 4 layers of 5lb foam Microcoils and memory foam Innerspring coils, foam and gel 3 layers of high-density foam
Price Range* Over $1000 Over $1000 Over $1000 Under $1000
Table of features

*The prices quoted above are for a Queen size mattress.

The Final Verdict

So, which of these is the best mattress for restless partners?

For me, it has to be the Helix. This is because the mattress is divided down the middle. When it comes to finding the best zero motion mattress, what could be better than sleeping on separate surfaces?

The Helix allows you to sleep with your partner on the same mattress while you both enjoy a personalized sleep experience.

This mattress is the ultimate in comfort and adaptability, and is available at a very competitive price.


So now you know the right mattress with no motion transfer.

If you, your partner, or both of you find that your sleep is being disturbed by sleeping together right now, you should really consider changing to one of these motion isolation mattresses.

Trust me, a good night’s sleep is invaluable.