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Quick Comparison of My Top Two Mattresses from Zinus


Zinus Airflow

(Memory Foam Green Tea mattress)

Zinus Ultra Plush

(Premium Ultra Plush Cloud-like mattress)

Zinus 12 inch green tea mattress
plush zinus mattress

The Basics


6, 8 ,10 and 12 inches

8, 10 and 12 inches


Twin, Full ,Queen and King

Twin, Full, Queen and King

Construction of the 12 inch mattress

2 inches of gel-infused memory foam and 10 inches of synthetic foams 

1 inch quilted cover, 2 inches of memory foam and 9 inches of other synthetic foams

Manufacturer's firmness scale (where 10 is the firmest)

8 inch mattress 4/10 (medium-plush)

10 inch mattress 3/10 (plush)

12 inch mattress 2/10 (very plush)

8 inch mattress 3/10 (plush)

10 inch mattress 2/10 (very plush)

12 inch mattress 1/10 (ultra plush)


My Healthy Mattress Rating



My extra comfort features rating




Under $300

Under $300

Full disclosure: We receive a commission if you purchase through this link at no additional cost to you.

Click here for a dedicated and detailed mattress review

Tabl​​​​e 1 Quick Comparison


  • Very affordable.
  • You pay no retail store mark-up. Buy directly from Amazon or Zinus.
  • A healthier version of a memory foam mattress with less harmful toxins inside the mattress.
  • Unlike a typical memory foam mattress, these mattresses have features added to not make them sleep hot.


  • One-sided mattress. You can rotate it to make it last longer but can't flip it.
  • No handle on the side of the mattress to make it easier to lift and rotate the mattress.
  • Cover is not removable or washable.
  • Sleep trial not available on
  • Some mattresses reported as not fully expanding when unpacked in customer reviews.



Zinus Airflow

  • check-square-o
    Adults, teenagers, children and toddlers.
  • check-square-o
    Side/Back sleepers who prefer a FIRM surface to sleep on. The firmness comes from the high density foam at the bottom of the mattress.
  • check-square-o
    Get the 8 inch mattress for the firmest surface to sleep on.the mattress.
  • check-square-o
    Upsize to the 12 inch mattress for a softer firm surface or just add a mattress topper.
  • Suit people who describe themselves as "big".

Zinus Ultra Plush

  • check-square-o
    Adults, teenagers, children and toddlers.
  • check-square-o
    Side/Stomach sleepers who prefer a SOFT surfaceThere is a 1 inch quilted cover and, underneath that, 1 inch of viscolatex responsive foam to provide that feeling of sleeping on marshmellowey clouds.
  • check-square-o
    Prefer a soft-hard surface to sleep on? Buy the 8 inch mattress for just a plush experience..
  • check-square-o
    To get the complete ultra plush sleeping experience, buy the 12 inch mattress.


There are many models of mattresses made by Zinus to buy online. In my Zinus memory foam review, I cover two of the most popular mattresses in the Zinus range. By most popular I mean they have received the most number of customer reviews on the Zinus Memory Foam 12 inch Green Tea mattress and the Zinus Memory Foam 12 inch Premium Ultra Plush Cloud-Like mattress. 

To avoid confusion (since both of these mattresses are infused with green tea), I will refer to these mattresses simply as the Airflow and the Ultra Plush. These names highlight a key difference between them.

Why Are These Mattresses Safer To Sleep On vs. Normal Foam Mattresses?

How did I calculate my Healthy Mattress Rating for these mattresses?

The Open Flame Test

The national mattress standard in the U.S. (16 CFR Part 1633) require mattresses to burn slowly when exposed to an open flame.

Video 1 - More about the Open Flame Test

Manufacturers treat the materials inside the mattress with chemical fire retardants to slow down the burn.

The controversy about chemical fire retardants

Fire retardants are not only found in mattresses. Many common household items and furnishings like sofas, clothes, toys, carpets, pillows, cushions and computers also contain them. According to Senator Durbin in the video below, the average couch contains 2 pounds of fire retardant chemicals, mostly found in the cushions.

These fire retardants can contain chemicals that are hazardous to your health. Chronic exposure to these chemicals as they come into contain with your skin or the air you breathe, has been linked to skin irritation, birth defects, cancers and issues with learning and memory.

Video 2 - Senator Dick Durbin (Illinois) speaks about toxic chemicals found in everyday household products and furnishings.

The controversy surrounding these chemical fire retardants is that they don't work and need more testing as they are considered harmful to our health, especially for babies and children.

Video 3 - The controversy surrounding toxic chemicals found in homes acros​​​​s the U.S.

Zinus covers both mattresses with a fibreglass lining, which is an approved fire barrier.

Chemical offgassing smell

You know that "new car " smell? That the result of chemicals "off gassing" into the air we breathe. When those cars leave the manufacturing plant, the car windows remain closed for a long period of time, mostly until someone buys the car. That lack of air circulating in a new car intensifies that chemical smell.

It's the same with memory foam mattresses that get rolled up and compressed for easy delivery. The longer they remain rolled up in a box, the more that chemical smell intensifies. So when you open any new rolled up mattress made with a synthetic foam like memory foam, you smell that off gassing.

According to the Zinus memory foam mattress reviews I read for the Airflow and the Ultra Plush, most buyers did not complain about that off gassing smell. Some said it was there but disappeared after a week. 

Here's my tip to minimize the off gassing smell if it worries you. Once you have unpacked and expanded your Zinus memory foam mattress to full size, air it for about 48 hours. If you can, open all the windows in the room or better still, air it in the sun.

Chemical-based glues used in mattresses

Foam-based mattresses in particular, use chemical-laden glues to make sure the layers of foam stick together over the life (5-8 years) of the mattress. The more layers, the more glue and the more chemicals.

Manufacturers are not required by law to list all the chemicals used in the production of their mattresses, whether in the foam, glues or fire retardants.

The healthy properties of these two mattresses

A normal memory foam mattress is 100% synthetic. It's made from crude oil. It may also be sourced from oils from renewable sources. 

Zinus added a number of features to their memory foam inside the the Airflow and the Plush to make it healthier than a normal memory foam mattress. 

  • check
    All the foams are Certi-PUR certified.
  • check
    The memory foam is infused with plant oils.
  • check
    The mattresses keeps fresh with the addition of charcoal and green tea extract.

With these added features, the Airflow and the Plush emit less toxins into the air compared to a normal petroleum-based synthetic memory foam mattress. That means the quality of the air you breathe in whilst sleeping on that mattress is better for your health over the life of the mattress (about 5-8 years).

Let's explore these added health features a litte more.

​CertiPUR certification

The CertiPUR certification means a mattress is U.S. Certified for performance, durability, and content. It's all explained in the video below.

Video 4 - What does Certi-PUR certified foam mean?

Only quality mattresses are CertiPUR certified. And we only review CertiPUR certified mattresses here at Better Bed Solutions.

Zinus mattress review 2
Image source:

If you are comparing these two mattresses to other memory foam mattresses, bear in mond that every layer of foam inside the Zinus Airflow and Ultra Plush is certi-PUR certified memory foam not just the one or two layers. 

Added natural plant oil

Zinus replaced between 2%-15% of the petroleum content with natural plant oil to make the Airflow and Plush mattress safer to sleep on. That's why these mattresses are called plant-based memory foam mattresses.

Zius call this memory foam "Biofoam". Not being 100% petroleum makes the mattress less toxic and reduces the chemical smell  when you unpack your mattress.

plant oil in memory foam
Image courtesy of Zinus Inc.
Fresher and cleaner

Even though it's made from synthetic materials, memory foam is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites. Zinus have added more items into the memory foam, to make it fresher and cleaner like green tea extract and active charcoal.

The Airflow and Plush Mattress is infused with a natural green tea extract. 
infused with green tea
Image courtesy of Zinus Inc.

Green Tea Extract will maintain the freshness of your mattress.

Green Tea keeps that moist, muggy feeling at bay and ensures that fresh, clean feeling stays for longer.

Image courtesy of Zinus Inc.

Zinus added charcoal into their memory foam to control odors and help with absorption of any moisture.

Zinus Airflow

(Memory Foam Green Tea mattress)

Zinus Ultra Plush

(Premium Ultra Plush Cloud-like mattress)

Zinus airflow mattress
Zinus plush

Full disclosure: We receive a commission if you purchase through this link at no additional cost to you.

Click here for a dedicated and detailed review of the Zinus airflow

Are ​​​​​These Mattress​es Going To Provide Enough Support?

If I received a free Airflow or Ultra Plush mattress from Zinus (I didn't, just saying!) and I slept on this mattress for 1 or 6 months, it doesn't matter what I personally thought about the support and comfort because I am not you. Your needs and preferences are different to mine. 

So to help you understand if either mattress will support you the way you want to be supported, I am going to share what Zinus says and what customers have said (in the many Zinus memory foam mattress reviews) about firmness of the Airflow and the Ultra Plush. 

Why is mattress construction so important?

The inside of a mattress is important for 2 reasons:

1. What materials are towards the top of the mattress that you will be breathing in through your mouth and nose whilst you're asleep;

2. How are the materials inside the mattress layered to deliver the comfort and support you need for a good night's sleep and wake up with no aches or pains.

The Airflow mattress construction

The cover

This mattress starts with a polyester cover . Polyester is a combination of petroleum, water, coal and air. This is the part of the mattress that will be closest to your body and mouth. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to synthetic fibers in mattress fillings, I'd strongly recommend a natural mattress protector. 

The cover cannot be removed or washed.

The foam layers

These foam layers start soft and get progressively denser and firmer down towards the bottom of the mattress. To be more specific:

  • 3 inches of memory foam makes the mattress conform to your body;
  • The 2 inches of Comfort Foam gives you a lush sleeping sensation. People who purchased their Zinus Airflow mattress from Amazon, described this feeling as "sleeping on a cloud" in their reviews;
  • 3.5 inches of Airflow high-density foam allows your bed to stay well aerated;
  • 3.5 inches of Airflow high-density base support foam keeps your mattress sturdy for the long haul.

You get your traditional memory foam soft feeling with the first 5 inches of memory foam at the top. The additional 7 inches of high-density foam underneath stop you sinking further into a squishy abyss of memory foam, never to be seen again! In my research for this Zinus mattress review, I found that customers described the Airflow mattress as "soft and firm" at the same time.

zinus mattress cut through
Cut through of the Airflow Zinus memory foam mattress, courtesy of Zinus Inc.

The Plush Mattress Construction

The cover

Starting at the top, the Plush cover is described softer than the Airflow mattress (according to some customer reviews on Amazon). The 1 inch thick microfiber quilted top is not removable or washable. The cover is made with 100% synthetic fibres.

The foam layers

The order of these foam layers  are designed to shape the mattress to your body:

  • The Viscolatex layer (directly underneath the quilted cover) is described as "responsive" because it will bounce back after you lie or sit on it, making the mattress last longer. It also helps with motion transfer so when your sleeping partner moves around, you are not left feeling as though you are a boat out on rough seas!
  • As with the Airflow mattress, high-density foam provides good solid support for your entire body.
zinus plush cut through
Cut through of the Ultra Plush Zinus memory foam mattress, courtesy of Zinus Inc.

How firm are these 2 mattresses?

The Ai​​​​​rflow mattress

My research for this detailed Zinus mattress review revealed that the Airflow was firmer than the Plush.

In general, the thicker the mattress, the softer/plusher it will be. Considering this review is about the 12-inch mattress, this mattress is considered remarkably firm for such a thick mattress. Some Zinus mattress reviews I found on Amazon said this mattress had a nice balance between firmness and plushness. 

The Plush mattress

Reviewers often describe the Plush sleeping experience with the words "marshmallow" and "cloud". This can be explained by Zinus putting 1 inch of Viscolatex Responsive Foam right under the cover and then adding an extra inch of Comfort Foam.

In contrast to the "marshmallow" and "cloud" effect, some slide sleepers found the Plush firm, supportive and comfortable. It seems the extra 1.5 inched of high-density memory foam could be making a difference here.

In the reviews I read on, more s​tomach sleepers found the Plush comfortable compared to the Airflow.

Why these mattresses suit side sleepers better?

If you prefer a soft to medium sleep experience, memory foam is considered a good affordable option. 

Memory foam mattresses suit side sleepers best. This is because the sleeping surface is softer when you lay on the side of your body. Memory foam is especially comfortable for people looking to support their shoulders or hips. Is the Airflow or Plush better for the side sleeper? It depends...

Zinus Airflow

Zinus Ultra Plush

Zinus 12 inch green tea mattress
Zinus plush

Side Sleeper

Prefer to sleep on a softer hard surface

Prefer to sleep on a softer surface

Back Sleeper


Stomach Sleeper


Table 2 - Which Mattress To Select?

This is what I picked up from the many Zinus reviews I read about this mattress: if you are a side sleeper and prefer a softer mattress, go with the Ultra Plush. This is because the 1 inch Viscolatex Responsive Foam provides more padding and softness at the top of the mattress when sleeping.

Using the mattress thickness to fine tune your perfect sleep

Both the Airflow and Ultra Plush come in an 8, 10 or 12 inch thick mattress. This gives you the flexibility to "fine tune" your perfect sleep. Less thickness means less foam means a firmer surface to sleep on.

If you buy a 12-inch mattress and a topper, be mindful of the extra height created by a 2 inch or 4-inch topper so your mattress doesn't become too tall!

What about back and stomach sleepers?

Fewer back and stomach sleepers provided a review about their Airflow or Ultra Plush experience on Amazon. I have included their recommendation in the Table above.

How to slow down your mattress sagging over time

A memory foam mattress will sag over time. To slow down this sagging, I recommend you rotate the mattress (e.g. move the end at the top to the bottom) with the change of every season. 

Is there a weight restriction?

Zinus provides these guidelines: 250 lbs for the Twin and up to 500 lbs for the other sizes.

Extra Features For Extra Comfort

It is well known that because of the density of the foam and being made from a synthetic substance, that memory foam mattresses tend to "sleep hot".  If you are a sweaty sleeper, you could feel very uncomfortable.

The addition of the green tea extract and the charcoal in the Zinus Airlow and Ultra Plush is a bonus for sweaty sleepers.

My research for this Zinus mattress review uncovered that customers living in warmer climates claimed this mattress felt cool when sleeping on it.

If you are worried you are going to feel too hot sleeping on these mattresses, here are 2 recommendations to feel more comfortable:

1. Place a cooling pad on either mattress for a more comfortable sleep;

2. Buy the Airflow over the Ultra Plush because there are 2 features of the Airflow mattress that help keep you cooler when sleeping:

  • 3.5 inches of Airflow high-density foam
  • 3.5 inches of Airflow high-density base support foam.

The Airflow foam technology Zinus uses in this mattress keeps your mattress cool, aerated and sturdy for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Why Are These Mattresses So Versatile?

Zinus makes these mattresses so versatile by offering a great range of sizes and thicknesses. You can buy a Zinus Memory Foam 8 inch green tea mattress, plus the 10, 12 and 6 inch.

The variety of mattress thickness means you can buy one of these mattresses for both people who prefer soft and firm sleeping surfaces.

The variety of sizes means you can buy the mattress for a toddler, child, teenager, motor home, a weekend cabin, guest room and, most often, for your own master bedroom. Based on the Zinus memory foam mattress reviews I read, alot of people bought multiple mattresses for multiple uses.

Being so affordable means you can buy multiple mattresses for the cost of one brand-name mattress. Here's an example I read in a Zinus review: one couple bought the Ultra Plush for their motor home. They liked it so much, they ordered another for their guest bedroom.

Are Zinus Mattresses Good Value For Money?

Compare the Zinus Airflow and Ultra Plush to these other plant-based memory foam mattresses.


Zinus Airflow

Zinus Ultra Plush

Loom and Leaf Relaxed Firm

Amerisleep Liberty


6, 8 ,10 and 12 inches

8, 10 and 12 inches

12 inches

12 inches


Twin, Full ,Queen and King

Twin, Full, Queen and King

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King

Construction of the 12 inch mattress

2 inches of gel-infused memory foam and 10 inches of synthetic foam

1 inch quilted cover, 2 inches of memory foam and 9 inches of other synthetic foams

Cotton cover, 2 inch gel layer, 2.5 inches viscoelastic foam, 2 inch transition layer and 5.5 inches high density foam core

3 inch Biopure memory foam cooling layer, 2 inch transition layer and 7 inches BioPure no sag support layer.

Plant-based components in foam

2% to 15% castor natural seed oil

2% to 15% castor natural seed oil

30% soy and corn oil

Combines 13 minerals

Fire retardent



Natural thistle



10 years 

10 years 

15 years 

20 years 

Made in



United States

United States

Available to buy on Amazon





Sleep trial



120 days



Under $300

Under $300

Over $1000

Over $500

Here are some comments I picked up from the online Zinus mattress customer reviews:

  • At a mattress store, you can't even buy a queen mattress for this price.
  • This mattress was the best priced out there.
  • Good value for money when compared to brand name mattresses.
  • It feels like the $3000 mattress I tried at the store.

Can You Trust Zinus Inc.?

Zinus have been around for 20 years.

Founded in 1979, Zinus are known for their innovations that combine infuse naturally source materials like the plant oils, the green tea extract and the activated charcoal, to create a healthier memory foam mattress. They hold over 150 patents for these innovations.

The Zinus website is rated a 4.5 stars out of 5 in terms of the Google reviews from purchases made there.

Why Buy Your Zinus Mattress From Amazon?

  • Many people who bought a Zinus memory foam mattress confessed they were extremely nervous and sceptical about buying a mattress online. But they purchased it through eventually. is a widely known and trusted e-commerce site;
  • If you are an Amazon Prime customer, you qualify for  free two-day shipping;
  • If something goes wrong, it can be reassuring to have a third party between you and the manufacturer to help reach for a solution;
  • You can make your mattress with your Amazon store card;
  • Amazon run discounts every now and then. This may mean you can find the mattresses listed at a lower price than on the manufacturer's website. 

The Unpacking Experience

Sample of the box your Zinus mattress will arrive in. 

zinus mattress box
Image courtesy of Zinus Inc.

Follow these Zinus instructions to enjoy a great unboxing experience.

  1. If you can, move your old mattress into another room;
  2. Place your new Zinus memory foam mattress (still in the packaging) on the bed frame you will be sleeping on. That way you won't have the inconvenience of moving it around later;
  3. Opening and setting up the mattress requires 2 people. If it's just you, grab a friend or a luggage cart to help;
  4. Be careful when opening the package with the mattress wrapped inside. Oddly enough, all the instructions you need to open and care for your mattress can be found inside the wrapping! Don't tear through those instructions with a knife! And don't tear through the mattress either!
  5. Don't rip up the box until you are convinced this is the mattress for you.
Video 5 - Unboxing your Zinus mattress

Recommended Accessories 

Customers who bought either the Airflow or Plush mattress on, also recommended or purchased the following accessories.

Mattress Protector and Pillows

Imagine this, you've been served breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning after a lovely night's sleep on your new Zinus mattress. You spill orange juice all over the mattress. Gasp! Getting your mattress wet is a sure way to ruin it.  A wet mattress provides a lush environment for mold, bacteria, mildew and fungi to thrive, which may set you sneezing. Mattresses are so expensive, so I strongly recommend you protect that investment with a waterproof mattress protector. Mattress protectors also keep those nasty bed bugs away from your skin.

Did you know you should change your pillows every 18 months for the best sleep hygiene?

Which value-for-money protector and pillows do I recommend?

What will you put your new Zinus mattress on?

The Airflow and Ultra Plush Zinus memory foam mattress only requires a flat surface to rest on. If you would like a new bed base to place your new Zinus mattress on, here are a few popular options.


Amazon customer rating

Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation

  • Replaces a bed frame and traditional box spring
  • Amazon best seller
  • Suits mattresses in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King & Cal King sizes
  • Made from steel - noise free
  • Assemble yourself (no tools required) or pay extra for someone to do it for you
  • Folds away for easy storage and easy movement in small tight spaces and stairways
  • Attached an existing headboard or footbaord by adding these brackets
  • 5 year warranty

Select from 4 height options for under bed storage

The new bed package deal

Go to a furniture or mattress store and price a package for a basoc mattress, foundation, pillows and protector. Compare store package to the one below that you can buy on for the same price.


  • 1 Airflow or Plush Zinus Queen memory foam mattress
  • 1 Queen Zinus SmartBase bed frame
  • 2 Zinus Standard memory foam pillows
  • 1 Queen SmartRest Mattress Protector

Are There Alternatives To The Airflow and Ultra Plush?

Alternative certi-PUR certified memory foam mattress

Alternative plant-based memory foam mattresses

The ultimate in healthy mattresses (made with organic or natural materials)

Frequently Asked Que​stions

Can these mattresses help with my injuries?

Can you return the mattress?

What is the number one complaint about this mattress?

How long can I keep the Zinus mattress in a box?

How responsive is the Customer Service team?

I'm not used to a memory foam mattress, will I be sore?

Does Zinus pick up your old mattress when they deliver your new one?

Final Verdict

There are over 20,000 Zinus memory foam mattress reviews on at the time of writing this post. It's no surprise you are asking "Are these mattresses good?" I selected two of the most popular mattresses with over 5,000 customer reviews between them.

The two main things that set these mattresses apart are the thicknesses available and the construction of the mattress. For under $300, I prefer the Queen 12 inch Zinus Airflow mattress. What about you?

Zinus Airflow

Zinus Ultra Plush

Zinus airflow mattress
Zinus plush

6, 8 ,10 and 12 inches

8, 10 and 12 inches

2 inches of gel-infused memory foam and 10 inches of synthetic foams 

1 inch quilted cover, 2 inches of memory foam and 9 inches of other synthetic foams

8 inch (medium-plush)

10 inch (plush)

12 inch (very plush)

8 inch  (plush)

10 inch (very plush)

12 inch (ultra plush)

***My Final Recommendation***

Side/back sleepers who prefer a firm sleeping surface, PICK THIS MATTRESS.

Side/stomach sleepers who prefer a soft cloud-like surface to sleep on, PICK THIS MATTRESS.

Full disclosure: We receive a commission if you purchase through this link at no additional cost to you.

I hope you found my detailed Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress review useful.

May the zzzz's be with you!

 Michelle Henry 

Michelle H
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